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Talk about a part of your city that is changing

IELTS Cue Card Question 94 With Model Answer:

Talk about a part of your city that is changing.

You should say:
  • where it is
  • how  it is changing
  • why it is changing
and describe how you feel about the change.  

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
Change is the key to development and my city Calamba is also changing gradually. Infrastructural developments are the key changes in the area.

In the Philippines, different changes have taken place after the year 2000. The wind of change has also touched my city, Calamba. The city is often termed as the City of Calamba or Calamba City. Geographically the city is at a striking location and owns an enriched history from the 17th century. Settling began here with the arrival of the Spaniards and colonisation was their key intention. The city has been expanded and developed much comparing the other cities of Laguna in the country and it happened mostly for the hot spring resorts. There are a large number of hot spring resorts available where people from different places of the country and overseas come to pass a happy and healthy time for them.

In the beginning, there were fewer infrastructures in the city and when the tourists started coming in the resorts, the needs for building modern resorts and a well-established communication system emerged. Accordingly, the local government undertook initiatives to modify the city, especially where the hot spring resorts are located. As a result, the natural and surrounding environment changed greatly. The places which were bush or jungles near the mountain tops turned into beautiful places. The resorts are equipped with the latest facilities of luxury and state of the art decorations, and the visitors adore the resorts for providing them with a comfortable experience. Besides, different business and service are also growing centring hot spring in the locality.

Although formerly the city was not a tourist spot, it is currently becoming one of the hot springs. With the growing need of the hot spring visitors, the locality has been changing rapidly. When the travellers come to enjoy the hot spring, they need a safer place to stay and enjoy them. Besides, the communication system is also another important factor for them. A well-constructed communication system is also required for the purpose. The natural environment has been degraded to some extent but the resorts are filled with natural beauties. Diversified plants and foliages are found in the resorts. The top of the hill resorts has made smooth roads to reach which has enriched the beauty of the hills as well.

Sometimes changes are unwanted and cause damage to the environment largely. But sometimes they are pleasant too when they are up to the mark and cause less damage than expected. The changes of Calamba are notable and they are positive for the city. Since the hot spring resorts are set on the mountain hills, they attract visitors which help contribute to the city’s economy. Earlier, people had to experience numerous troubles but now for the smooth roads, the communication with the mountain tops and the city dwellers has become easier.

Sample Answer 2:
Witnessing changes is really matter of luck. In that case, I feel lucky. I have been witnessing the rapid change of my city, here in Pakistan. Islamabad is one of the key cities in the country but some its parts were underdeveloped. Now the development has started in the full fledge. Thank you for the question. It is a privilege to be here and answer the questions.

Islamabad is one of the prime cities of the country. But some of its parts were not developed as it was supposed to be. In fact, the authority might not have focused on the part in past days. But now everything is changing and the changes are happening rapidly. The changes are massive and it is assumed that it will bring some positive changes in the lives of local people. On the other side, the locals need to bear some troubles for the sake of development.   

The changes are massive. The changes include the construction of infrastructures, educational institutes and other commercial buildings. In fact, the municipality has been attempting to make the northern part of the city developed like the other parts. The northern part of the city has long been ignored. The majority of the inhabitants here suffer from a smooth communication system. Most of the streets are broken and thus transportation is difficult here. People cannot move easily on the broken and damaged streets. Besides, there are not educational institutions here though this is a part of the prime city of the country. On the other sides, there are no notable commercial activities are held here as the locality is lagging behind in the race. So, the local authority has taken some steps to improve the situation. And to keep pace with the global development, it was necessary to change the shape of this particular locality.

The shape of the entire locality is changing. The municipal authority has taken different initiatives to bring a positive change in the lives of the local people and in the area. They have concentrated on the improvement of the communication system. As a result, they are reconstructing the streets and small roads that lead to different lanes. Besides, the construction of a primary school is another important task. It will help the kids of the area to take their elementary education. Further, the reassembling of the sewerage lines and connections will help the inhabitants to move smoothly. Earlier, due to the faulty drainage system, there were troubles in movement. All the streets remained flooded round the week. Besides, under some private initiative, there are some commercial structures are being built in this part of the city. Once the constructions are over, the looks of the area will be changed. It will get a striking look indeed. 

Of course, I am happy with the change. Initially, I have to suffer in some aspects. The streets are under construction and that makes moving through the streets difficult. But once the streets are repaired, communication will be smooth. There are noises everywhere and often it may cause irritation to the people. But the noises are created by the workforce who are working relentlessly to make the locality developed. In fact, every massive development needs a change. So, the local people of the area are smilingly enduring the troubles and waiting for a better locality. When the area will be changed, it would be a pride for us. So, I am highly glad about the changes and initiatives for a better locality.

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