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Describe your ideal home or place to live

IELTS Cue Card Question 84 With Model Answer:

Describe your ideal home or place to live.

You should say:
  • where it would be
  • how big it would be
  • what it would contain
And explain why this kind of accommodation would attract you so much.  

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
A home provides a safe shelter for all the beings regardless of humans or animals. So, it should be comfy and well decorated for everyone.

I mostly prefer a living place that should be spacious and there should be plenty of foliages around me. Usually, such locations are unavailable in the cities and thus I prefer rural areas. If the there is a lake or pond beside my home, that would be preferable to me. A serene atmosphere is the best place to make one’s own home and I prefer a similar space which will be filled with serenity and the surrounding environment will be quiet. The environment should be natural and every moment living in the house will be enjoyable. But the best house for me would be near any sea beach where I could enjoy the sunset and sun rising scenes.

I do not need a hugely built furnished house to live in but it should be moderately spacious. Provision for natural light is a must for the house and it should also contain standard size windows for ventilation. Besides, the house should have at least three rooms for my necessities. One should be the master bedroom for my sleeping, and there should be another small bedroom for guests with a medium living room. Besides, there should be wide verandah where I could set a chair to enjoy the surrounding natural beauty. I would appreciate a two-storied building built on a small piece of land where the bedrooms will be on the first floor and the living room on the ground. , and if such homes are unavailable a single storied home with the same facilities will do for me.

The house should have three rooms at least with proper ventilation (as I said before) and should have an enriched library or at least a large size bookshelf. I do not need luxurious furniture but those should be durable for use and simple in terms of design and style. Heavy curtains should hang in the window so that I could make the room dark in my needs or during the sleeping hours. It would be appreciated if the house faces south. The living room will be filled with comfortable sofas and small tables, few small plants on the corners, a showcase in a corner and the bookshelf beside the showcase. The wood furniture should be coloured in light black while the walls will be white or any eye soothing colour. The bedroom should be of light blue colour while guest room might be like green or orange, and the kitchen should be white. Everything should be organised in the right way.

I like to live comfortably. Everything should be in the proper manner and order and only those are found only in an organised home. I also prefer living in a quiet environment filled with natural environments. I love gardening but since it is impossible to make a garden of my own, I prefer the house should be surrounded by trees. I want my house to be decorated in a natural and pleasant a way that it should be the best place of attraction for me. I will come here after a tiring day and when I will be on the verandah with a cup of tea, the natural environment will make me feel relaxed.

If you can talk about the cue card topic "Describe your ideal home or place to live." you should be able to talk about the following IELTS cue cards as well:

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Model Answer 2:
The definition of an ideal home may differ to people but to me, it is the place where I could take rest after passing a hefty day. So, it should be in a comfortable zone for me. I am habituated with living an urban life and so, my living place should be in the same place. Thank you for the question and it allows me to describe my dream residence.

The place should be in the centre of the city or place. Most of the time, people prefer to live in a quiet place, but I am the opposite of them. I need a crowded place to live in. In fact, the crowded places provide some special benefits which are unavailable in the lonely and quiet places. Sometimes, the quiet places cannot provide an easy access to the people. But living in the centre of the city will allow you entering your home from any of the directions. Communication is one of the important issues here to consider.

I am single and do not intend to get married. So, only a two-bedroom flat with a kitchen, attached bathroom and a veranda will be fine for me. I have few furniture like a reading table, two pieces of a sofa, an Almira, a small two-chair dining table, a single bed for me and a medium-sized bookshelf which I use as my library. So, the number of the stuff I need is not much and I can easily accommodate them on the small flat. Besides, I need some open spaces to grow my plants. Rooftops are best suited for the purposes. In fact, if the flat is on the rooftop with the facility, it would be a privilege for me to live in there whatever the rent is. To reduce power consumption, I use the natural lights and so I do not use any curtain in my living room. But I control the entrance of light in my bedroom which I use only for sleeping purposes.

To be specific about the issue, I prefer to be happy more than gaining any material things. So, I want my place to be filled with joy. I need the chance to sip on a cup of coffee and read a book sitting in the rocking chair or gaze at the sky. The place should also contain the crowds of people beneath my home and I could enjoy the noises coming out from the crowds. In fact, I want to be alone amid the crowd and this is one of the special ways to get the feeling. The place should also come with the proper ventilation system. Security is another important issue. I want it to be secured. I want to have a safe and sound sleep. But if I am worried about the security, I would not be able to sleep peacefully. I am a bit sensitive about the fittings, and therefore, the tiles and other necessary fittings should also be improved.

I am a kind of a wanderer and unable to live with people for a long time. So, I need a place where I can live my solitary life. But the place should be without issues. I do not want the slightest trouble while fulfilling my passion. Hence, I need an accommodation where I can have my inner peace in my own way. But if I live with my family, I will not get such facilities and I have to follow some strict rules and regulations. Considering all the issues, I prefer such kind of accommodation for me.

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