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Describe a street that you like to visit

IELTS Cue Card Question 133 with Model Answer:

Describe a street that you like to visit.

You should say:
  • where it is
  • how it looks like
  • what you do there
and explain why you like to visit this street.  

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
Being a Malaysian, I am proud to inform you that I have travelled in most parts of the globe but have never found a place like the Ampang road in Malaysia.

This is not an ordinary road or street in Malaysia. This is a major road of Klang Valley in Kuala Lumpur. The road has numerous histories and is considered as one of the oldest roads in the country. This is the main road of Ampang Jaya and consequently, it is accessible from every part of the city and there is a place which is more like a junction. Everyone is busy here to reach their destinations. But most of the times I just stand on a corner of the road to see life going by. To me, it appears that life is here. Moving away is life. So, I spent my lazy evening hours here and enjoy the street views. I have been here for numerous times but the views are not old to me. Each of the days the views change themselves automatically and appear like I am watching the views for the first time.

The road is stunning to look at. It leads to different destinations for the people and the Petronas Twin Towers at the Kuala Lumpur city is located at the side of the road. A good number of vehicles pass through the road to varied destinations. Usually busy in the daytime, the road has the same condition in the night times as well. So, the road is never free of crowds and vehicles, except the early morning hours when everyone sleeps. The day view is as usual like the other streets of the city but the night view is outstanding. The broad yellowish lights have increased the beauty of the road. Moreover, when vehicles pass through the road, their lights get mixed with the street lamps and create a breathtaking scenario. Besides, there are parking facilities before each of the buildings standing beside the road. The other structures like the Menara Citibank, Empire Tower, Menara Great Eastern, Wisma Denmark, Ampang Park, City Square etc. have also raised the beauty of the street.

Sometimes, I, with my friends, stand in one corner and gossip over different issues. But in most of the evening, I like to watch the road alone and take my seat in the park area. Sometimes, when with friends, I go to the shopping malls and take light foods at the food courts. It is highly enjoyable and most of the time the expenses were shared among the friends. In the rainy evenings, the gossips were attractive for us with a cup filled with espresso. But most of the time I like to stand beside the road and watch the surroundings. The natural environment of the street is also wonderful and could be enjoyed from the park. The sky turns blue in the summer days and turns perfect for photography. I have also clicked numerous photos of the skies and printed some of the photos to be hung in my room.

I like to visit the streets for several reasons. The first and important factor is that there are no large and open fields or playgrounds where teenagers like us could go to play or exercise. Thereby, we are to spend our leisure hours either by using the virtual networks or by playing video games or watching movies. So, the street is a great option for me to spend some hours under the open sky. It makes my mind fresh and I also get ideas for my college projects. Moreover, the open street has some special impacts on a moonlit night. At times, I spent a large portion of the night time on the street to enjoy the full moon. The full moon view is incredible when the surrounding is silent in late of the night. So, I like to visit the street very much and there are no specific timeframes for me to visit.

Model Answer 2:
I believe Paris to be the most wonderful city in the world for many reasons. The charming streets of the city are one of the reasons that attracted me most towards the city. The city is located in the 1st and 2nd arrondissement of Montorgueil-Saint Denis-Les Halles district in Paris. Thank you for the interesting question. I will describe the street now.

The street is located in a crowded place and remains crowded always for many reasons. This is the street where people come to socialise and shop. There are several street shopping centres are located here. people mostly come here for their daily shopping purposes and then get engaged in chatting and other activities. So, this has become a very popular street in the city.

The street looks ordinary from the beginning of the walkways. But gradually you will see a change when will you enter into the middle of the street. You will have restaurants on your both sides. The flower selling shops will attract you most. A notable number and types of flowers are available in the shops at a reasonable price. There are also some other stores for the local people which sell various types of items like daily necessaries, luxurious goods, bakery items, wines, flower, cheese and many other food ingredients. The cafés will provide you with the traditional taste of France. And the restaurants are always open to welcome the guests. All these things have made the street look nicer. 

I love to visit the street for some reasons. I am native here and my family have been living here for last 100 years. We have some family business. So, I have been born and brought up near the street. When I was a kid, I used to play around the street. But gone are the days! Now I cannot play anymore rather I have to take care of one of the shops in the street. But in the evening, I get out of the shop and enjoy the evening snacks sitting at a café. Sometimes, my friends come to chat with me and we all enjoy the events happening around us.

I mostly like to visit the street for two specific reasons. Firstly, this is the place which is lively. A good number of people come here and get shopping done for the day. Secondly, this street becomes striking at night. The entire street is illuminated with the modern and attractive lighting. The distance view of the street is highly magical. In fact, I am in love with the street. I meet with people, shop, gossip and store some pleasant memories. So, this street is my one of the most preferred place in the entire city of Paris.

If you can comfortably talk about this topic, you should be able to talk about the following Cue card topics as well:
  • Describe a street you have been to and liked. 
  • Describe a street in your hometown.
  • Describe a street or place where you spent time in your childhood. 
  • Describe a place you often like to visit. 
  • Describe a place you remember from your childhood. 
  • Describe a place you often meet your friends.

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