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Describe a project you had to do in your studies or job

IELTS Cue Card Question 144 with Model Answer:

Describe a project you had to do in your studies or job.

You should say:
  • what type of project it was
  • what the main aim of the project was
  • who helped you with it
and say what you learned from this project.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
I want to establish myself as an interior designer and accordingly got admitted at Martin School of Design in Brisbane, Australia. I recently have completed a designing project related to my course completion.

This project was about designing the interior of an office building and I was assigned as the chief designer of the entire project. Though it was a demonstration, I had to complete the project successfully to get my desired degree. The School authority assigned me a moderate space of a large building to decorate for a multinational corporation and I had to complete the project within three days. I had to measure the space, check the wall colour, furniture size and number, the budget for the decoration and many other things together. At first, I drew a sketch and separated that into several sections. Then I drew the furniture placed in different spaces to have an idea how they will look like when they are really placed in the office. Then I had to think about the colour pattern and its similarity with the furniture. The School authority told me to use suitable colours with the furniture and I picked so. Finally, when the project was done, I was surprised with the result! The design brought an A+ for me in the course.

I had studied the course for over one year and learnt everything related to the interior decoration. The course instructors cordially trained me with the issues related to interior decoration like the use of stylish elements, colour combination, how to make spaces in small rooms, lighting at the rooms and many other relevant things. So, the project solely aimed to test my skills and expertise over the things that I have learnt. The authority wanted to check my real life ability in interior decoration and how I deal with troublesome situations. In fact, the project was seriously a trouble with the issues of colour and furniture size. The majority of the furniture was of medium size and I had to place them in different small chambers and also had to match the room colour with the furniture. I had to use different light and deep shades to meet the purpose and some of the shades were tougher to find out. Besides, it was the final test for me to pass the diploma course and based on this practical project, my scores were to be set. However, the project was a grand success for me and I achieved the highest grade point against the project.

Since it was my last project and the responsibilities were huge, the School authority engaged some of the junior students with me to support me and learn something practical that they have been reading. I was associated with four junior students in my department who were of great help to me to complete the project smoothly. They followed all of my orders and turned useful most during the furniture replacement. Being a female, it was difficult indeed for me to shift medium-sized weighty furniture like wooden tables, wooden chairs and other stuff. They helped me to the largest extent in this case and I am grateful to them for their unconditional contribution. But I have also shared my knowledge and understanding of the entire course with them as well to make their senses developed like mine. As a result, we formed a team and worked excellently until the project finished. The project was truly helpful for them and as their first experience, they had done very well.   

To be frank, I learnt lots of things from the project. Earlier, all my knowledge was based on the books and PowerPoint presentations. But when I was assigned to the project, I found that I had to apply all my earned knowledge. The knowledge was useful for many purposes and I effectively applied them. But I had some troubles regarding the colour selection in rooms. Each of the spaces was different from the other and thus the colour pattern was dissimilar too. Besides, the lighting system also was a bit difficult and concealing the lights under different shades and covers which were the two other most challenging tasks in the project. I also had to use some mirrors for special lighting effects and in that case, I had to invest my ready wit and common sense to adjust the issue. Finally, I completed the project with a deep sense of satisfaction and learnt to decorate the interior perfectly.

Model Answer 2:
In my school, I was a student of science group and had to complete several projects. In my last year of school, I made a solar panel to be exhibited in the class. Thank you for the question. It reminds me of the most exciting days of my school.

It was a science project. But the idea was not unique at all. In fact, the solar panel has been invented much before and I only experimented with it for a limited scale use. I tried to show that solar panel could be used for emergency basis in the cases of the power cut. The project was highly appreciated by the audiences, and the principal of the school was happy with the idea.  

The project mostly aimed to demonstrate how solar energy could be used for our respective purposes. The sun is a great source of energy but many of us do not pay heed to it. Someday, when the natural resources will be finished, we have to rely on solar energy to do all the things. So, we need to start thinking from now on the matter. As part of the plan, it was a small initiative from my end. I know it was not a revolutionary idea but it would be able to bring awareness to the people. And they would be able to take the necessary steps to utilise the great source of energy for their respective needs.

I was perplexed when I was asked to bring a science project at the school. In fact, many other students in my class suffered the same problem. All of us were seeking ideas. Finally, I shared the matter with my family and my father came to my help. To be frank, it was not possible for me to complete the project without his direct help. He made me realised that it would be excellent if I could implement it before all. With his inspiration, I worked on it. But my father arranged for everything and made the theory clear to me. And I implemented the theory with the project and became successful.

Yes, I have learnt lots of things from this project. Before starting to work with it, I did not have any idea that how the environment is changing. We are using the natural resources and one day all the resources will be finished as they are not renewable. In that day, we will be in complete darkness and there will be no light anywhere. So, if we can use the renewable sources of energy, we would be beneficial in the long run. Besides, I also have become careful about using the natural resources and try to protect them from being wasted as much as I can.

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