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Describe an important letter or email you have received

IELTS Cue Card Question 100 With Model Answer:

Describe an important letter or email you have received.

You should say:
  • who wrote it
  • what it was about
  • how you felt about the letter or email
And explain why it was important to you.  

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
After my post graduation from Allahabad University, I have been appearing in different job interviews and suddenly a multinational corporation invited me to appear the final interview against a post I applied earlier.

HCL Technologies, the globally reputed tech-giant in India, invited me with an email to attend an interview scheduled three days later from the day I received the email. The email was sent from the Human Resource department of the corporation and I applied for the post of a designer. Following an advertisement on the Times of India, I applied for the job and have appeared a written test for an hour at the headquarters of HCL Technologies in Uttar Pradesh of India. The email also asked me confirming my presence on the set calendar for the interview.

Well, the email was about asking me to join at the formal viva which is done after passing the written test. There are several stages to get the job and the initial stage is appearing on the written test. When an applicant passes the written, then s/ he is invited for the viva with the selection board and then the final viva held in association with the executive body and the job is confirmed. I was in the second stage and prepared myself in the right manner to present my skills and expertise in graphics design. I prepared myself in such a way that I would be able to answer all the queries properly and perfectly so that I could have the job. The email also instructed me to take all the necessary documents with me favouring my candidature against the post and I prepared the necessary documents well.

It was an unexpected issue for me that a globally reputed technological corporation will invite me for a formal interview as I do not have any institutional knowledge of graphic design. I have learnt the design at my home and exercised on my personal needs like designing a birthday banner for a friend or designing the logo for our university reunion etc. But it appears that the skill I gained was valuable and they have understood that I should be a helping hand to them.

The rate of unemployed youths is on the increase in the country and thus I had been trying for long to get a suitable job for me. I preferred my passion rather than my academic background. So, I started seeking suitable positions for me and one day the chance arrived. I did not miss the advertisement and applied for the job of trainee designer at the corporation. It was important for me to make myself noticed among the others in the profession and HCL Technologies gave me the opportunity.

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Model Answer 2:
It was a pleasant surprise for me when I received the email from the University of Bamberg, Germany. The email was about the admission approval for me that I applied a couple of months ago. In fact, I wanted to go for higher study in Germany and applied in several universities. The University of Bamberg was one of them. Thank for the question and I am glad to reply it.

I got the email from the dean of Social Science faculty. It read that the faculty has accepted my application as an international student. The email also praised highly of my previous academic records and recommended that they had been seeking such students to enrich their departments. I was worried about the issue while applying as if they discard me from the list. My idea was right, some of the universities did not even care to respond to my application.

The email was about accepting me as their international student and thus it also suggested me to take necessary preparation. The email also asked me to complete a German language course as well so that communication becomes easier with me and others. I was not sure if I would get a chance on any such universities. Thereby, I did not take any necessary preparations. Learning the language was one of them. So, I plan to get myself admitted at any reputed German language club here in the Philippines. On the other side, the email also advised me not to worry about the academic expenses. It has granted me a full free scholarship and also will provide some other allowances too. I only need to take necessary preparations to reach the country and start my academic activities.

Of course, I felt very good when I found the email in my inbox. It was a surprise. In fact, I had given up hope for studying abroad. My parents were also frustrated with me. I had been applying for long but none of the authorities replied my letter. Some of the USA universities rejected my application without showing no reasons at all. So, I thought that I have to continue study in my native land. My dream of a higher study was getting shattered. The email arrived at such a moment when I was highly depressed. It was the ray of hope to me. When I got the email, my heartbeat went faster. I did not know what to see in the email. But when the email was the good news, I was overjoyed. Instantly I informed the issue to my parents. And they were happy too.

The email was important to me for many reasons. The most important thing was my depression. I was getting frustrated gradually. I started exercising to be alone. I started talking less and lost the enthusiasm of life. With this email, I was revitalised. It helped me to get back to my own character. My parents were also frustrated about the issue and planned to admit me at a local university. I am happy that finally, my dream is going to be true. I have started planning to arrange the necessary documents and seeking a suitable language club. I am happy now and tonnes of thanks to the Social Science department of the university to allow me as an International Student.

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