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Speaking Part 1 - Question set 3

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IELTS Speaking Part 1 - Question Set: 3

Topic - Future:

Q. What job would you like to have ten years from now? [Why?] 
Answer: Ten years from now, I aspire to have a career as a sustainable architect. I am passionate about combining my love for design and the environment to create eco-friendly structures that minimize the impact on the planet. Being a sustainable architect would allow me to contribute to the development of sustainable cities and promote environmentally conscious practices in the construction industry. It aligns with my values and desires to make a positive difference in the world.

Q. How useful will English be for your future? [Why?/Why not?] 
Answer: English will be highly useful for my future endeavours. English is widely recognized as the global language of business, communication, and academia. It provides access to a vast range of opportunities, including international collaborations, job prospects in multinational companies, and academic pursuits abroad. Proficiency in English enables effective communication with people from diverse cultural backgrounds and enhances global connectivity in our increasingly interconnected world.

Q. How much travelling do you hope to do in the future? [Why?/Why not?] 
Answer: I hope to do a considerable amount of travelling in the future. Exploring different countries and cultures offers invaluable experiences and broadens one's perspective. Travelling exposes us to diverse traditions, languages, and ways of life, fostering personal growth, empathy, and cultural understanding. It allows us to appreciate the beauty of our world and gain new insights that can shape our beliefs and aspirations.

Q. How do you think your life will change in the future? [Why/Why not?] 
Answer: I anticipate that my life will undergo significant changes in the future. As time progresses, personal and professional growth, evolving priorities, and changing circumstances naturally lead to transformations. I expect to embrace new opportunities, face challenges, and acquire new skills and knowledge. Technology will continue to shape our lives, bringing advancements that may influence how we work, communicate, and interact with the world.

Topic - Food:

Q. What kind of food do you like to eat?
Answer: I mostly like homemade foods. They are hygienic, made from organic sources and have no chemicals or adhesive. However, my preference for homemade foods does not discourage me to dine outside. I prefer having dinner in a Chinese or Italian restaurant as I love their menu. I am also fond of Pizza and sandwiches.

Q. What kind of new food would you like to try? [Why?]
Answer: I have never tried Thai food, and I would love to taste it. One of my cousins is very fond of Thai food, and he convinced me that I should give it a try. I think I would like it. I have a plan to take my family to a renowned restaurant in our city to taste Thai food together. Apart from that, I would love to try Japanese Sushi. I have heard so much about it but have never tasted it.

Q. What are some kinds of food you never eat? Why?
Answer: Stuffed peppers, pan-fried Scottish scallops served with tomato relish, salmon Mollee, Japanese Sushi, popadums, Sour cream and Chive fries and Shrimp cocktails are some of the food items I have never eaten. Most of these items are not common in our city and I have heard about those menus from my friends. Since they are not available in our city and I do not have extensive travelling experience, I did not get the chance to take them.

Q. Describe a popular food in your country? Why do people like this food?
Answer: Pizza is probably one of the most popular food items in my county. This was not on the list of popular food items probably 10 years back, but the popularity of pizza, especially, among young people is unbelievable nowadays.

The popularity is probably because of its taste and easy availability. Every corner of the street has a fast food shop in my town, and they all sell pizza. The craze among the young generation about fast food items, especially pizza, is another reason it is so popular in my country.

Topic - Social media:

Q. Which social media websites do you use? 
Answer: I use several social media websites, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. These platforms provide different ways to connect with friends, share updates, and engage in discussions based on personal interests.

Q. How much time do you spend on social media sites? [Why/Why not?] 
Answer: The amount of time I spend on social media sites varies depending on my schedule and personal preferences. On average, I spend around one to two hours per day. I try to strike a balance between staying connected with others and allocating time for other activities such as work, hobbies, and spending time offline. 

Q. What kind of information about yourself have you put on social media? [Why/Why not?] 
Answer: On social media, I have shared information about my hobbies, travel experiences, and some aspects of my personal life. I try to be mindful of the information I share and maintain a level of privacy. I believe in selectively sharing content that reflects my interests, and passions, and allows me to connect with others who share similar experiences or interests.

Q. Is there anything you don't like about social media? [Why?]
Answer: While social media has its advantages, there are certain aspects that I don't particularly like. One of the concerns is the potential for excessive comparison and self-comparison that can lead to feelings of inadequacy or low self-esteem. Additionally, the spread of misinformation and online harassment are negative aspects of social media. It is important to critically evaluate the content we come across and engage in healthy online interactions.

Topic - Cooking:

Q. Do you like cooking? [Why/ Why not?]
Answer: I love cooking. This is sometimes very relaxing and gives a good feeling. I do not need to cook very often, but when I do, I feel like I enjoy it. Maybe if I had to cook every day, my opinion could have been different!

My mom mostly cooks in our house, and whenever I declare that I would cook either for lunch or dinner, my brothers and sisters become excited and worried at the same time. They love the way I try to cook different menus each time and they often find my cooking tasty but they also remember some of the incidents when my food tasted horrible. But if you ask me whether I enjoy cooking, I would say ‘yes', and I like doing experiments no matter what others think about it.

Alternative Answer: Yes, I do enjoy cooking. It allows me to be creative, experiment with flavors, and express myself through food. Cooking also gives me a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when I see others enjoying the meals I've prepared. Additionally, cooking at home allows me to have control over the ingredients and make healthier choices.

Q. What was the last meal you cooked?
Answer: That must be more than 3 weeks since I cooked last time. It was fried rice with eggs, prawns and vegetables. I also cooked mutton with curry; and as a dessert, I made apple pie. Fortunately, this time, my siblings were pleased with my cooking!!!

Alternative Answer: The last meal I cooked was a vegetable stir-fry with tofu and brown rice. I love incorporating fresh and colourful vegetables into my dishes, and stir-fries are a great way to showcase their flavours and textures. The tofu provides a good source of protein, and the brown rice adds a nutritious and filling component to the meal.

Q. Do you prefer home-cooked food or food from restaurants? [Why?]
Answer: My preference is home-cooked foods over outside foods. My father does not like the idea of having outside meals that often. Apart from that, my mother is an excellent cook and we enjoy her food a lot. Outside foods are quite expensive and not fully hygienic. This is why all of my family members prefer homemade foods.

Alternative Answer: I appreciate both home-cooked food and food from restaurants, but if I have to choose, I would lean towards home-cooked food. Home-cooked meals allow me to have control over the ingredients, cooking methods, and portion sizes. I enjoy the process of preparing a meal from scratch and being able to customize it to my taste preferences. Additionally, cooking at home often promotes a healthier lifestyle and is more cost-effective in the long run.

Q. What are some reasons that people eat at a restaurant?
Answer: Eating at a restaurant offers people to enjoy the food as well as the views. They do not need to cook, and the food is usually delicious. People are treated well in a restaurant and people love that a lot. We can invite as many people as we want to a restaurant and we do not need to clean anything unlike eating at home. There are a variety of menus to choose from and people can enjoy exotic foods at a restaurant that are not usually cooked at home. We can meet friends and other relatives at a restaurant and enjoy our conversation without interruption. I think those are the main reasons we like to eat out in a restaurant even though we have to pay a large amount of money for the food we eat.

Alternative Answer: There are several reasons why people choose to eat at a restaurant. Some common reasons include convenience, socializing with friends or family, trying new cuisines or dishes, celebrating special occasions, or simply taking a break from cooking at home. Restaurants offer a wide variety of menu options, professional culinary expertise, and a dining experience that can be enjoyed without the hassle of grocery shopping, preparation, and cleaning up afterwards.

Topic - Importance of Family:

Q. What sorts of things do you like to do together as a family?
Answer: We often watch movies in theatres and also go for some day outs during the holidays. Actually, my dad likes a lot to go out with family members when he is free from his professional engagements. But my mum prefers going to the cinema and thus we, the kids, are to settle the issues.

Alternative Answer: Spending quality time with my family is something I truly cherish. There are various activities we enjoy doing together. For example, we often gather around the dining table to have meals together. We also love engaging in outdoor activities such as going for hikes, picnics in the park, or playing sports together. These activities allow us to bond, connect with nature, and stay active as a family. Watching movies or TV shows is a favourite pastime for us. We choose a movie that everyone agrees on and settle down for a cosy movie night with snacks and laughter. Finally, celebrating special occasions and family traditions holds great significance for us. Whether it's birthdays, festivals, or holidays, we come together to celebrate.

Q. Did/Do you get well with your family? Why?
Answer: Yes, I get very well with my family members. They are supportive, positive, intelligent and caring. I would not say that we never had any disagreements but that’s usually momentary. Love is stronger among us, and that conquers any misunderstanding that might arrive among us. In fact, I am happy to be a part of such a wonderful family. They love me as much as I love them.

Q. Who are you close to in your family?
Answer: I am close to every single family member in my own way. However, in terms of sharing personal secrets and spending time, I am more close to my mother than my father. My younger sister considers me her best friend, and thus we also have a unique relationship.

Q. Should we rely heavily on our families or is it better to try to be independent?
Answer: I believe that being independent does not contradict our reliance on our family. Every single person should be economically and personally independent at a certain age and should be close to his/ her family at the same time. If being independent means living separately and not having a strong relationship with the family, I do not want such independence and freedom. We all possess unique personalities and a desire to be independent, but that should not harm our family relationships. 

Topic - Gifts:

Q. When do people give gifts or presents in your country?
Answer: Though gifts are exchanged round the year, the prevalence is seen more during the religious festivals in India like Puja, Eid or Christmas Day. Besides, there are some other days and events to give presents. Sometimes gifts are also given on private occasions to celebrate an anniversary or a special day.

Alternative Answer: In my country, people give gifts or presents on various occasions such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, religious festivals, and holidays like Christmas and New Year. Gift-giving is a way to express love, and appreciation, and celebrate important milestones or events in someone's life.

Q. Do you ever take a gift when you visit someone in their home? [Why? Why not?]
Answer: Yes, I always take some sort of gift when I go visit someone. I, in fact, feel uncomfortable if I have nothing to offer the host while visiting them. If the host is an adult, then I prefer to take dry foods or fruits, and if they have any child at home, I prefer small toys, chocolates etc.

Alternative Answer: Yes, I often take a gift when I visit someone's home. It is considered a gesture of hospitality and a way to show gratitude for the invitation. Bringing a gift is a way to express thoughtfulness and appreciation for the host's efforts in preparing for the visit. It could be a small token such as flowers, a bottle of wine, or something personalized based on the host's interests.

Q. When did you last receive a gift? What was it?
Answer: I received the last gift in January 2023 (on my birthday). It was an iPhone belonging to the latest model. My parents gave me this gift.

Alternative Answer: The last gift I received was on my birthday. It was a book that I had been wanting to read for a long time. The gift was thoughtful and meaningful as it showed that the person knew about my interests and took the time to select something I would enjoy. I was truly delighted by the gesture.

Q. Do you enjoy looking for gifts for people? [Why? Why not?]
Answer: Yes. I really enjoy looking for gifts for others. I actually plan for the gifts and always look for them. When I find the sought items, I get them and make a pleasant surprise for the people it was intended.

Alternative Answer: Yes, I do enjoy looking for gifts for people. It gives me an opportunity to think about their preferences, and interests, and find something that would bring them joy. The process of searching for the perfect gift allows me to be creative and considerate. Seeing the recipient's reaction and happiness upon receiving the gift is immensely satisfying. It strengthens the bond and shows that you care about their well-being.

Topic - Travelling:

Q. Do you like travelling? [Why/ Why not?]
Answer: Yes, I like travelling very much. In fact, travelling is my hobby, and I also prefer travelling by all modes of transportation including trains, ships, aeroplanes and buses. I love to explore new places, and travelling lets me broaden my mind, understand the world around me, and learn and experience new things.

Q. What place do you most like to visit? [Why?]
Answer: I like visiting wide open places filled with trees and sands, and so, the sea beaches are the type of place that attracts me the most. Besides, places with natural beauty are always on my priority list. My second preference is the places with historical significance.

Q. How often do you visit such places?
Answer: Umm…. Usually, I try to visit a sea beach twice a year. But if I cannot always manage time, I try paying the visit at least once a year. When it comes to visiting historic places, I would say I travel to such places at least twice a year.

Q. Why do you like travelling to such places so much?
Answer: I like it because I love nature. Observing the natural scenes from a hill, hearing the sea waves, gazing at trees, enjoying the moonlit night on the wide sea beaches etc. are the most favourite activities of mine. They are a kind of addiction for me. Besides this, the historical places are great to visit in terms of witnessing the past history and learning new things.

Q. Is it popular with many other people? [Why/ Why not?]
Answer: Well, I think that this is popular among many people. In fact, the number of people who want to go close to nature is very high and it is rapidly increasing due to our hectic lifestyle and the hustle and bustle of city life. 

Q. Has it changed very much since you first went there? In what way?
Answer: Yes, the sea beach I like the most has changed greatly since my first visit. Earlier, the beach was less crowded as it was located in a corner but with the modernization, the number of tourists has increased, and thus it remains crowded always, even at night. Apart from that, the transportation facility has improved, and the number of resorts and tourist activities has also expanded significantly.

Topic - Clothes:

Q. How important are clothes and fashion to you? [Why/Why not?]
Answer: I’m not that much worried about clothing or fashion. I believe that clothing gives a decent look, and makes people presentable to others. So, regarding attire, I actually prefer less gorgeous clothes, but it should not be interpreted as a way that someone should be too shabby to feel shy meeting people with the attire. Comfort is my first priority when choosing my costume.

Q. What kind of clothes do you dislike? [Why?]
Answer: I dislike clothes which are too stunning and made with the use of eye-irritating colours. I like simple but attractive clothes which will make me look good and nice. I believe colourful clothes do not make me look nice but rather make me look strange. Besides, I dislike unfit clothes as well.

Q. How different are the clothes you wear now from those you wore 10 years ago?
Answer: Well, there are not too many differences. People now prefer shorter clothes while they were lengthier 10 years ago. Fashion has also been influenced by Western themes which were absent in the past. As for me, I used to wear casual dresses mostly- a pair of jeans, a pair of shoes and T-shirts were my most common dresses, but these days, I prefer to wear more formal dresses.

Q. What do you think the clothes we wear say about us?
Answer: I believe clothes say a lot about us. When we are in worn-out attires, usually people won’t look at us or pay the right attention, while they will adore us unexpectedly when we are in a stunning suit. So, I firmly believe that clothes say many things in our favour. The type of dress someone wears gives hints about his social, economic, and job status. The colour preferences and styles in dresses also reflect someone’s lifestyle and personality.

Topic - Music:

Q. Do you like music? [Why?/ Why not?]
Answer: Yes, I love music. There are several reasons behind my preference for music. The first and most important factor is that music helps me to get relaxed. It is like the food for my mind and it relieves me of stress and tension. The rich lyrics of many songs often inspire me to do better in life.

Alternative Answer: Yes, I absolutely love music. Music has a unique way of connecting with our emotions and evoking powerful feelings. It has the ability to uplift my mood, provide comfort, and serve as a form of self-expression. Whether it's through lyrics, melodies, or rhythms, music has the power to touch our souls and create a profound impact on our well-being.

Q. What types of music do you prefer most? [Why?]
Answer: Well, I mostly like soft music. Instrumental music is also on my preference list. Soft music helps me to concentrate on my work and studies. They usually have better lyrics and touch my mind and heart.

Alternative Answer: I have diverse tastes in music, but I particularly enjoy genres like pop, rock, and classical. Pop music is catchy and often features relatable lyrics that resonate with personal experiences. Rock music energizes me and its guitar-driven sound creates a sense of excitement. Classical music, on the other hand, captivates me with its timeless compositions and the ability to convey a wide range of emotions through orchestral arrangements.

Q. What is your favourite musical instrument? [Why?]
Answer: I like the flute more than any other musical instrument. I think the flute has something magical inside it.

Alternative Answer: My favourite musical instrument is the piano. I find its sound to be incredibly versatile and expressive. The piano has a wide range and can produce both gentle and powerful tones, allowing for dynamic performances across various genres. Its ability to convey emotions and its versatility in accompanying other instruments or vocals make it a captivating instrument to listen to and play.

Q. What are some benefits of listening to music?
Answer: Music has several benefits and I think it helps reduce stress. Besides, music can also improve moods while it makes the listeners happy. Music is well known for its healing power of our wounds. Besides, music often represents culture and tradition. Finally, music inspires people and motivates them to step forward.

Alternative Answer: Listening to music offers numerous benefits. Firstly, it can help reduce stress and anxiety, promoting relaxation and a sense of well-being. Music has the power to uplift our mood and evoke positive emotions. It can also serve as a source of inspiration and motivation, enhancing focus and productivity. Additionally, music has therapeutic effects, aiding in emotional expression and providing comfort during challenging times. It also fosters cultural understanding and connection by bringing people together through shared musical experiences.

Topic- Dancing:

Q. Do you enjoy dancing? [Why? Why not?]
Answer: Yes, I absolutely enjoy dancing. Dancing is a form of expression that allows me to release my emotions and connect with the rhythm and music. It is a creative outlet that brings me joy and a sense of freedom. Dancing also provides a great way to exercise, stay active, and improve coordination. Whether it's dancing alone or with others, it brings positive energy and uplifts my mood.

Q. Has anyone ever taught you to dance? [Why? Why not?]
Answer: Yes, I have taken dance lessons in the past, where professional instructors taught me various dance styles. I believe learning from experts can provide valuable guidance, technique, and understanding of different dance forms. It also helps to have someone correct and refine your movements, allowing you to progress and develop your skills.

Q. Tell me about any traditional dancing in your country.
Answer: In my country, we have a rich cultural heritage with diverse traditional dances. One prominent traditional dance is ( of the traditional dance...), which is performed during (...specific occasions or festivals...). It typically involves intricate footwork, expressive gestures, and vibrant costumes that reflect our cultural traditions and storytelling. Traditional dances often carry historical and symbolic significance, showcasing the customs, values, and beliefs of our communities.

Q. Do you think that traditional dancing will be popular in the future? [Why? Why not?]
Answer: I believe traditional dancing will continue to be popular in the future. Traditional dances hold a significant place in preserving cultural identity and heritage. As people recognize the importance of their cultural roots, there is a growing appreciation for traditional art forms, including dance. Moreover, with efforts to promote cultural diversity and cross-cultural exchanges, traditional dances have the potential to captivate and engage audiences from around the world. They provide a unique and authentic experience, contributing to the richness and diversity of the performing arts landscape.

Topic - Travelling to work or college/university:

Q. How do you usually travel to work or college? [Why?]
Answer: I usually travel to work/college by public transportation, specifically by bus or train. I find public transportation to be convenient and reliable for my daily commute. It allows me to avoid traffic congestion, reduces the stress of driving in busy areas, and provides a cost-effective mode of transportation. Additionally, using public transportation aligns with my commitment to environmental sustainability by reducing my carbon footprint.

Q. Have you always travelled to work/college in the same way? [Why? Why not?]
Answer: No, I haven't always travelled to work/college in the same way. In the past, when I lived closer to my workplace or educational institution, I used to walk or cycle. However, as circumstances changed and I moved to a farther location, I transitioned to using public transportation to ensure a more efficient and time-saving commute.

Q. What do you like about travelling to work/college this way?
Answer: There are several aspects I like about travelling to work/college by public transportation. Firstly, it provides me with dedicated time for myself. I can catch up on reading, listen to podcasts, or even plan my day ahead. It allows me to make productive use of my commute time. Secondly, using public transportation gives me a sense of independence and freedom. I don't have to worry about parking or navigating through traffic, which saves me both time and stress. Lastly, it also provides an opportunity to observe and connect with the diverse community around me, making my journey more engaging and enriching.

Q. What changes would improve the way you travel to work/college? [Why?]
Answer: One change that would improve the way I travel to work/college is better connectivity and frequency of public transportation. Having more frequent buses or trains would reduce waiting times and provide greater flexibility in planning my schedule. Additionally, improved infrastructure and amenities at public transportation stops or stations, such as shelters, seating, and real-time information boards, would enhance the overall commuting experience. Moreover, the integration of technology for seamless ticketing and efficient trip planning would contribute to a smoother and more convenient journey. These changes would ultimately make public transportation a more attractive and reliable option for commuting.

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