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Describe a story that people in your country know well

IELTS Cue Card Question 92 With Model Answer:

Describe a story that people in your country know well.

You should say:
  • what the story is
  • how you know this story
  • why you do you remember this story
and explain whether it is a good story or not.  

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
Usually, the Germans pass their leisure hours in different ways and telling stories to the friends and family is one of the ways to make the leisure attractive. So, there are a large number of stories are available.

The story is about two frogs, who fell down inside a well, unfortunately, and one of them survived finally. The story is told to inspire people so that they could also get succeeded in their daily life. When the frogs slipped into the well, both of them started jumping to get out of the well. The other frogs discouraged them from getting out as the well's length was beyond their capacity to jump out. Hearing the demoralising words, one of the frogs stopped jumping and died inside the well. The other frogs started discoursing the remaining frog not to jump but as that tried harder, that came out of the well. As the frog was short in the ear, it could not realise that it was being discouraged rather believing that it was inspired, it finally made its way out of the well.

This is a very usual story that is told to kids to make them inspired and motivated to continue their respective tasks. My mother told me the story when I failed to pass an exam. She told it as part of motivating me to keep going forward. I was in my seventh grade and failed to secure the necessary marks to pass in mathematics. But as I could not answer few questions for the limited time in the examination and made a couple of wrong answers simultaneously, I obtained the lowest marks among the other students in the class. When the answer scripts were passed to my parents, they tried to inspire me on stressing mathematics more than ever. As an example, she told me the story which ended with the moral that if someone works relentlessly avoiding the failures, success certainly will embrace them someday.

In my current days, I still remember the story as it was a milestone for me. It helped me greatly to start a new beginning in my life. Whenever I was in trouble or failure appeared before me, I kept doing the same thing again and again. I failed for several times and finally, the success was mine. There were few negative people who had dejected me from several perspectives; I neglected their words like the second frog. It was a lifetime lesson for me.

The story of two frogs is a very good and inspiring story for everyone. It teaches us how to struggle to get success. In our real life, we will get a good number of people who have mounted on the top of success in their respective arena and it is possible only for their hard labour and perseverance. For example, the first frog died on the well as it was discouraged by the other frogs. But the second one succeeded to come out after several other attempts. We can cite many famous historical personalities, politicians, painters, singers and other celebrities who have succeeded after lots of attempts in their life. Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Walt Disney, Socrates, Charlie Chaplin among others are notable in this case.

Model Answer 2:
My childhood was awesome for many reasons. The most important thing was that I heard many local stories and still can remember many of them. It was my grandmother who told me the stories with my cousins. Thank you for the question. Your question reminds me of the lost childhood. And I am glad to remember that.

The story I am going to discuss now is about black magic. This is a very usual story here in rural areas of England. A black magician tried to occupy a woman with the power of his magic. But finally, he was not successful in his attempts and a knight freed the woman from the greedy clutch of the black magician by killing him. Later, the knight married the woman and started leading a happy life forever. They increased their family and had happiness everywhere.

I came to know about the story by my grandmother. She used to tell stories at night times. In fact, it was difficult for me and other cousins to sleep at night without listening to her stories. She had told the story thousands of times but with her enchanting voice and storytelling styles, each of the times the stories appeared like a new one. It was really interesting to me and the other kids there to listen to the bedtime stories. Besides, those stories also helped us in some other ways. They helped to expand our imagination. Sometimes, my grandmother asked us to tell stories. It happened when she felt tired or was reluctant to tell stories anymore on some nights. So, with the help of imagination, we developed stories and told her. She was happy with this ability of storytelling among us.

Particularly, I can remember the story for some reasons. The most important issue with the story is that it was about magic, demons and evil. The villain was an evil man who exercised black magic. Besides, I have heard the story so many times that I cannot forget it even if I want to. This is the story that has been fixed with my brain. Even today, I tell the stories to my kids when they are in bed at night. Furthermore, the story was entertaining too for me and the other kids who used to listen to it. We always wanted that the knight should win but my grandmother let not that happen so easily. The knight had to fight severely with the demons and other evils spirits before reaching to the lady. And finally, the black magician was defeated. But it was troublesome for him to win the battles. 

Of course, I think this is a very good story. It has many useful things to know. It teaches us to focus on something we want. If the king had been afraid of the threats from the black magician, he would not have married the lady. Besides, the story also tells us about the darker side of the world. There will be evil people everywhere and we are to defeat them. We need only a strong determination and courage to reach the destination. We may face obstacles on the way and should not give up at any cost. The moral value of the story is priceless. On the other side, the characters are also interesting. Considering everything, this is really a good story.

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