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Describe your favourite movie/film

IELTS Cue Card Question 153 with Model Answer:

Describe your favourite movie/film.

You should say:
  • what it is
  • when you watched it
  • what it is about
and explain why this is your favourite movie.  

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
I love to watch movies in my leisure hours and have watched a wide number of movies. It is a kind of addiction to me and usually, I watch at least one movie a day.

The Gods Must be Crazy is the best movie I have ever seen and I like it most for many reasons. I have watched the movie for many times and each of the time the pleasure was different to me. It never becomes old with me. The natural reactions against the modernization of the protagonist - Xi make me amused. His reactions against the modern civilisations are quite natural and funny as well. But the other instalments (part two and three) of the same movie appear as those are not up to the mark. Many of the events have been exaggerated which has damaged the real beauty of the movie. So, considering all the aspects, the first part of the series is my favourite movie and I think many of the audiences will agree with my opinion.

I watched the movie first when I was a teen and it might be the 1990s when I watched that. My father brought the movie that was played on a VCR connected to our television. At that time, watching movies had two ways only. The first one is to go to the cinemas while the second one was to bring the video cassettes at home. My father also loved watching movies and he brought the videotape of the movie. But since I was a kid, I could not derive much pleasure in the beginning. When I grew up, I started understanding the inner meaning of the movie. Sometimes I have watched the movie alone and in some cases, I played the movie at home when someone came to visit us. In my 30s today, still I am fond of the movie as I was in my teenage.

The movie is all about a tribal population (bushman) who live in a remote part of the Kalahari Desert in the African continent. Life goes on for them but the trouble occurred when they received a piece of Coca-Cola bottle which was thrown by an aeroplane pilot. The bottle was received by Xi, the lead character of the movie. It brings a change in his family. The family members started quarrelling among themselves. The peace of life was broken for the bottle. So, Xi wants to return the bottle. He believed that since the bottle has fallen from above, it might be the Gods who have thrown it. He starts his epic journey to return the bottle to the Gods and experiences different strange events of his life.

The movie is the best movie to me for some specific reason. It was made in the 1980s and the plot concept is clear. It wants to give a message to the modern people that everything they are doing is not fair. This is a comedy movie but the message it provides in the guise of comedy is strong. The movie shows that Xi is praying before killing an animal while the modern people do not perform so. Moreover, every blessing of the modern world was unfamiliar to him and he could not cope up with the complexities of life in the city. He knew how to survive in the desert and jungle but survival in the city becomes difficult for him. In fact, modernization has made life more complex than the uncivilised life. Besides, political turmoil (depicted in the movie) also shows the unstable situations of the modern era. Xi, now wants to go back to his tribe but due to the complicated system, he cannot get back easily. The movie actually shows the simplicity of life. So, like the movie best.

Model Answer 2:
I usually pass my leisure hours by participating in sports but recently I have started watching movies at home. Last month, I watched a movie named Life is Beautiful and now this has become my favourite one. This is one of the special movies that I have ever seen.

The movie belongs to comedy-drama genre. It comes with different issues during the holocaust. Besides, the movie plot is outstanding and the performance of the characters are splendid. The movie was made in 1997 and was directed by Roberto Benigni. He also was the lead actor in the movie. Moreover, he also co-wrote the movie. The plot of this movie reminds people of the Second World War when the Nazi concentration camps were used to punish the opposition and the ordinary people. The movie also demonstrates the love of a father to his son and how he protects the son from dangers inside the concentration camp.

Usually, I take part in sport in the evening hours. But during the holidays, I spent my times at the home. And when I am at home, I watch movies or listen to music. This time, instead of listening music, I watched the movie. I was accompanied by my family members. In fact, my mother loves to watch movies and I developed the habit from her. She loves to watch drama movies and in line with her interest, I also grew a taste for drama movies. Actually, when I am inside the movie, it is hard indeed to detach me from the watching. The similar thing happened with this one. This is the movie, that comes with some comical and dramatic elements. So, I enjoyed the movie until the last moment. I started watching the movie at around 4.00 pm and finished it after nearly two hours. I was glued to the screen by this time and gained a different experience.

The movie is about a couple of things. It appeared to me that the movie has been made to make the viewers aware of the detrimental impacts of the holocaust -how the event destroyed families and people. On the other side, the movie is about the affection of a father to his son. The eternal love of the father to his son is demonstrated here. An ordinary Jewish father sacrifices his life to save his son from the Nazi occupation during the World War II. The father is taken to the concentration camp with his son. After reaching the camp, he meets with many other people. He also meets with his wife. Unluckily the meeting was short. But he uses his extraordinary imaginations to save the son from the Nazi forces. And finally, he becomes successful in protecting the son in exchange for his life.

This is my favourite movie for many reasons. This is one of the movies that has won several prestigious awards. The movie plot is outstanding while the movie making was excellent. The movie plot is the key attraction here. An open-minded Jewish man is held without any charge and sent to the concentration camp. Finally, he lost his life – a soldier shot him before leaving the camp during the invasion by the allied forces. But he saved his son. He developed a story and played the role of a character in the story to let his son know that the events were a game. The events turned tragic finally. Life was beautiful to his son and wife. He could not taste the liberty. Considering the inner issues, I love this movie.

Model Answer 3:
I love to enjoy movies but my taste is a bit different. I love to watch the comedy movies only. They attract me in a different way. I have watched a good number of comedy movies but The Pink Panther (2006) appeared the best one to me. Thank you for describing the matter here.

Pink Panther is a series of movies and been being made from a long ago. So, the series has gained a huge popularity. The protagonist of the movie solves mysterious cases alone which is not possible for the other police officials to crack. So, the key character is always in trouble with the police chief. But investing his smartness and ready wit, he solves the mysteries in a simple manner. But his initial movement appears that he is a dull and unfit police official. The instalment of 2006 also deals with some such similar events. The central character has to solve a murder case and the story moves on.

I watched the movie on an evening. In fact, I had nothing to do at that time. Besides, nobody was at home. When everybody is at home, it is comfortable to spend time with them. But when alone, it is really hard to pass the moments. So, I planned something different. I started watching the movie. I downloaded the movie from the internet and watched it. Though I invited the neighbouring boy to accompany me, he did not come. Actually, he does not prefer to enjoy movies at all. So, I was all alone. I passed the entire evening by watching the movie. And enjoyed it greatly. The movie plot was highly attractive and does not make me feel bored. In some cases, the comedy movies come with less attractive plots and try to make the audiences laugh with some artificial mockery. But the matter was different here. I enjoyed the evening with this movie.

The Pink Panther (2006) is about the solving of a murder. This is the 10th instalment of the movie series. The earlier series was also wonderful and made some business. But this one is the best among the this is my personal opinion. The movie was about to solve the murder and at the same time to rescue the Pink Panther diamond. The diamond was stolen during the murder. In fact, it was lost after the murder was committed. The main character of the movie, police inspector Jacques Clouseau was the case. He as officially assigned to bring the mysteries into the light. On the other side, the chief of police tried to solve the case by himself. He wanted to make Inspector Jacques Clouseau as a shadow before the media and solve the case from behind. But pathetically, the chief inspector failed to solve the case while Jacques Clouseau solved it in his own way.

This is my favourite movie for several reasons. First of all, it shows some comical event that will make you laugh. The activities of the inspector Jacques Clouseau will make anyone laugh during the movie time. He did some foolish activities. He is always aware of everything but cannot apply his knowledge at the right moment. He tries to protect everyone but fails to do so for his foolishness. He wants to favour the distressed but in reality, he makes the situations worse for them. All such events are highly comical and will make the audiences laugh. But finally, he wins the race with his wit and intelligence. Considering the matters, I am in love with this movie.

Idea Generation for this Cue Card Topic: 

1.  Of course, I will term 'The Godfather' as the best movie I have ever watched. I watched the movie a few years ago. And it took time for me to complete watching the entire series. The movie was about the life of a godfather and his family members. They underwent different ups and downs in their life but finally, the younger son of the godfather succeeded in everything with his ready wit and smartness. The movie was an extraordinary one. Though it was a bit slow in the beginning, I enjoyed it finally and it became my favorite movie.

2.  I love to watch Indian Bengali movies and found ‘Bhooter Bhabishwat’ (Future of the past or future of ghost) as the best one so far. I watched the movie last year and since then I am in love with it. It was about the future events that the ghosts of the city might experience. They were in trouble about their residential issues as all the old buildings were demolished for modern construction. The movie is one of my favourites because it comes with plenty of humour and comical events. Besides, there are some commercial elements available in the movie that made it attractive.

3.  Pink Panther is the king of comedy to me. The movie is filled with numerous funny events. I watched the movie last September and was greatly amazed. The movie was about the investigation of a pink panther – a large diamond on a piece of a ring. It was lost. And a detective was assigned to investigate the matter. After lots of events and happenings, the ring was discovered. This is my favourite movie for its extraordinary comic elements. The theme song of the movie was also attractive and I loved the way of reactions of the protagonists in the movie. So, it became my favourite one.

4.  Usually, I do not watch Thai movies but 'Ong Bak' attracted my attention for its special fighting styles and movie plot. I watched the movie a couple of years ago. It was about recovering a Buddhist statue which was stolen from a remote village. A young boy was sent to bring the statue back to his home. He was skilled in Thai fighting styles. And fought bravely with numerous gangsters to get back the statue to his village. The movie is my favourite because of its actions scenes and touchy plot. In fact, I have never seen such actions before. So, it became my favourite movie.

5.  Well, Titanic is one of the best movies in the world. And this is my favourite too. I watched the movie five years ago. It was about the love of a couple who were from two different strata of society. They were deeply in love. The male protagonist sacrificed his life for the sake of saving his love. And the female character also remembered the event even in the last part of her life. The making of the film was excellent and the plot was special. In fact, falling in love and bearing that love is always inspiring. So, the movie became my favourite one for its special plot.

If you can talk about the cue card topic "Describe your favourite movie" you should be able to talk about the following IELTS cue card topics as well:
  • Describe a movie you have recently watched. 
  • Describe your favourite movie. 
  • Describe a foreign movie you have enjoyed. 
  • Describe a movie you would like to watch again. 
  • Describe a movie you watched with your friends.

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