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Describe a family picnic or tour you have had

IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 301 with Model Answer:

Describe a family picnic or tour you have had.

You should say:
  • when it was
  • where you went
  • what you did
and explain if this was a memorable event or not.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
Usually, my family makes an annual picnic at the end of the year. But it was a bit late this time for the sickness of my grandfather. So, we made it in the second week of January this year. My family went to Philopappos Hill. Thank you for asking the question. I will describe the event here.

It was January 15 of 2017. I can remember the day very clearly. It was a not that much foggy day, instead, the sun was shining brightly above the head. But the environment was cold and we were enjoying the sunlight. We reached the picnic spot within one hour and enjoyed the remaining day. Actually, everyone tried to hold the picnic just before or after Christmas. But my grandfather became too sick and was hospitalised. Without his presence, we cannot make a picnic. So, we waited for his recovery. And thus made the delay.

I went with my family at the Philopappos Hill. This is a very pleasant place to have a picnic and sightseeing. In fact, this was one of my preferred places across Athens. I came here a couple of years ago to have a picnic from my college. And I was in love with the natural scenarios of the location. Besides, the spot was not far from my residence. Hence, I suggested making the picnic in this spot this year. The other family members agreed to my proposal and finally, we made it here. They also loved the spot and praised me highly for selecting this one. Even, some of them have selected it as a regular visiting place. They had no idea that the place could be so beautiful.

I was one of the organisers of this picnic. So, I had to be very busy with the preoperational activities and others. Besides, I was also responsible for shopping foods and gift items for the family members based on their age and gender. I was accompanied by a cousin of my age. Both of us handled everything. Cooking meals were the part of another team and I had to help them as well in selecting the menu for the day. The day began with a light snack in the car. After reaching the spot, I distributed the responsibilities among the other young members. The females were ready to cook. They wanted to complete the cooking early to take part in recreational activities. Finally, everything was done in the right manner.

This was a really memorable event. When I went to the spot for the first time, the feelings were different. I was with my friends and other mates. But this time, I went with my family. They are the beats of my life. So, I enjoyed every second at the picnic spot. Besides, I also enjoyed the natural scenes and especially the sunset scenes. The sunset view was splendid and the entire western part of the sky turned golden while the sea water appeared liquid gold. The night appeared gradually and we left the place. All the events -fun, songs, food, everything was enjoyable. So, this was a memorable event for me in all aspects.

Sample Answer 2:
Generally, my family does not make any picnic outside of the home. In fact, the family is a bit conservative. But this year, we made a great family gathering by a family picnic. We made it at the end of February this year and visited a nice place here in Mumbai. Thank you for the nice question and I will describe the entire event now in brief.

Actually, we had no plans to hold the picnic. It was my brother in law who convinced everyone one to be in a single place together. He wanted to make a blast. In fact, he wanted to arrange the picnic marking his first marriage anniversary with my older sister. He was so enthusiastic that anybody could not refuse him about the matter. So, the date was fixed on the last date of the month. Though it was a working day, everyone managed a leave from their workplaces to attend the picnic. We all went together to our private vehicles at the picnic sport and passed the day amid fun and festivities.

There is a good number of visiting places are available across Mumbai. But not all of them are suitable to pass a family gathering or picnic. So, it was a bit difficult for us to select the appropriate location. There were proposals about various places and how they were suitable to the purpose. And finally, the Elephanta Caves were selected as the picnic venue. This was a great location to spend the day. It is located on the Elephanta Island. In fact, this was the location some special caves. We selected the place because it was only 10 kilometres away from Mumbai city where we live in. There are two groups of caves are available on this island. The island holds both Hindu and Buddhist caves. Besides, the caves are sculptured in rock-cut stones. They have a great look. The sculptures are dedicated to Shiva, one of the Lords of Hinduism.

None of the family members has been here before. So, it was a bit attractive place for them. Everyone was happy to be there. The kids of the family were extremely glad to have a chance to visit the caves. They had heard about the caves many times but this was the first time they are seeing them in person. So, their joys knew no bounds. Besides, the other members of the family were also glad. They enjoyed themselves. It was my first visit there and thus I moved to the places to see and know about the history of the sculptures. The meals were cooked in a corner and we took prior permission for the cooking. In fact, the brother in law is a government official and he managed everything. So, there were no worries about the fact. We reached there in the morning and returned right before the dusk. It was a nice day for all of us.

It was a memorable event for me and everyone else. And we are grateful to the man who arranged everything. Actually, he sponsored every single cost of this event. He wanted to make his marriage anniversary memorable and he did so. We wished him success and happy conjugal life ahead. Besides, the location was nice, calm and quiet. So, we had a wonderful day away from city-hustles. It helped us to be recharged. It will be an ever reminding experience to me.

Spending time with family members is a great way to strengthen the family bond. So, people often arrange family gatherings. This is a good idea indeed to develop a healthy relationship among other family members. Few hints here would be assistive for candidates to generate ideas for the same cue card.

A few more ideas to develop your own answer for this cue card topic:

1.  I went on a visit with my family members in Japan last month. We visited many places in the country and liked the Kiyomizu-Dera. This was a Buddhist temple and located in the Eastern part of Kyoto. The natural environment of the area charmed us all.

2.  My short trip to Universal Studios in Singapore was outstanding. It was the first time for me in this theme park. I enjoyed the park and particularly the shows were adorable. I did not have the idea that the theme park could be so interesting.

3.  My last family picnic was held at the Ha Long Bay. We all had great fun there. All the activities were entertaining, particularly swimming on the emerald water and hiking on the islands. The boat tour was exciting indeed. Every one of the family enjoyed the picnic.

4.  A visit to the Grand Canyon was a memorable event in my life. I had visited there with my parents. I wondered at the amazing geographical location. I explored the area and came to know about historical information form the guide. Driving the vehicle was the other interesting experience there.

5.  Statue of Liberty is the greatest masterpiece that I have seen so far. I went to visit my uncle living in the USA with my parents. And it was a family outing and we visited different parts of the city. But I loved the Statue of Liberty visit.

6.  I had a family picnic in Yorkshire in the UK. The place was naturally adorned and I fell in love with the lakes, water and overall the food. Sitting by a picturesque lake was the most enjoyable thing for me and for the other family members.

7.  A picnic beside the Taj Mahal in India is the finest memory of my life. I had the picnic with the participation of my cousins and a few other family members. We enjoyed the traditional Indian foods prepared at home and also took hundreds of pictures.    

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