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Funny text message you have ever received

IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 191 with Model Answer:

Describe a funny text message you have ever received.

You should say:
  • what it was about
  • who sent it to you
  • when you received this message
and explain why you think this was a funny text message.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
Sending text messages instead of making phone calls is annoying to me, and I think it wastes time. But I enjoyed a text message from one of my friends and that text message was sent to me marking my birthday.

The message says that I was born to pressurise them on different issues and they want to get relief from the pressures. It also quoted that I shall feel some pains as they experience in the next day when I will at college. In fact, the friend was wishing my death on my birthday. But I know this was not his actual desire rather he composed the text message for me to have some fun with me. I know all of my friends and it is true that I put some pressures on them often to make the things done, especially the college projects. Most of the time, it is me who is responsible for completing the college projects though the projects are meant to be done in a team. But some of my mischievous friends try to avoid the assignments. Then I have to force them to complete the tasks and thus being angry (!) one of them has sent the message on my birthday to make me aware of the pressures.

I received the message on my cell phone and it was sent by Michael Steve. Steve is one of my closest buddies in the college in Hyderabad in India. I have many other friends here and most of them are wicked in nature. They love to irritate other people and at times they are also irritated by the others which become painful for them. There are different events about such irritations. Once they took a boy to a local restaurant to feed and all of them get out of the restaurant without paying the bill. The boy had to pay all the bills and was greatly shocked. Steve was one of the foreign students studying here and also took part in such wicked activities and sometimes I accompanied them as well.

I received the text message at 12.00am on April 17 in 2016. It was the date when I was born in 1996. Interestingly, I did not disclose about my birthday to anyone in my college for several reasons. The first and most important thing about me is that I am a bit of introvert in nature. Often I dislike meeting or greeting people without any specific reasons and whenever the works are done, I leave them. I also dislike staying outside the home. But when it is about my studies or something important for me, I try to do as much hard work as possible for me. Often my college for architecture asks my team to have some team works and I have to lead the team after the orders from my respectable teachers and instructors. So, I put a little pressure to make the things done hurriedly and in a perfect manner. Otherwise, I do not have a close interaction with them in a regular manner. I was surprised with the SMS that was sent marking my birthday as I never shared about this with someone of the team.

If someone else sees the SMS, it will appear that the SMS demands my death. It refers that if I die, the man who has sent the SMS will be relieved. He will be relieved of some troubles that I cause to him and others. Actually, there are no such personal issues found in reality. The SMS has been sent to make fun of me. It was entirely funny to me that the students who irritate all the others round the day; they are irritated on me for my activities. I also felt good inside that they have somehow collected my birth date and made the fun through the SMS. The last part of the message indicated that they had some arrangements for me and I, in fact, was surprised as they arranged a birthday cake for me at the college. I was amazed at their love towards me. But the SMS was too funny for me and even today when I check the SMS, I laugh every time.

Sample Answer 2:
While browsing my mobile phone during the class last week, I received a text message from an unknown number. It was too funny that after completing the tasks dictated by the message, I laughed. Thank you for the question. It is my pleasure to share the event with you.

The text message was regarding a small exercise that I realised later. The SMS read that I should turn my head to some certain directions. Accordingly, I turned my head towards the mentioned directions. In the last part of the messages, it thanked me for the exercise. But once I completed reading the message, I realised that it was only for fun.

Jim, one of my closest friends, had sent me the message. In fact, he was the naughtiest boy of the class and loved to irritate the other students. But none of us was irritated with his behaviour. Rather, we were entertained greatly and the smile on our face brought him the pleasure. Jim sent me the message as I was sitting motionless in the class. Jim is the person who cares for almost everyone. And when he sees someone in distress, he tries to come in help for the distressed. It was such an event for me and Jim helped me greatly on that day.

Actually, I was a bit afraid as I forgot to bring the assignment on the day. And was worried about what the teacher would say to me. In such a crucial situation, Jim tried to remove the agony from inside my mind. He composed the text message and sent to me. After reading the message, I saw that it was Jim and he was staring at me. I did not realise that he had sent the message as the phone number was not saved on my mobile phone. Gradually I discovered that Jim used the mobile phone of another classmate to send me. And I received the message just before the teacher entered the class. As soon as I completed reading the message, the teacher entered.

It was a funny text message for some reasons. Firstly, it was all about making fun. The message asked me to look left, right, up and down to find out the message sender. When I find none, I went through the message. And finally, the sender thanked me for reading the message and having the small exercise of my neck. I laughed at the last statement. I was glad. In fact, the funny tone of the message relieved me from the worries. Though nothing happened on that day and the teacher did not ask for any assignments, I was really amazed by the message. The funny tone removed my worries at the beginning of the class.

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