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Speaking Part 1 - Question set 4

Weather & Environment:

•    Have you ever been in very cold weather? When?
Yes, I have experienced severe cold weather in the UK. I went to meet my brother, who studies there, last winter and experienced the cold. It also snowed there.

•    How often is the weather cold where you come from?
Well, in Vietnam, winter is not so cold like the other western countries. Winter is quite comfortable here and we really enjoy this. The cold season lasts about 4 months each year.

•    Are some parts of your country colder than others? Why?
I should reply in negative here. The country is located in a moderate climate. So, the summer is moderately drier while the winter is not so much cold. As a small country, the temperature is pretty much same all over the country and that is true for the cold weather as well.

•    Would you prefer to live in a hot place or a cold place? Why?
Interesting question! I would like to live in a moderately cold place. I am in fact unable to tolerate too cold or hot temperature since my childhood.

Games and Sports:

•    What games are popular in your country? Why?
Well, in Malaysia, different games are found and a majority of those are played by kids under 10. They prefer to play Marbles, Eagle Catching Chicken, Airplane Jump etc. But the adults like to play Push the Wheel with a Stick, Hit the Can with a Slipper etc. The games are popular for their entertaining capacities.

•    Do you play any games? Why? Why not?
Yes, I participate in games. I like the indoor games most like chess and table tennis. I like the indoor games as those require less physical labour.

•    How do people learn to play games in your country?
In fact, the learning of games begins at the early stage of their life. When people are in their childhood, they participate in different games and sports with their friends and mates, and they learn to play the games.

•    Do you think it's important for people to play games? Why? Why not?
Oh, yes. It is highly important for people to participate in games. There are a large number of benefits. Firstly playing games makes you fit and keep healthy. Then it also helps to bring you a relaxed mind. Some games are challenging and require brainstorming and these type of games are helpful for the cognitive development of children.

•    Are you good at sport?
Yes, I am very good at sports. In my childhood and even today, I like to participate in different sorts of sports. I played in our school and college football team. I also won few prizes for my performance in the tennis tournament.

•    What sports do you play?
I like to play football, tennis and cricket mostly. These days I like cricket very much. During the play, I am assigned to bowling for my special bowling skills.

•    What sorts of sports do you play? Why?
I also participate in badminton and rugby. When I need to have some exercise, I start participating in the sports and the movements help me getting the desired result.

•    How often do you participate in sporting competitions? Why?
Usually, I participate in sports for twice in a week. Ummm, actually I cannot manage enough time to participate in the sporting events due to my hefty schedules despite my passion for sports.

•    What is the most popular form of exercise in your country?
Walking is the most popular form of exercise in Malaysia. A good number of people walk in the morning. Playing football is also a popular form of exercise there.

•    Do you think most people consider exercise a chore or do they find it fun?
I think most of the people do it for fun because all of them participate in the exercises happily. If it was considered as a chore, they would not have been so happy.

•    What are the best ways to keep fit?
Taking regular exercise, walking each morning and participation in games and sports are the best ways to keep fit, I think. A balanced diet and healthy lifestyle are also required for a  healthy body and mind.

•    What do you do to keep fit?
I always walk in the morning and participate in sports for two days. Whatever the situation is, I do not miss the morning walk. I also maintain a balanced diet and avoid foods and drinks that contain high cholesterol and artificial ingredients.


•    Do you like reading?
Yes, I do like reading and in fact, reading is my hobby. Since my early childhood, I have developed the habit and still pass my leisure hours with books.

•    What sorts of books do you like reading? Why?
Mostly I like to read romantic novels. There are few reasons behind the preference. Firstly the plots and characters are made strong. Secondly, the novels contain few twists which are highly attractive to me. Apart from that, fictions and historical novels also attract me. Fictions by good writers are quite attractive to read and page turner while historic books are excellent sources of knowledge and information.

•    Are you currently reading any book? What is it?
Yes, I am reading a romantic novel. It is ‘Beautiful Disaster’ by Jamie McGuire. The book is one of the bestsellers of 2012.

•    What are some benefits of reading?
Well, there are a good number of benefits of reading. Firstly, reading expands your knowledge and will make you familiar with the unknowns. Secondly, reading a book helps to remove your stress and anxieties. Books are often told to be our best companion and it enhances our imagination and creativity. In fact, I believe that books make the difference between an enlightened man and an ignorant and arrogant person.

•    Do you prefer reading books or magazines? Why?
I prefer reading books than magazines because books do not contain advertisements while a majority of the magazines are filled with advertisements of different products. Books are the better sources of knowledge while many magazines are filled with news and entertainment articles which have comparative less value than that of stories illustrated in a book.

•    How people's habit of reading has changed in the last few years?
Well, I think little visible changes have taken place, except, changes in reading format. Earlier, people used to buy books from bookselling stores. But now, they tend to get books from online bookselling stores and read the pdf versions. Books lovers still read and enjoy books as people in the past days did.



•    Do you like to watch movies?
Yes, I do like watching movies. It is a past time for me. During my leisure hours, I watch movies.

•    What sort of movies you mostly like?
Well, I watch movies from almost all genres. But I prefer to watch the Science Fiction genre than the other movies as those sorts of movies attract me most.

•    Do you have a particular favourite?
Umm! My taste is not confined to the Science fiction movies only. I like watching classic movies with nice plot and directions. If I have to pick the movie that I enjoyed most, I would go for Casablanca which was a romantic movie and probably one of the best movies of all time.

•    Who is your favourite actor?
This is a significant question for me. There are several actors whom I admire most but I’d prefer Al Pacino. To me, he is a perfectly perfect hero who can suit himself in every character he deals with.  Some of the characters he played in are unforgettable and have a significant impact on the viewers.

Future plan:

•    What are you planning to do in the next five years?
Thanks for the question. Well, I want to see me in a position, after next five years, where I will be able to take care of my organisation smoothly. Besides, all my responsibilities would be centred on the welfare of the organisation. I will have my own family probably and would try to travel as much as possible then.

•    What plans do you have for your future?
I have planned that I will establish a corporate agency where I would be able to employ both the skilled and unskilled people which will help to improve their livelihood. I want to be dotting father and caring husband then and would like to enjoy my time through my works, passions and family bonding.

•    Do you want to learn a skill that you do not have?
Yes, I do want to learn. In fact, I am planning to learn the French and German language and I believe the languages will help me dealing with the German and French clients for whom I cannot deal effectively as I lack command over the languages.

•    Why should we plan for our future?
To do better in everything, we have to keep a plan and work accordingly. Since future is always uncertain and if we do not have any plans, it would be impossible for us to reach our goals.

•    What are some plans you had a few years ago but you did not fulfil them? Why?
I, in fact, planned to achieve some computer skill like graphics design, web design, computer programming etc. but could not fulfil them. Due to heavy academic pressure, I could not complete the plans and in this professional life, I’m unable to manage time for the purpose.

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