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Commonly asked IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions

Most commonly asked IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions with Answers. 

IELTS Speaking test has three parts - part 1, part 2 and part 3. In part 1 of the test, the examiner first asks the candidate's name and wants to see the identification. Afterwards, the candidate will be asked a few related questions - sometimes 5 to 7 questions. Those questions could be related to the candidate's hometown, hobby, study, work, family, friends, interests, activities and so on.   The first part of the speaking test is called "introduction and interview" in which the examiner asks some general questions.

This article aims to list down the most common questions that the examiner may ask a candidate in the first part of the IELTS Speaking Test. It also tries to answer those questions in a way so that candidates can benefit from them. 

First, we will cover the questions that are related to a test taker's identification check, also known as "introduction". So let's dive in and learn those questions with their possible answers.

Q. 1) Good morning/afternoon. How are you? 
Answer: Good morning/afternoon sir/madam. I am doing great. Thank you. How are you? 

Q. 2) What is your name?
Or, Can I have your name, please?
Or, Can you tell me your name, please?
Or, How do you pronounce your name?
Or, Can you pronounce your name for me?
Answer: I am Emma Dale. You can call me just "Emma". That's what my friends and family call me.

Or, You are Ms ...Emma Dale... Am I right? 
Answer: Yes, you are correct, I am Emma Dale. You can call me Emma if you like.

Q. 3) How do you spell your name?
Answer: Oh! It's E-M-M-A   D-A-L-E. 

Q. 4) What shall I call you?
Answer: You can call me Emma if you like. My family and friends also call me Emma.

Q. 5) Can you show me your identification, please?
Or, Can I see some identification, please?
Answer: Sure, here is my passport.
Or, Certainly, here you are.

Now we will explore a few more questions that are commonly asked in part 1 of the IELTS Speaking test which is known as "interview".


Q. 6) Where are you from? 
Or, Where do you live?
Or, Which city are you from?
Answer: I am originally from (...tell your hometown's name...) where I was born and spent my early childhood. Later I moved to (...your current living place...) with my family due to my father's job. We have been living there ever since.

Or, Q. 7) Are you local here? / Are you from around here? Where is your residence?
Answer: We have been living here for the last 17 years or so. Though I was not born here, I still feel attached to this town and I would say I feel like a local here. I am originally from (...say your hometown's name...).  

Or, Q. 8) What is your birthplace? Where were you born?
Answer:  I was born in a beautiful suburban area called (...tell your birthplace name...) and spend my early childhood there. Later we had to move to (...tell the name of the city you currently live in...) due to my father's job. We have been living in this city ever since. 

Q. 9) What is so special about your hometown?
Or, What do you like about your hometown?
Answer: My hometown is perhaps the most beautiful area in the whole district. I have not travelled to so many countries or places, but to me, my hometown is perhaps a landscape from heaven. The celestial beauty coupled with comfortable weather and friendly and helpful neighbours make it a very special place. This place is even more special to me because I was born here and spent some of the most precious years of my life.  

Q. 10) What is the weather like there?
Answer: Due to my hometown's location, which is just a few kilometres east of the sea, it has got charming and soothing weather. The temperature, during the summer, is between 14-28 degrees celsius and not lower than 5 degrees in the winter season. We have enough rainfall during the hot season, and green lavish forests and hills that surround the area make it a great place to live in and enjoy the weather all year round.   

Q. 11) How consistently is your hometown changing?
Answer: Well, it is changing, slowly and steadily. During my childhood, there were just a few marketplaces, two residential areas and mostly vast open space. Industrialisation did not touch it by then. But over the last two decades, it has changed. It has many industries and factories, more than 10 residential areas, and many high-rising buildings. The average rainfall has declined and the duration of the winter season is less now. Most interestingly, its population has trebled in just 20 years. Every time I visit my hometown, it seems a bit different than before!  

Q. 12) Do you love to live in your hometown? [This question is relevant to a candidate who still lives in his/her hometown.]
Answer: Absolutely. I love to live in my hometown more than anywhere else. This place has shaped me and helped me become the person I'm today to some extent. I have so many happy memories of this place that I can never forget it. The amiable neighbours, great landscape and excellent weather make it a fabulous place to live in for its residents including me. 


Q. 13) Are you studying?
Or, Are you a student?
Or, What do you do?
Answer: Yes, I am studying at a college/university. I am a sophomore (/a second-year student) in my undergraduate course. 

Q. 14) What is your major?
Or, What are your core subjects?
Or, What subject are you studying?
Answer: I am pursuing Bachelor of Business Administration course, and my major is "Economics". 

Q. 15) What is the name of your college or university?
Or, Which university do you belong to?
Or, Where do you study?
Answer: The name of my college/university is ......... It is located a few miles away from the city where I live in. This is one of the best and oldest colleges/universities in the whole area and I am really proud to be a part of it.

Q. 16) How would you describe your college or university?
Answer: Well, it is an excellent college/university that has produced many talented individuals who are contributing in different fields in different parts of the country. It ranks as the fourth-best college/university in our country and has more than 41 departments. Now regarding its location and area - it occupies more than 1,500 acres of land and many other administrative buildings including the largest chemistry laboratory in the country. Established in 1875, this is also an old college/university. But the stunning outlook and modern architecture give an ultra-modern appearance to it.  

Q. 17) What do you like about the subject you are studying? 
Answer: Oh, it allows me to learn regularly and open new doors of knowledge and skills. I learn about different aspects of finance, economics, international business, communication, technology in business and many other aspects that are both interesting and important. Perhaps the case studies on different businesses are the greatest of all that I like to read and learn about.  

Q. 18) Is there anything you do not like about the subject you are studying?
Answer: Well, we need to do a lot of assignments and sometimes they can be a bit overwhelming. For instance, I really hate it when I have more than three assignments in a week that I need to finish during my weekend. At such weekends, I can not plan anything except work on my assignments.  


Q. 19) Are you working? 
Or, What do you do for a living?
Or, What do you do?
Answer: I work at a private company as a lead sales manager. The company I work in has many product lines and I am responsible for the sales of electronic items like the washing machines, TV, refrigerators and so on. As a sales lead and manager, I do not directly sell items to the customers, rather manage the staff who do that.

Q. 20) Which company are you working with presently?
Answer: The name of the company where I work is called (...say the name of the company...). This is the second-largest consumer electronics selling company in our country with more than 25 thousand employees and over 500 outlets. 

Q. 21) Do you enjoy your work? 
Or, Do you love what you are doing presently?
Answer: I love the job I am doing. The job gives me enough opportunity to learn, train the team and take challenges. It pays and compensates me well and I am happy to be part of a big company that has an enviable track record in business.

Q. 22) What is so good about your work?
Or, What do you enjoy most about your job?
Answer: The company and the higher management give us enough opportunity and training facilities to learn and improve. This is an excellent aspect of the job that I have. I also love the fact that the effort we put in to do well in our job does not go unnoticed. We are very often appreciated for this and I really love it about my job.

Q. 23) How would you describe your office place?
Answer: We have got one of the best office environments in the sector and the first thing that anyone would notice about our office is that - it's huge, both horizontally and vertically. The office is neatly arranged, have enough facilities to motivate the employees to work hard including a time-out room, TV room, library and a well-equipped gymnasium. However, the most important aspect of our office is that we are treated very fairly and we have got some excellent management staff and higher admin officer who are always ready to hear our complaints and advice.  

Q. 24) What do you dislike the most at your office?
Answer: I hate it when I try to use the office canteen room during lunch but can't use it due to a massive crowd. Perhaps, all of us try to have our lunch in this otherwise large canteen, but the number of employees is just too high to be accommodated at a time. I wish our higher management took steps to solve it soon.


Q. 25) How many family members have you got? 
Or, Do you have a large or small family? How many members does it have?
Answer: I come from a small family that comprises my parents, me and two of my siblings. 

Q. 26) Can you tell me about your family?
Or, What do your father and mother and siblings do?
Answer: Well, my father is an architect and he designs different buildings and structures. My mother is a lecturer at a college and she teaches biology. Both of my sisters are in high school and they are juniors to me.

We have got a  loving and caring family and we all love each other. To us, our family is more important than anything else in the world.  I wish we could remain such a loving family for the rest of our lives.

Q. 27) What do you do as a family most of the time? 
Or, What are common things that you do together as a family?
Answer: We sit together at our dining table and eat our breakfast and dinner together. It has become an unwritten rule that we eat our meals together and talk about our days then. Apart from that, we go out to parks, cinema theatres and shopping malls and enjoy our time. We often visit our relatives together as a family. 

Q. 28) When was the last time you visited a new place with your family?
Answer: Well, we went to a newly opened shopping mall a couple of weeks ago. During the weekend, we decided to go out somewhere and then my mother proposed that we go out and visit this large shopping mall. We had fun being there as we watched many new shops and their merchandise, ate our lunch and watched a sci-fi movie in the brand new movie theatre. 


Q. 29) How many friends do you have?
Or, Do you have many friends?
Answer: Well, I have many many friends. They are from my neighbourhood, from high school, college and some of them are from my elementary schools. I even have some friends whom I first talked to online and then made real-life friends. I don't know, but maybe if I count all of them, they would be more than 60 or 70, I guess.  

Q. 30) Are your friends mostly your age or different ages?
Answer: My friends are mostly my age. I am now 20 and most of my friends are between 18 to 23 years old, I guess. 

Q. 31) How often do you meet them?
Or, How much time do you manage to spend with your friends?
Answer: Since I have a wide circle of friends and they live in different places all over the country, I can't meet them all on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis. The friends who live very near to me - in the same neighbourhood where I live - are some whom I can meet daily or spend some time on a regular basis but there are some whom I can't meet even once in a month. 

Q. 32) Is there anything special about your friends?
Answer: Friends are always special. My friends are also special and amazing to me. I can freely talk to them about any issue or topic and they are good listeners. They often help me in my difficult time and support me in any way possible when I need them. I love the fact that most of my friends do not judge me and try to understand me before offering any comment or opinion.

Q. 33) What did you do with your friends last time you met them?
Answer: Well, a week ago I and some of my friends from my college went to a large playground to play football. It was fun and we had a great time together. We played agaisnt a team where most members were senior to us. However, we were very excited that we won the match.

Hobbies / leisure/ plans/ interests:

Q. 34) How much leisure time can you manage each day?
Or, Do you get enough leisure time?
Answer:  I get around a couple of hours to spend the way I like on average in the evening and one or two hours at night. This free time duration may not be enough for many, but I am happy that I could manage them even after working in a large company where I have to perform an important role. I guess I should be happy with that. 

Q. 35) What do you like to do the most during these free hours?
Answer: Well it depends. If I am tired after a busy day at work, I take some rest and then take a shower before I hit the gym or go out in the park in the evening. Sometimes, I visit friends - especially during the weekends and hang out with them. I also like to watch some interesting documentaries on TV or listen to my favourite music in my free time. 

Q. 36) Do you like travelling?
Or, How much do you travel?
Answer: I feel very passionate about travelling to and exploring new places. I, in fact, feel an unquenchable thirst to visit every single country and city I know about. But, as much as I like to travel, I can't manage enough time to do so. I wish I could travel to a new place every month, but in reality, I can travel to a new place once every six months or so.  

Q. 37) Do you like reading?
Or, What do you read most?
Answer: I like reading books and online articles whenever I can manage some time. I am agaisnt spending too much time surfing through social networking platforms. Instead, I prefer reading authoritative and interesting news and investigative articles on my smartphone. On average, I can finish 2 or 3 books and more than 60-70 articles each month, though my expectation is much higher.  

Q. 38) Do you like sports? What is your favourite sport?
Answer: I had been a passionate and enthusiastic sport-lover and I used to participate in different kinds of sports and games in my childhood and teenage time. Despite my love and passion for sports, I can't participate regularly due to my busy schedule. But this does not deter me from watching some of my favourite sports like football, cricket and badminton.

Q. 39) How do you plan your free time?
Or, Do you like to plan for your free time?
Answer: I can't plan for my free time mostly because no matter how hard I try, some other priorities stop me from following a pre-planned routine, and this happens almost always. Due to this, I have stopped making many plans for my free time for at least two years. Rather, I follow a simple habit during my free time and I am always ready to alter a plan as I know some new priorities may always arise.

Q. 40) Did you have any hobbies when you were in high school? 
Answer: I can think of at least three hobbies that I used to have as a high school goer kid. I used to collect stamps and I had more than three thousand stamps from all over the world. I also was a passionate traveller and I grabbed every single opportunity to travel to a new and exciting place. Finally, I used to write poems. Interestingly, I liked to read poems a lot and thus developed some kind of avocation to write poems of my own. 

Q. 41) Do you think hobbies have to be educative to be enjoyable?
Answer:  I believe hobbies have to be passion-oriented to be enjoyable. Even if a hobby is educative, let's say learning a second language, for example, if someone does not feel passionate and attached to it, it would not be much fun and satisfying. 


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