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Talk about something you do during longer holidays

IELTS Cue Card Question 125 With Model Answer:

Talk about something you do during longer holidays (summer holiday or Christmas/ New Year holiday etc.)

You should say:
  • what and where you do it
  • how exciting it is to you
  • who you do it with
and say why you do that when you are on holiday rather than on your days off.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
Watching movies is a hobby for me and the enjoyment turns most for me when I could watch several movies together.

I usually get around one month holiday for summer and prefer to sit back at my home to enjoy the movies. During the holidays of summer, I usually sit at my home and watch movies that I collected before the summer holiday. I start collecting the DVDs of different attractive movies immediately before the summer and watch them leisurely at my home. In a day, I complete watching roughly 5 movies and almost 100 movies are finished by a summer holiday. Since I have nothing to do in the summer and being an introvert I do not like to participate out of activities, this is the most important thing for me to pass the hours. Sometimes, I invite some of the intimate friends to be my movie watching partner and make a small indoor picnic with them and enjoy the days.

The event of watching movies is highly exciting for me as I collect different types of movies. My tastes are no longer limited to any specific genre and most of the time I try to go inside the plot deeply. As a result, I am not bored with the movies while some other people become bored watching movies or do not want to watch movies except their preferred genres. When they cannot manage their respective genres, they do not watch movies. But in my case, I do not have such problems. Each of the movies is exciting for me. Sometimes I love to watch the feature movies which are a kind of punishment for many of the audience who are fond of only action or comedy. So, I think nothing could make me feel excited than watching movies at my home during the holidays.

Usually, I watch the movies alone. But sometimes I invite some of the friends or relatives (of my age) to be my movie watching partner. I like to watch the horror movies at night and prefer to be alone. Occasionally, few of my friends come to enjoy the horror movies at night with me and I laugh at their courage. When there are some horrific scenes, they hide their faces and say that they have enjoyed the movie much. However, I like to enjoy movies alone and start watching movies at night. I start with an action movie, then watch a comedy, then move for drama, next comes a romantic comedy and finally, I finish watching a horror movie. Most of the time I take some snacks and soft drinks as a treat for me and when I am accompanied by other people, I arrange heavy meals for them as they come to pass the night.  

In my weekends, I cannot manage time to spend for watching movies and the numbers of personal tasks are huge. I have to meet with many people on the weekends and also have to participate in the essential tasks for my home like shopping groceries and other stuff for the week, cleaning the rooms and many other associated tasks. The days pass by this way and during the night I with the other family members go for the night out. Thus I cannot manage time to watch movies and I also do not prefer to watch movies with breaks like taking a small break to perform something important during the movies. So, I collect the movies round the year and watch them during the summer holidays.

Model Answer 2:
Being a sales executive, I do not have much day offs in a month, but I am able to go on holidays after two or three months. In that time, I try to make some trips in around Greece.

Travelling is my hobby, and so whenever I get can manage time, I move out for travelling. And I do the things alone. I mostly visit the sea beach areas and spend leisure hours there for days. I also take part in the locally available activities. As a result, I get much entertainment in the activities and feel refreshed when I come back. I become able to focus on my activities and reach the sales targets easily. 

Travelling is really an exciting matter for me. Besides, travelling has many other benefits. I love to travel for many reasons. First of all, travelling makes me free of worries. When I move to travel, I do not think about my occupational hazards. In fact, a sales executive has to reach the targets and avoid many obstacles. So, when I am on a tour, I can have lots of time to think about my issues. Once I get the solution during the trip, all the worries vanish. My brain keeps working round the hours During the trips. Besides, I am able to do and enjoy many interesting things which are plus for me.

Usually, I love to travel alone. In fact, I prefer to be alone for some reasons. When I am on a team, I need to take care of others. And it is almost impossible to enjoy everything before you if you need to care for your travelling partners. Further, when you are alone, you can do whatever you want. If you want to ride on the paddle boats, you can do it. But if you are with the partners, all of them might not agree to ride on the boats. You can take the available foods but if you do have companies, you need to be selective. Moreover, when you are with partners, you need to think before taking each step regarding the trip such as taking their consent and more others. But there are no troubles in such issues if you are alone.

Generally, I get a day off for a single day. And this is not enough for me to get entertained or refreshed. The day passes amid other activities and I cannot manage a single hour for myself except the regular activities. So, the day off is inappropriate for me. Besides, I need to remain busy round them in fields and have to take many important decisions. Even in the day of a day off, I need to go out for official purposes. So, I do the things on my holidays.

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