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Describe a person who you believe dresses well

Describe a place that has a special meaning to you

Describe an important letter or email you have received

Describe a wedding you have attended

Describe a foreign film you liked

Describe something old in your house

Describe a street in your hometown that you know well

An environmental law your country should implement

Talk about a part of your city that is changing

Your favorite outdoor activity

Describe a story that people in your country know well

Describe a museum you have visited and liked

Describe a TV or radio presenter you like

Describe a fascinating job that you heard about

A decision you have made that you feel was wrong

Describe a present you have given to someone

Describe a news story you have read or heard about recently

Describe your favourite means of transport

Describe your ideal home or place to live

Describe a book you have recently read

Describe an importation occasion or event you have attended

An item of clothing you purchased that you didn’t like

A famous person you would like to meet

Describe an important decision you have made

Describe an interesting person you know

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