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Describe a rule you did not like in school

Funny text message you have ever received

Describe a library you have visited

Describe a time when you got into trouble

Describe a traditional meal

Describe a peaceful place you have visited

A difficult choice you had to make

Describe a person you recently met

Describe a garden you remember visiting

Describe a child that you know

Film/movie that you watched and did not enjoy

A television programme you did not enjoy

Describe a photograph that you remember

Describe your favourite animal

Describe a hotel you have stayed in

Describe a TV documentary you watched

Day when you thought the weather was perfect

Describe a writer you would like to meet

A house/ apartment that someone you know lives in

Person in your family who you spend the most time with

Describe a festival that is important in your country

Describe a paid job you or someone you know ever did

Describe an event that you feel happy about

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