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Describe a garden you remember visiting

IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 184 with Model Answer:

Describe a garden you remember visiting.

You should say:
  • where it is
  • what it looks like
  • what people usually do there
and explain why you remember it.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
Singapore is the land of beauty and most of its parts are covered with trees and foliage. Singapore Botanic Garden, located at the Cluny Road is one of the best places in the city and the country as well.

The Singapore Botanic Garden ages over one and a half century and is considered as one of the World Heritage Sites. This garden is located adjacent to the Singapore city and the only tropical garden in the country. Moreover, the garden has been awarded as the top attractive park in 2013 and some other prestigious awards for its diversified trees and plants. The history of the gardens dates back to the 18th century when an agri-horticultural society formed it. The garden has helped greatly to expand the business of the locality particularly the rubber industry. Besides, the plants and trees inside the garden are also used for numerous research and analysis. Now it is a centre for orchid study which has brought global recognition for the garden. Moreover, this is a place to gain inner peace amid the natural tranquillity. 

The garden is like a small piece of heaven. The natural beauty of the garden is breathtaking. The small lakes reflect the blue sky on them and sitting idly by the lakes under the tree shades is priceless. The garden houses over 3000 species of orchids, both natural and hybrid. The garden was established with the view to evaluate the cultivation crops for economic growth. The garden has some interesting histories and passed some crucial moments during the Japanese invasion in Singapore. But it was protected from the invasion and proper care was taken as there were numerous precious plants and trees. The garden was renamed as Shonan Botanic Gardens and the name was changed again with the help of a university professor. The garden contains different smaller gardens and lakes like National Orchid Garden, VIP Orchid Garden, Symphony Lake, and Ginger Garden etc.

The Singapore Botanical Gardens opens from early in the morning (5am) and remains opened till the midnight (12pm). People of all strata come here with different purposes. There are some health-conscious people who come here in the early morning and perform different types of exercises. Many of them walk across the garden and some of them love to jog. Often I go there for jogging in the morning hours. Sometimes, there are people who come with the pet animals. It is a great place for all to pass some moments with nature. Besides, there are some people who come here only to enjoy the natural beauty. They take some breathing exercises in the open air. This is a helpful exercise for the lungs, I think. In the evening hours, people come here to relax. Mostly the tourists come here in the evening to enjoy the natural beauty and views of the garden. Besides, the garden takes an amazing look during the night time. In the evening, the birds living on the trees come and make some noises which are truly enjoyable.

I remember the garden for several reasons. This is the only place which allows me to take breath peacefully. This is the place where there are no hustle and bustle of the city could reach. The garden allows all types of people to enter and enjoy the beauty of nature. The most attractive issue for the garden is that there are no fees are required to enter into the garden and anyone can stay here as long as the garden remains opened. Besides, there are some stores adjacent the gardens which help the visitors to take foods comfortably. The walkways are built with great care while the statues will make you amazed. I usually go to the garden at 5.30 am every day and sometimes I walk and most of the time I jog here for about an hour. After the jogging and walking, I take rest for few minutes and return home. This is a great place indeed for the nature lovers. I try to visit the garden in the evening and take an evening walk if I miss the morning schedule. The spaces inside the garden are large and the light breezes are adorable. For all those reasons, I like the garden most in the city.

Model Answer 2:
My last visit to Paris is still memorable for some certain reasons. Though it was a business trip, I enjoyed visiting different parts of the city, especially the adorable gardens of the city. The Jardin des Tuileries is one of the most impressive ones that attracted my attention most. Thank you for the question, and I will describe the event here in brief.

During the visit in Paris, I went to Jardin des Tuileries. This is one of the formal gardens of the city and has been designed in 1640. The garden is physically located almost in the centre of the city. Moreover, the garden is accessible from anywhere in the city and there are no entrance fees required for being there.

This is a beautiful garden and it was designed by André Le Nôtre, the gardener of King Louis XIV. The garden is adjacent to the Place du Carrousel. It provides a great view of an unbroken vista that leads to the Place de la Concorde. Besides, being the oldest and the largest public garden in Paris, it contains some special features. The enchanting view of the garden is the most attractive part of this place. The trees and plants are planted in a perfect shape while the shapes are different in places. However, the overall view of the garden is really adorable and this it brings a large number of visitors in this place.   

This is a perfect place for relaxation. It comes with natural views, ponds, seating arrangements and many other activities that will make people feel relaxed. The name of the garden has been derived from a tile factory. The factory was on the site of Palais des Tuileries and it was built in 1564. This is the place which is mostly used for some specific outdoor activities. People come here and get relaxed. There are some statues and many of the visitors are enchanted with the status. The majority of the statutes are the works of Monet. The visitors admire the works and take pictures with the statues.

I can remember the place for some reasons. This was the only place that was crowded but I loved that crowd. Everyone was busy with their respective activities. Besides, I went to the garden in the evening. The evening scene was exceptionally charming. I was delighted with the scenes and every day went there to enjoy the views as long as I stayed in Paris. I remember the place for another reason. The seating arrangement at the ponds was one of the wonderful steps adopted by the garden authority. I have not seen such other gardens to be decorated with such a lucrative style. Based on all the reasons, I remember the garden clearly even after visiting it about three months ago.

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