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Describe a hotel you have stayed in

IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 178 with Model Answer:

Describe a hotel you have stayed in.

You should say:
  • where it was
  • why and when you stayed there
  • what facilities it had
and say whether you liked or disliked staying in this hotel.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
I went to attend a seminar at the City University London and stayed at London City Hotel. That was a great experience for me as I have never been out of my native city, Paris.

The London City Hotel, located at the Borough Tube Station, is one of the most luxurious and beautiful hotels in the entire city and that was a three-star hotel with all the modern features. Most of the modern facilities were accumulated at the hotel for its clients. The services were up to the mark while the accommodations system appeared to be one of the bests. The hotel is always crowded with visitors and most of them are tourists from different countries. The environment is friendly and warm and the treatment as a guest or as an individual is adorable indeed. The hotel is a business run by the family members and thus the values of the noble family are represented by the staffs and crews. Staying at the hotel was truly relaxing for me.

I went with my college team to participate in an information sharing seminar. The seminar was organised by the inter-university association of England. They invited almost all the European universities to send their representatives to the mid-December in 2015. As part of the invitation, my university authority selected me and two other of my seniors to participate in the seminar. All the expenses were jointly shared by my university and by the organisers. I stayed for about a week in London. The seminar went on for five continuous days and that began in the morning hours and ended in the evening. I used to spend the rest of the time by sightseeing and strolling on the streets of England. I was in love with the city and it became difficult for me to leave London. However, I promised me to come back again only to explore the city areas someday.

The hotel, London City Hotel, contained almost all the modern amenities. The entire hotel building was covered with the central cooling system. The lobby, the bar, the restaurants etc. were nicely decorated. The rooms were top class with some exceptional and stunning furniture. The staffs and crew members were genuinely cordial with their service. They always smiled before taking the orders or performing something for me or the other clients. Since this is a family business, the advisory body for the hotels always tries to reflect the attitudes of the family and it appears the nobility of the family is worth admiration for the visitors. Moreover, the hotel is located in the centre of the London city and thus it is accessible through different vehicles and routes. The hotel has its own spacious parking facility where the visitors could park their vehicles comfortably. I never felt that I was out of my home.

I liked the hotel most for the outstanding facilities it offered me. The first thing was that the entire hotel building has Wi-Fi connection and I used the internet for free. Besides, the foods of the hotel’s restaurants were yummy. There were varieties of foods and I liked the traditional European foods most. I also tasted the foods of other continents to know about the flavours and tastes. The services I received from the professional staffs of the hotel were outstanding. Besides, the room service was also adorable. One of the important things about the hotel is that the costs are low for everything. Before arriving in London, I was assigned to book a hotel near the conference centre and I had to compare costs. I found that London City Hotel costs were lower than any other residential hotels. I was a bit confused about the service standard and other issues but when I arrived here, all my worries were gone. I, in fact, liked staying at this hotel and wish to return again when I will be in London in future.

Model Answer 2:
My recent visit to India was an excellent one. I stayed at the Hotel Taj Mahal. This was a wonderful hotel to stay in India. And my experience was great. Thanks for the question. It reminds me of the memories that I left back in India.

The hotel is located in Mumbai, India. This is a five-star hotel and comes with all the modern amenities. The hotel is adjacent to the Gate of India and provides a nice view of the huge gate. The hotel is also known in different names and locally this is popular as ‘the Taj’ while the complete name of the hotel is The Taj Mahal Palace.

I work for a company, headquartered in Singapore, that imports garment products and sells in the local markets of different other countries inside Asia and Africa. So, often I need to travel to different countries. As part of my business trip, I went to India to meet with some local readymade garment owners to complain about their performance. In fact, they did not comply with the demands that were placed on them. Consequently, the managing body sent me as their agent to deal with the matter. So, I visited India last month and stayed for about five days in that hotel.

This is one of the most exclusive hotels in India. In fact, I had stayed in some other hotels in India but did not get the facilities like this hotel. Each of the rooms was well furnished with modern furniture and had some extra features as well. This was the part of the Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces. And this is the flagship of the group. The Taj proudly own over 500 rooms and there are 44 luxurious suites. To serve the guests, there are 1500 staffs available round the day and night and they have 35 butlers too. The architectural design of the hotel is also wonderful. It looks like a large fort standing proudly in the centre of the city.

Of course, I liked staying at the hotel. It came with the latest services and the staffs were polite up to the mark. The restaurant of the hotel provided the very best cuisine in the country and I was pleased with the foods too. The Taj is remarkable to me for some other reasons like the instant response from the staffs over any issues. They were seriously cooperative. I needed a bottle of water in the late part of the night, and within two minutes, I was served with the water bottle. I also used the conference room for meeting with the local garment owners and the facilities were up to the mark too here. Based on all the matters, I gave a five star to this hotel's rating.

Idea Generation for this Candidate Task Card Topic:

1.  Recently, my visit to Munich was an interesting experience. I went there for a three-day official visit and stayed at Jaeger's Munich Hotel. It was a wonderful experience. The rooms were nice and came with wifi facility. Moreover, I was happy with the meals at the hotel. In fact, I had the chance to taste the traditional meals of the country at the hotel. The hotel staffs were cordial and they welcomed me with the warmness of their heart. So, I actually fell in love with the hotel.

2.  In Moscow, a good number of hotels are available but my experience with Milan Hotel was somewhat special. I had to stay at the hotel for two days as I went there for a pleasure trip with my elder brother. The hotel gave me the best experience ever. In fact, the hotel rooms were large and spacious while the furniture was up to the mark. I also loved the food and drinks of that hotel. They had the best dishes. I liked staying at the hotel because of the exceptional quality and entertainment facilities.

3.   Attending an international conference is enjoyable when the hotel rooms are nice. I had a good experience at Millennium Mitsui Garden Hotel in Tokyo. I went to Japan last month and stayed there for four days. The entire hotel I stayed in was decorated nicely. There were some extra facilities like television sets in each room, free wifi access for the borders, complimentary meals among others. I liked the hotel mostly for its grandeur look. It also had some of the best traditional Japanese dishes on its menu. Further, I was happy with the pleasant attitude of the hotel staffs.

4.  I could not imagine that a hotel could be so bad. The entire environment of Hello Vietnam Hotel in Hanoi was awful. I went to Vietnam for some business purposes last month and stayed at the hotel without knowing its actual conditions. The rooms were smaller than average while the toilets were not clean. I think they forgot to clean the toilets properly. Moreover, there were cockroaches everywhere in the room including the bed. The food was not tasty and it was a horrible experience for me.

5.  To get the easy transportation inside the city, I picked the Jitai Hotel in Shanghai. It was the closest one near the Pudong Airport. But it was a mistake to pick up this hotel. I went to Shanghai to have some business deals and had to stay there for a night. But the experience was unsatisfactory. The hotel had fewer facilities and the bathroom was dirty. I even did not get the right amount of attention from the authority on arrival. The unfriendly staffs caused the trouble and considering all the facts, I could not enjoy staying at the hotel.

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