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Describe a friend

IELTS Cue Card Question 132 with Model Answer:

Describe a friend.

You should say:
  • who he /she is
  • how you met him/ her
  • how long you two are friends
And describe your friendship.  

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
Jenny D’Suza is my best friend and she lives just beside my apartment in Patras located in Western Greece. She is highly intelligent and could adjust to different awkward situations instantly which I like most in her.

Jenny is the girl whom I admire for her elegant attitudes. She is the only daughter of her parents and likes to read books (definitely excluding the textbooks). She is 17 with a slim figure. Her dark large eyes are combined with a wide forehead and a strongly attractive cheek. She loves ponytail. She is never rude to anyone and even could turn down anything without being impolite. Last year, a boy fell in her and proposed to be his partner but she refused the issue so precisely that the boy did not ask anything else to her and left. It happened several times with the other boys as well who came to convince her over the same issue. Sometimes she turns funnier and the most attractive issue for everyone to like her is her smiling face. I have never seen her without a smile on the face. The smile is a kind of signature for her and her lips keep the smile always on. As a result, she is also popular among the teachers and other classmates.

The friendship with Jenny is a history now. It is been 12 years we are together and now we are the best friends of each other. I met her first when I went to school at the age of five. My father hired the apartment as he was transferred to Greece from Paris. I was admitted to the local elementary school and got introduced to Jenny at the class. Gradually I discovered that Jenny and I have some similarities and the most important factor for me was she liked books like me. I was amazed when I went to her home for the first time as she had a notable collection of comic books and now the collection has been enriched and replaced by a wide number of novels and other important books. Since then, I sense of strong bond between us and still this goes on and hope to continue it for the lifetime.

We are friends since our early childhood. Both of us had the chances to grow the friendship with the other girls but we did not find any such girls who could comply with us. Thereby, we picked each other to be the best friends forever. We underwent a large number of adventures and some of those were worst in our life. Sometimes we shared our academic accessories like pens, books or even exam notes as well. But such issues are not common among the other girls. They are not helpful in such cases to lend pens, pencils, books or other academic materials to one another. The understanding and the sense of compromise is the most important factor for our long friendship.

Many of the girls in our school have said that the friendship between Jenny and Rossy (I) was the best they have ever seen. It is unbelievable that we do not quarrel and did not for the past 12 years. We grew together and our parents also inspired the issue. I have passed lots of hours at Jenny’s house while she also stayed with me at night during the exam dates to have a group study. We always try to make the other one comfortable. It is always a pleasure for me to do something for Jenny while she is glad too when she could favour me even over the minor issue like lending a pen at the class. So, we are not just good friends, we are best friends.

Model Answer 2:
Friends are the most important part of life. I have many friends but I like Robert most for some of the reasons. Thank you for the question, and I am feeling blessed to be here and answer it.

Robert is a very kind-hearted boy. He lives with his family here in Paris. We are the students of the University of Paris and studying our undergraduate. Robert is a bit introvert but loves to socialise when he is approached before. Thereby, the number of friends for Robert is limited. However, he is a smart and meritorious student and plans to be a computer engineer in future through the courses we are studying are not related to the computer.

I met him first at the university. Actually, I was in trouble with my laptop. I was unable to open it. The opening screen was not appearing after switching it on. So, I asked for help in the class that if someone could help me in using the laptop smoothly. Robert appeared to me and solved the problem. It was the beginning of our friendship. Now the friendship is going on smoothly and we are very good friends. Whenever I ask for any support, he provides that to me and this is similar for him too. When he needs any help or support from me, I provide that without any hesitation. As a result, the bond between us has become stronger gradually.

The friendship between Robert and mine is about three years old. I know him for past three years. And has known a lot about this introvert person. He loves to remain silent always. He also studies hard. Robert is supportive if someone asks for help to him. On the other sides, if someone denies to help him in his needs, like providing any notes or suggestions, he never takes revenge on them. Moreover, I am surprised with his willingness to the study. He hardly misses any class. And he has been awarded several times for his higher attendance in the university.

The friendship between us is interesting. the friendship began with a minor issue and it is being continued even today. Interestingly, we had quarrels several times and we resolved the matters within us. When I was guilty, I made a phone call to him and apologised for my mistakes. If it was him, he would have made the phone call to express his regrets. Moreover, both of us share our books, notes and suggestions. But when we go for a movie, he is the person who talks more. He points out the movie-making mistakes which I dislike most. I want to enjoy silently while he creates a chaos. This is the way we nurture our friendship and also respect each other.

If you can talk about the cue card topic "Describe a friend" you should be able to talk about the following IELTS cue card topics as well:
  • Describe your best friend. 
  • Describe friend from your childhood. 
  • Describe a school friend you remember well. 
  • Describe a friend you like to spend time with. 
  • Describe a friend who you really like. 
  • Describe someone who is similar to you. 
  • Describe an adventurous person you know about. 
  • Describe a person who has an interesting hobby or profession.
  • Describe someone who has influenced you a lot.

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