Film/movie that you watched and did not enjoy

IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 182 with Model Answer:

Describe a film/movie that you watched and did not enjoy.

You should say:
  • what the film/movie was
  • when you watched it
  • who you watched it with
and explain why you did not enjoy it.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
I like watching comedy movies most than any other movie genres and try to watch at least a movie in a day. I watched ‘Sex Tape’, a comedy movie of 2014 and was highly frustrated.

The movie plot was not up to the mark. It was about taping an intimate event of a married couple by them and they lost it. It was hilarious to me. Why should someone film the private moments? I, in fact, did not get the answer when I asked myself about the issue. The movie makers planned to make a comedy but I think there are no such comic elements which can make the audience laugh. Moreover, the movie rating on IMDb is low – 5.1 only. The movie shows the stories of a married couple and the weird event of recording their very private issues. They planned to do so aiming to increase their internal bonding but everything turned mess when the tape was missing. The entire event appeared foolish. Any individual with a sharp sense will not act like this, I believe.

I watched the movie last week. Though the movie was made in 2014, I watched it in 2016. The first thing is that I did not have the mindset to watch the low-rated movies. Before watching any movie, I usually check the ratings from different websites like IMDb or Rotten Tomatoes. When I find the rating lower, I do not watch those movies. But I had to watch it as I had no options left on that night. I returned from my call centre job and could not sleep as it was about to be morning. So, I planned to sleep after watching a movie. I picked this one and unfortunately forgot to check the rating. That was the biggest mistake for me in selecting the movie. After completing the movie, my mood was changed and even I could not sleep well.

I watched the movie alone. I have to work in a call centre for a cellular company and most of the time I am assigned to the night shift. Usually, the cellular companies in India do not allow females to work the night shift. So, often I have to attend the shifts and I return home when the sun rises. I pass some moments to refresh myself after the hefty night works. So, I watch movies regularly. Unfortunately, I have to watch the movies alone as all of my family members are in sleep, and this is a very unusual time to invite someone to accompany me to my home. Thereby, either I want or not, I have to watch the movie alone or do the other things alone as well particularly in the early hours of the day.

I could not enjoy the movie for some particular reasons. The first and the most important thing for a movie’s success is the plot. If the movie plot is not strong, it is unexpected that the movie will have a good rating. Moreover, if the rating is not good, the movie will be rejected by the larger audience. Consequently, the movie will not have a good business. In other words, the movie will be considered as a failure. I think the movie plot is not up to the mark. The movie is made with care but the events are not depicted well. Moreover, the movie plot is a bit unusual. It is known that movies are the reflections of our society. What people do, think or believe in their ordinary life is depicted in the movies. Besides, the audiences are not limited to any certain age groups rather even the school going kids. So, the movie plots should be made considering the ages of audiences.

Explicit materials should be avoided as much possible. You are making a comedy movie but it does not refer that the movie should be filled with adult contents. Moreover, the movie plot may inspire on performing such foolish acts like recording the intimate events and if that goes missing in real life, I think the life will turn hell and the negative consequences will be worst than those are screened on the movie. For all such reasons, I did not enjoy the movie at all.

Model Answer 2:
My very recent experience of watching a Bollywood movie was boring. It was my mistake that I could not select the right movie this time for my leisure. This is a great question and I will describe the entire event now.

The movie was about a bank robbery. A group of young people went to rob a bank, but there were some other events inside the bank. At the same day, another real bank robber went to loot the bank as well. Hence, there were some conflicts between the groups. And later, it was found that the first group was the real bank robber but they came for some other purposes. They came to take a hard disk that was kept in the locker of the bank.

I watched the movie in the noon. In fact, it was a leisurely noon and I had no office on that day. So, I played the CD on my computer to enjoy the movie. I asked for an action-comedy movie and accordingly, the CD salesman handed me the CD saying that it was the movie that I had been looking for. I was happy and started watching the movie. But I was dissatisfied with the movie. The movie plot was not standard and there were too many twists in the movie that I think the audiences will lose interest in it.

I watched the movie with one of my friends who came to meet me on the day. He was also a fan of action movies. So, when he heard that I already have collected a movie and that is his favourite genre, he was happy. Then, both of us started watching the movie. But after a few minutes, we did not find it interesting. It was like the typical comedy movies that try to make people laugh with some artificial attempts. I was considerate of the movie but my friend had got a negative idea about the movie maker and the scriptwriter too. Earlier, we enjoyed many Bollywood movies together but this was an exception.

Basically, I could not enjoy the movie on some specific grounds. The movie plot was not interesting and the movie makers have unnecessarily have applied several layers on the movie plot. The movie actually did not contain any specific plan to rob the bank. Rather it was a random compilation of steps from a couple of youths who wanted to get the hard disk but in some tricky manners. Actually, it was troublesome to watch the movie until the last minute. The dialogues were as usual and the conclusion of the movie could not create any special sense to us. So, I did not enjoy the movie.

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