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Describe your experience of a stressful event

Describe a tall building in your hometown you like or dislike

Describe an expensive hobby you can’t pursue daily

Decision made by someone in your family that you disagreed with

Describe an appointment that was put ahead of schedule

Couple you know who have a happy marriage

Describe an invention that has changed people’s life

Describe a transport problem in your city/town

Describe how you behaved in a stressful situation

Describe something you remember from your school or college

Describe a place that has a special meaning to you

Describe a part of the world you would like to visit

A place you know that has a beautiful environment

Occasion when you couldn't pay for something you wanted

A popular musical instrument in your country

Describe life in a particular period of history

Describe the best holiday you have had

Describe your favourite shop

Describe a serious environmental problem in your country

Describe a family event you are looking forward to

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