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Describe a long car journey you went on

IELTS Cue Card Question 135 with Model Answer:

Describe a long car journey you went on.

You should say:
  • where you went
  • how long it took
  • who you went there with
and explain why you went on that journey by car.  

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
One of my best friends, Robert Jenkinson, lives in India and got married there in last summer in Indian style. So, we had to attend his marriage and it was a long journey for me by a car after I landed in India.

Robert initially decided to marry his beloved in the Bengali style and hired a venue in Kolkata. Accordingly, I reached Kolkata by a flight from Greece. I had to attend the ceremony as he insisted and sent me tickets for the travel. In fact, I also did not want to miss the chance to meet my friend after a long time. He left Greece to New Delhi about ten years ago aiming to establish himself as a renowned film director. He has been trying to establish himself as a good director in India and has made a couple of short films in the beginning before starting a large-scale movie. So, he needs more time to get set there. But due to some unavoidable reasons, he shifted the venue to The Majestic Court in New Delhi. After landing in Kolkata, it took about over 30 hours for me to reach the destination. The destination was 1462 kilometres away from Kolkata. But the journey was comfortable for me as Robert arranged a car for me that carried me to New Delhi.

It took over a day and night for me to reach New Delhi. The distance is huge from Kolkata. I proposed Robert that I should catch a train but he did not allow and arranged for the car. The journey was outstanding. It was a large four-seated sedan car. The car started the journey from Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport in Kolkata in India, the airport was known as Dum Dum Airport. The car started the journey at 8 am sharp, though I touched the land at 6.30 and had spent the time outside the airport building to get familiar with the area. I have never been to West Bengal in my life. I did not have the idea about the distance and when I came to know about that, I bought few thrillers from the books stalls in the airport.

I was all alone in the car except the driver. It was an exciting journey for me but in the night time, I had nothing to do except watching movies on my laptop. But I met many of my friends in New Delhi who came to attend the marriage ceremony of Robert and Angelina. The journey from Kolkata to New Delhi will stay in my mind for longer days. The journey was interesting. Robert assigned a native driver who was familiar with the road networks of Kolkata and New Delhi. He drove the car skillfully and took me to the marriage venue about half an hour before the commencement. The driver’s company was enjoyable indeed. He did not ask many questions like the others did when I got down from the aeroplane. Rather he assisted me in almost every aspect and took care of me.

Robert is a man of words and very punctual as long as I know him, and never have found that he is missing his appointments and promises. He always tries to be perfect and also desires that everyone should be the same with him. Later, I came to know that he shifted the venue to New Delhi in the same date as the venue in Kolkata was not fully prepared to hold the event. The venue authority informed him that they cannot hold the marriage on the desired style on the due date as they would have to remain busy for their religious purposes. Accordingly, he shifted the venue in New Delhi. I was not the only man who went to New Delhi, there were some other invited guests also had to move to New Delhi but the hours were not the same. As it was inconvenient for me to travel in a foreign country and alone, Robert arranged the car with the thought of my comfort. I am obliged with his cordiality, indeed.

Model Answer 2:
Last week, I had a great car journey from Austin to Dallas. I started from Austin for Dallas which was 195 miles away. It was a pleasant journey for me after long days. Thank you so much for the interesting question. I will answer it in brief.

It was the birthday of my friends, Jimmy. He planned for the trip with his own car that he received from his father marking his 19th birthday. He planned to thank his dad for driving the car to his home in Dallas. In fact, he is a student of architecture and we are in the same university in Austin in the USA. It was a rapid plan and we four started for Dallas.

Dallas is around 195 miles from Austin but the distance is a bit reduced lower from the area of our university from where we started for. It took around four hours for us to reach Dallas and another half an hour to reach Jimmy’s home. So, it took five hours altogether for us to reach there. But it was an enjoyable journey. We all had fun during the trip. Luckily, the roads were almost empty as it was a holiday. But it took a long time for us to reach there as we stopped in several places and took snacks and beverages. 

I was accompanied by three other people including Jimmy. He was my best friend and thus he asked me to comment on his plan to visit his parents on his birthday. Jimmy was surprised with the car that his father had sent for him and was delivered at night. So, he planned to surprise them to be there and a have a lunch on the day. After the plan, we moved there. Samuel, Jimmy, Rupert and I was the member of this trip. Jimmy was an excellent driver but I had no idea that he could drive so well. He never crossed the speed limit despite having the chances. He also forbade us not to take any alcoholic beverages during the ride.

I went there by car mostly based on the request made by Jimmy. I agreed with him for some reasons. I have just completed a semester and the classes for the new semester was yet to begin. So, life was boring and I could not focus on other entertaining activities. The proposal was very charming and I instantly agreed with Jimmy. I also assumed that the journey would be interesting as two of our best friends were going too. Finally, we made the journey by car and really enjoyed till the last moment. I am grateful to Jimmy for offering such a nice trip.

Part 3: Details Discussion

Q. Why do people like to have private cars?
A. Private cars are has become essential in the current days, though it was considered as a luxury in the past. It was also considered as a symbol of status and nobility among the people. But the necessity of cars has increased to a great extent and at the same time, the prices are affordable. Moreover, it helps saving time to reach destinations. For example, if you are the owner of a private car, you no longer need to stand in a queue for tickets or for riding a public bus. Sometimes, the buses are jam-packed and you might not have the chance to ride in. So, I think the popularity of private cars is on the increase.

Q. What are the differences between using bicycles and private cars?
A. Bicycles and private cars have differences. Though you need no fuel and there are some health benefits of a bicycle, you cannot ride more than two people together and it takes times to reach places riding a bicycle. This is not a speedy mode of transport while the cars are speedier than a car. Besides, the seats are uncomfortable on a bicycle while the car seats are comfortable and spacious. But you need to get fuels for the car while your physical labour is enough to drive the bicycle ahead. Safety is not ensured for any of the modes but if you are careful, you can stay safe.

Q. Is it a good thing that everyone owns cars?
A. I think the idea of getting a private car for everyone is not wise. Public transportation is also required in a city. When the numbers of private cars are more in the town, there are more chances to develop more traffic congestions which kill times. A private car can accommodate maximum six to ten passengers at a time while the public transports like buses or trains could hold passengers ten times more than the private car. Besides, when anybody will have a car for him or her, parking of the cars is also a big issue for them. So, I think everyone should not own a private car.

Q. How to buy private cars in your country?
A. Buying automobile in Greece or in Europe is not a troublesome issue. One can generally buy two types of cars including second-hand used car or brand new. But the first and important thing is that you must own a driver license to buy a car. There are numerous car-selling showrooms and agents are available. They can provide you with the car ranging from the1950s to the current days. But you are to make sure that you are paying the price within a legal and reliable source. The buyer should arrange for the necessary paperwork before buying the car and present the documents to the car selling agents to prove their legality.

Q. What’s the difference between men and women’s preference for cars?
A. Women usually want their car to be gorgeous and cute in look while the men underscore for the engines and strengths of the car. Women try to colour the body after their preferred colour but the men are different in this case. Men want to have heavy duty tire with a power steering wheel. Sometimes they prefer boosters on the cars to run like a crazy bull. But a majority of the women are against this view and they drive their cars so smoothly so that the cars should not get any spot on the body. But naturally, men are desperate over such issues. They do not care much about the cars until the care turns into the must for the car. Nearly all of the times the male drivers run their cars roughly, while women are not seen to be mad like them.

Q. How the future cars would be in your opinion?
A. Future is entirely unpredictable but there are few possibilities that the cars will fly in the air. It may sound weird now but after twenty to thirty years, the world will experience cars those are flying in the sky. Air terminals will be set in different parts for the flying cars. Some of the cars would be able to drive through the water. Science fiction movies frequently show such cars which are flying or driving through water but I think the scenarios will be as usual shortly in the real-life. Humans have done things which were unimaginable before those were done and someday this idea may also be materialised if everything goes well in the world.

Q. Do many families own private cars in your country?
A. Yes, many of the families have their own private cars in our country. But the uses of those cars are limited. They mainly use the cars for the purposes of travelling long distances such as visiting relatives living in the other cities or when going on vacations together etc. And they prefer using public transports for their daily purposes and inside the city commuting. As a result, the traffic congestion has been reduced to many extents.

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