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Describe a place that your parents took you to

IELTS Cue Card Question 143 with Model Answer:

Describe a place that your parents took you to.

You should say:
  • what sort of place it was
  • how you got there
  • why your parents took you there
and say whether you would take your own children to a place like that or not, and why?

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
Travelling is always amazing for me since my childhood and I have travelled different parts of my country, the Philippines with my parents and sometimes alone. I went to Puerto Galera, the coastal town last year with my parents to spend a week in summer.

Puerto Galera was a small coastal town in the Oriental Mindoro province in the Philippines. The city is about 130 kilometres away from the capital and popular among the global tourist for its small and slightly sandy beaches. To attract the tourists, there are modern facilities have been provided by the Provincial government and a large number of resorts have been made adjacent to the beaches. The place is also renowned for scuba diving and other water entertainments. The beaches of the areas are not that much sandy as it was supposed to be and as a result, the scuba diving has emerged as the topmost activity in the locality. Shops dealing with scuba diving materials are more than anything and the floating restaurants are also having a good business. Lighting during the night time at the shoreline looks outstanding. The night view of the beaches and the cool waves from the sea makes the minds wild and creates a sense of unspoken feelings inside.

Going to Puerto Galera is too easy from Manila. There are several public transportations available to take you there but we went there with our private family car. It was a long journey and took about three hours for us to reach the city from Manila. But many of the travellers go to the beach by bus and it takes fewer hours to reach the destination as it took for us. Suddenly our car tire got pinched with something and busted. So, my father had to replace the ruined tire with a new one and it took about half an hour for him despite my assistance. Moreover, on that day the road was too much packed with vehicles. We reserved a small resort earlier for the purpose because it is too difficult to get a resort or at least hotel room without any further notice to the authority. This Puerto Galera, being a small coastal town, remains crowded always with tourists of different nations. Besides, it is most crowded during the summer days. Even many of the native citizens come here to visit the beach and have some relaxation in the nearby resorts and hotels. But we had to experience some troubles while reaching Puerto Galera.

Travelling is my hobby. I like travelling most than any other things. So, whenever my parents have chances, they take me with them. My father is a government employee and needs to travel to different parts of the country and I accompany him when there are chances. My mother is a school teacher and she hardly manages time for travelling. So, whenever we could manage time together, we travel and have travelled the entire Philippines so far. My parents do not want to make me feel alone in their absence and thus they take me with them. When it was the summer vacation, they decided to go to Puerto Galera as I have not seen beaches before. I have travelled through lands and forests but sea beach was unfamiliar to me. But I had to wait for about half of the month for my parents as they could not manage time in the early summer days.

Of course, I will take my own children at Puerto Galera, the most beautiful bay in the world. This is a great place indeed. This is a perfect venue to learn and exercise scuba diving and the scuba gears are available at a reasonable price here. Besides, the natural beauty of the entire area is breathtaking. Underwater photography is also another aspect to me. The marine resources are the greatest resources for the underwater photography. My children would be able to learn how to swim here since the beach is smaller in size and shape. Moreover, the beaches are free of dangerous marine creatures. Therefore, I would like to bring my children here on a summer vacation as my parents brought me in.

Model Answer 2:
Greece is the country of attraction for both the foreigners and the locals. When I was a teen, my parents took me to the New Acropolis Museum. It was a very attractive place and I was amazed by the exhibition. Thank you for the interesting question. Here is a brief about the entire event.

This is one the of key visiting places in Athens. It is located near a hill and overlooks the city. The collection of the museum is really huge. It contains the largest collection of local architecture of Greece. Besides, there were sculptures of past ages. Considering everything, it was a great visit for me with my parents. In fact, it was an educational visit that helped me a lot to know about the cultures of my land.

The museum was around six kilometres away from my residence. So, we had to ride on vehicle. My dad owns a car and he drove us to the museum. Before starting the journey, he did not tell me anything about the visit. He tried to make it a surprise for me and I was surprised indeed. But the journey was not a happy one. The left tire of the car was damaged and dad had to change it in the middle of the road. So, we were late to reach the museum. I was excited when I came to know about visiting the museum. It happened because I heard many interesting stories about the museum and wanted to go. But my parents did not allow me visiting alone.

Both my mum and dad are highly educated and wanted me to be like them. They loved the cultures, customs, rituals and more other things that represent my nation. To make me familiar with the matters, they planned to take me to the museum. Moreover, they also noticed my interest in the matter as I wanted to go there alone. After my dad’s view, one should know one’s background and the museum is the best place to inform them about the matters. He also loves to collect books about the ancient history of Greece and other European countries. His direct inspiration also helped me to develop an interest in visiting such places.

Definitely, I will take my kids to this place. This is the place that tells us about the glorious past of Greece. This is the place where my kids will come to know about the ancient history of my land directly. There are around 4000 artifacts and all of them are enriched with information. The sculptures at the museum represent the skills of the ancient Greeks. The other archaeological remains are also highly attractive. So, I will take my children to the museum whenever they will be matured to understand history.

Idea Generation for the Cue Card Topic "Describe a place that your parents took you to"

1. When I was a teenager, my parents took me to the Disney land in Hong Kong. They took me there for several reasons. It was a place filled with fun and they thought I would enjoy being there. We went there in a hired car. But we also had to walk to some length. My parents took me there as part of their promise about achieving a good result. It was a special event for me. I would also like to take my child there because this is a wonderful place. The theme park is made with lots of attractive rides. Most importantly, my children will be able to enjoy their time at the venue.

2. My parents took me to Australia, particularly to visit the attractive places in the country. It was a nice place indeed, especially the visit to the Sydney Opera House was unforgettable. We went to the country to spend our vacation and thus travelled by hired vehicles. Reaching the Great Ocean Road was enjoyable indeed. My parents took me there so that I can come to know about the country very well. In fact, they have a plan to send me Australia for higher education shortly. So, they arranged the visit. I would also like to take my children to the places I went to visit. They are great places to be.

3. Last summer, I went to visit Leipzig in Germany. This is a vibrant place for arts and culture. The place is also famous for some of the noted musicians. From Brussels, we took rides on different vehicles to reach in Saxony state to visit the city. We spend around three days there and visited all the notable places. My parents wanted to make me familiar with the local arts and culture of Germany. Besides, there are some historic sites which provide an immense pleasure to the visitors. Of course, my children will accompany me someday as I do not want them to miss the place.

4. Taj Mahal is a great place to visit in India and I went there with my parents a couple of years ago. This is a tomb of Emperor Shah Jahan and his wife Mumtaz Mahal. But now this has become a great place for visiting and knowing the past. We went there in our car but had to park the car away from the entrance. My parents took me there to show me the tomb and enjoy the surrounding natural views. In fact, this is a great place for learning history of the Mughal Empire. So, I have a plan to visit the place with my kids.

5. In Nepal, a notable number of places are available to visit and I went to Pokhara with my parents. It was our first visit to Nepal from Thailand. We landed there by aeroplane and it was a nice journey. The location was filled with natural beauties and my parents took me there to enjoy our vacation. None of us has seen such a wonderful place before. So, I have made a plan that I will visit this place with my children in the future. I want them to know what nature is in reality.

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