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Describe an important historical event in your country

An important day in your life

Describe a famous food item

Describe a project you had to do in your studies or job

Describe a place that your parents took you to

Describe a park or other green space in your hometown

Describe a historical place you have been to

Describe a workplace you have worked in or know about

Describe a city, town or village you know well

Describe a historical figure who you know about

Describe someone who is well known in your town, area or country

A friend who has played an important part in your life

Describe a long car journey you went on

Describe a house or apartment you want to live in

Describe a street that you like to visit

Describe a friend

Describe your family

Describe something you often do in the evening

Talk about a dish you know how to cook

Talk about something you or someone you know collects

Describe something enjoyable you can do on a computer

Talk about something you like doing at home

Talk about something you do during longer holidays

A musical instrument you would like to be able to play

A new sport or hobby you would like to take up

Your favourite song or piece of music

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