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A friend who has played an important part in your life

IELTS Cue Card Question 136 with Model Answer:

Describe a friend who has played an important part in your life.

You should say:
  • how you met this friend
  • how long you have known him/ her
  • what you two do/did together
and explain how s/he has played an important part in your life.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
We meet some people in life who appear to bring some changes, and Samantha Rozario belongs to those people who changed my life to the greatest extent.

When I was high school teenager, I met with Samantha at my school. She is an outstanding smart girl and simultaneously meritorious. She had a photographic memory and could remember anything that she read or seen once. Fortunately, she lived in the same street where I lived in Paris and we had a very good relationship as we two used to ride a bicycle for reaching the school. Sometimes, she took me on her back of the bicycle when my own needed servicing. She gradually turned into my best friend and I learnt a lot of things from her. She was intelligent and good at several subjects especially math and science. So, she helped me in preparing notes for the exams and also helped me in extracurricular activities. She was an adorable girl with her pleasant behaviours. 

I have known her when I was in my 13 and belonged to the high school. Now I am 23 and she is still my best friend for past five years though I know her for past 10 years. But if I count the years of our friendship, then it would be nine years altogether as the first year went on to get introduced to her properly. Since she was in the neighbourhood, we used to meet almost in every evening at her or my space and did many enjoying things. Sometimes, in school, she played to role of class coordinator and I turned her assistant while when I was made the coordinator, she had to be my assistant. Our relationship grew stronger with the passage of time and we started understanding each other as good friends. Gradually she turned into my friends I am to her.

The things we did together are countless and still, we do whenever we get chance. When we were teens, we used to watch cartoons together at my home. Sometimes she invited me to her place to watch cartoons especially the Tom and Jerry Show in the afternoon. Besides, we used to perform our school home works together. Sometimes, we used to play outdoor games in the school playground with the other mates and friends. Importantly, Samantha liked to play chess and also made a skilled chess player. Now I am a local chess champion. She also had an attraction for video games and she also transferred the attraction to me very successfully. But the teenage days have been over for past few years. She has shifted from Paris but distance is not a problem for us to keep our friendship alive. Still, we meet together and pass a few days whenever we could manage time. Sometimes she comes to visit me or if she cannot manage the time I go to meet her.

She is the individual who can make you feel comfortable with her within a second. Her personality is pleasant and she never speaks without any smile with others. The most important factor is her extraordinary intelligence. She taught me about different things and how to deal with them. I have lost my anger and regrets after being friend with her. She is blessed with humane qualities and has also transferred some of them to me. Now I can talk smilingly even on the worst situations and trickily get my jobs done. Besides, I know how to handle tougher situations when the mistake is mine (I learnt it for Samantha as well). I also learnt to be humble when I am to deal with people and I underscore on listening to them instead of responding unnecessarily. Gradually I have turned into a good human being and she is my inspiration for all of my good deeds.

Model Answer 2:
My meeting with David was the most important event of my life. He is the man who helped me greatly to learn many real-life things. Thank you for the great question and I will describe David now in brief.

I met with David while I was a student of eighth grade. David and I were in the same class. I came to know about him while I was asking if someone liked the comic book in the class. In my query, David replied that he liked comic books and it was the beginning. We exchanged comic and other books and still, we share our books in this university days.

I know David for around eight years. The friendship between us have been stronger in the years and hope it will last for the lifetime. In the university, we applied for the same course but unfortunately, we could not get that. So, he is now studying in Computer Science at the University of Malaya and I am studying Archaeology at the same university. But the differences between the courses have not separated us and we are still intimate friends. In fact, I feel lucky to have him as my friend. Moreover, the friendship has reached between our families as well.

When we were kids, we used to play together or enjoy cartoon shows. But in this matured age, we no longer are confined in cartoons anymore. We go out for making short trips, enjoy movies or chat with friends. Sometimes, we also socialise with the other friends of our university together. As a result, I know many of his classmates and he knows mine. It was based on mutual understanding. Besides, shopping is a passion for us. Both of us move for shopping in various shopping malls here in Malaysia. Often we go for buying books or movie disks together. We spend time together in the holidays.

Before I met David, I was not aware of the happenings around me. But he was a smart and intelligent boy at that tender age. He has helped me greatly to learn reading books other than the comic books. Before meeting with David, I used to read comic books alone. But after meeting him, the realm of book reading opened to me. I started reading the other books line novels, thrillers etc. With his direct intervention, my real-life skills developed. I was unable to communicate with people effectively and he taught me how to be a skilled communicator. Besides, he also supported me in some other aspect too. He advised me on various issues and everything went right with his predictions. Therefore, I must admit David’s contribution to making a smarter boy in my real-life matters.
If you can talk about the cue card topic "Describe a friend who has played an important part in your life." you should be able to talk about the following IELTS cue card topics as well:
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