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Describe a news story you have read or heard about recently

IELTS Cue Card Question 86 With Model Answer:

Describe a news story you have read or heard about recently.

You should say:
  • what it was
  • when you heard / read it
  • what you thought about it
And explain why you remember this news story. 

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
Watching or reading news is the best way to expand one’s knowledge and aiming to keep myself updated with the latest happenings across the world, I watch the news on television and read them as well either on online or the hard copy.

When I was browsing the (in fact I visit the website at least twice a day), a news story titled - ‘How to lose a job in 30 seconds’ attracted me. I thought that the news story is about offering suggestions to give up a job within half a minute. But when I entered the story, it was a different thing. is one of the largely browsed news website and channel across the globe and there are a good number of watchers and readers are going through the information and stories aired or uploaded on its website. If you miss something on the channel, you can have the option to catch the particular story on the website.

Well, I usually browse the website at my office and in fact, this is the first task for me to check the website for the latest happenings. I check the website and its uploaded stories of varied interest. Before starting my work, I try to learn the current situation of the world which is also a part of my job. During the website visitors in the morning at the office, the story caught my attention. I was amazed by the witty title and started reading the story with high attention. I needed to know about the ways of irritating the superior authority in cases when they cast unwanted loads to me despite being inactive round the day.

At first, it appeared that the story is about performing tasks that will risk one’s job and will eliminate the employee within few seconds. But when I clicked on the link, a different thing appeared. It told that the first half minute is enough for the employer to allow the job to you or to reject you. If you cannot exhibit the right manner and etiquette during your interview, the employer will reject you in the first sight. Following some studies, the brain decides within the first 30 seconds whether to like or dislike any individual. But I interpreted the meaning in the opposite way. The story also read that to be count among the others, an individual needs to be well prepared in every issue related to the job.

The news story is an ever remembering one for me only for the title. Merely a title is enough to make the audience feel attracted to a specific news story. I have saved the news and sometimes have a look at the texts dealing with the importance of professional etiquette. When the news story title is not attractive, the readers tend to leave them and move to the next news story. The statement is true for all of the readers. I also should have skipped the news if the title was not a teasing one. The title trickily attracts the readers and this is the skill of the news-makers or editors that they are able to tease the readers with a bunch of small words. Even the useless words become lively when they are well organised by an expert brain.

Model Answer 2:
I cannot usually manage time to read newspapers and rely on television news instead. In fact, after passing a hefty day at the office, it is impossible for me to go through the newspapers. Rather watching television is preferable to me. And recently I have watched a news on Al Jazeera television. It was about the birth of 10 kids at a time by a mother in the Netherlands. Thank you for the question and it reminds me of the interesting event.

The news presenter termed it as an interesting news for its nature. In fact, I have never heard such news before. Thus it was interesting to me as well. A lady has given birth to 10 children at a time. It was special news for all, particularly to the family of the lady. I was glad that all the babies were in good health and there were no health complexities as well.

Usually, I watch television early in the morning and before going to bed at night. So, when I was preparing to go to bed, I switched on the television set and came to know about the news. The new presenter was talking about the international news and suddenly presented the report. I was glad that everything went right as those were supposed to be. In fact, there are some complexities about such issues. The woman underwent a C-section for the delivery process of the children. All the children were in good shape and health in line with the mother. The news also showed the pictures of the kids and the family. It showed that father of the kids was happy and the kids were placed on a large table in a sequel. There was a small interview with the mother and she expressed her happiness. She also sought to bless for her newborn babies to all.

The news appeared special to me. It was a different experience for me. The mother was too lucky to have the children. Actually, this is a blessing for her from the Creator. She will have a nice and a happy life ahead. But there were some other thoughts as well in my mind. I thought that it would be really difficult for the man and his wife to take of the children together. When the kids will grow up, they would be unable to take care of them properly. And there would be some chaos as well in the family. Maintaining the family will be a big issue. When the kids will start noise together, the parents will be unable to control the situation. But on the other side, it would be fun too to be with the nice kids at home.

This was an interesting news to me. At present, the entire world is filled with chaos. Many of the superpowers are engaged in a clash to establish supremacy. The number of pleasant news is decaying. So, the news on arrival of 10 souls on the planet this was special to me. Hope they would be a good human in future.

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