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Person in your family who you most admire

IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 10 With Model Answer:

Describe the person in your family who you most admire.

You should say:
  • what his/her relationship is with you
  • what he/she has done in your life
  • what he/she does now
and explain why you admire this person the most.

[You will have to talk about the topic for 1 to 2 minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
My mother is the person in my family whom I most admire. She is not only my mother but also my role model and best friend. I would like to thank you for this excellent topic that enables me to talk about the person I love and admire the most.

My mother has done many things in my life that have made me admire her. Firstly, she has always been there for me, no matter what. Whenever I am going through a difficult time, she listens to me and offers advice or support. Additionally, my mother has always encouraged me to pursue my dreams and to never give up. She is the reason I have pursued higher education and achieved many of my goals.

Currently, my mother is a homemaker. She spends most of her time taking care of our family and making sure that our home is always in order. She is an excellent cook and always prepares delicious meals for us. Despite being busy with household chores, she always makes time for me and my siblings.

I admire my mother the most because of her selflessness, kindness, and strength. She is always willing to put others before herself and has sacrificed a lot for our family. She has faced many challenges in her life but has never let them bring her down. Her resilience and positive attitude inspire me every day. I feel incredibly lucky to have her in my life and hope to be just like her when I have a family of my own.

Model Answer 2:
'Family' is utterly important for every one of us, and the importance of having a family cannot be ignored. I believe that a family makes our life worth living and meaningful. I love every single family member of mine. But if I have to choose someone whom I admire the most, it would be my father.

My father is truly an admirable person for his outstanding qualities and personality, and he is my hero in my life. He has guided me to the right path so that I could shine in my career and personal life. When I was a child, he helped me in all possible ways, and when I turned a teenager he showed me right from wrong. Most importantly, unlike the fathers of a few friends of mine, my father has never forced me into doing anything that I did not like. Rather, he explained to me what should be done and what should not be done. In this regard, he is a great mentor in my life.

My father has retired from his job, and he is now passing his days with family and friends. My father loves gardening, and he takes care of the garden that we have at our house. Whenever I look at him working in the garden, I feel like it is something he does very passionately.

I admire my father the most and will continue doing so for his honesty, his sincerity and sense of responsibility. I have never seen him ignore his responsibilities towards his family. When I will have my own family, I would like to be a person like him. I admire him so much also because of his sympathy and empathy for others. Above all, he has such a great personality that I admire him so much. 

Sample Answer 3:
The person I admire the most in my family is my mother. Why? She is always there for me and never turns her back on me. She brought me into this world and because of her, I have become the person I am today. She loves me even when I disagree with her or do something wrong! Her love for me is unconditional and I have countless reasons to admire and love her the most.

She is the most loving person I could possibly meet in my life. She taught me the basic values of life and she put a great effort to teach me to distinguish right from wrong. She is a virtuous and benevolent woman and I have great admiration for her. She took care of my elementary education and inspired me to read books outside of my academic book list. In my childhood, she was always near me. She took me to schools and playgrounds and waited patiently for a long so that she could look after me.

She never hesitates to inspire me whenever I do something good. She is the best critic I can possibly have and because of her, I have learned computer programming, art and other important skills. She is a hard-working woman who has devoted her entire life to her family. I learned the importance and necessity of a close family from her.

She took great care of me when I was ill and I can remember many sleepless nights she spent looking after me. She still does that whenever I get sick. She inspired me to get admitted to the best university in our country and she is the one who contributed the most to helping me become the man I am.

She was a school teacher for about 5 years but she left her career and became a full-time mum when I was born. Who else would make a such great sacrifice for me except my mother? She is my inspiration and idol in my life. I admire her for everything she has done for me and everything she still does for me. Her sacrifices and love for me are unparalleled.

Other family members in your family you might describe:

  • Your elder brother or sister.
  • Any of your siblings. 
  • If you are living in a joint family, you can also describe your grandfather, grandmother, uncle, aunt or any elder cousin.
Do not describe the whole family as the cue card asks you to talk about a single family member whom you admire the most.  

Part 3: Details Discussion:

Attitudes to the family:

Q.  In what ways have families in your country changed in recent years?
A. The families have changed greatly in my country for different reasons and situations. Earlier the families were united but currently, they have been shaped into nuclear families. When people used to live the in the country areas, the families were large but with the advancement of time, the families have broken and taken their own shares and formed small families instead of the large ones with the excuse of the extensive maintenance cost, misunderstanding and more other issues.

Q.  Should husbands and wives have different roles within the family? Why / why not?
A. A husband and a wife should play different roles for different reasons. From time immemorial, males are considered the bread earners while females are the homemakers. But the ideas have changed massively in the current days. Now, both the husband and wife are seen engaged in money-earning activities. Moreover, they are sharing their responsibilities between them and thus they are playing different roles in the family.

Family or friends:
Q.  Which are more important to you - your family or your friends?
A. My family is the most important thing to me than friends. A Family is a place where you will have everything. The family members will try to support you reasonably; both in good and bad situations and in return, they do not expect anything. It is the most important feature of a family. The family members will never leave you forever, but the scenario is just the opposite with the friends. When there are no benefits in helping you, your friends will be nowhere to be found! They will avoid you in every possible manner. So, my family is my top priority.

Q.  What conflicts can arise between a person's family and a person's friends?
A. There are different issues that can create trouble between you and your family or you and your friends. Regarding the familial issue, your family members may guide you to the right way but due to your lack of knowledge, you may get involved in arguments over the guidance. You may prefer following the one which appears better to you (although in reality that is not meant for you).

On the other hand, conflicts with friends may range from any trifling matter to a major issue like business loss or life or death situation. Family members are always with the well-wishers or try to make better but the friends are not always with the same thought to make you feel good unless they have any hidden benefit with the issue. A common conflict can arise when someone spends most of his/her time with friends and family members and start complaining about it.

Family responsibilities:
Q.  What responsibilities do parents have towards their children?
A. Parents naturally love their kids. However, the parents are responsible for everything of their kids from rearing their kids well, educating them, and allow picking the right things for them or their career or even their marriage.   

Q.  What responsibilities do children have towards their parents?
A. The most important responsibility the children have towards their parents is to abide by all the directives they get from the parents. There are no parents who want to have their kids in distress. So, the children should pay attention to their parents, take care of them in their old age and overall they should respect the parents always.

Your ability to talk about this topic will enable you to answer the following IELTS cue card topics also:  
  • Describe someone in your family.
  • Describe someone you really admire.
  • Describe your childhood hero.
  • Describe a person you like to work with.
  • Describe someone who had a great influence in your life.
  • Describe the person you most admire.
  • Describe a family member who is similar to you.
  • Describe a person who is a good cook.
  • Describe a talented person you know about.
  • Describe your favourite personality.
  • Describe someone you know for a long.
  • Describe a person who is a good mentor.
  • Describe an honest person you know.
  • Describe a relative you really like.

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