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Describe your idea of starting a new business

IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 338 with Model Answer:

Describe your idea of starting a new business in your area.

You should say:
  • what business it will be
  • how you have got this idea
  • what preparation and planning it would require
and explain whether you would personally start it or not.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
I was always under the impression that starting a business was never an easy thing. Then, after seeing how one of my distant cousins has thrived financially by starting a small business, and that too within a short time, I also started to entertain the thought of starting a small business myself and trying my luck!

I am planning to open a “handicraft shop” where I would be able to sell all kinds of nicely-designed and decorated objects that are genuinely made by hand. By the way, I used the word “genuinely” here because I have noticed that even though, nowadays, many shop owners or businesses claim that their products are completely “hand-made”, I have found their claims to be rather “dubious”. In fact, I, with my little investigative mind, found that many of these “so-called” handicraft items are actually made by machines rather than hand.

I particularly got interested in this business idea when I learned, after reading a very well-written business article in a newspaper, that a significant percentage of households in my country prefer simple, “hand-made” products to beautify their drawing rooms ( also called living rooms or guest rooms) over other “luxury” items.

I've shared this business idea with my family members and some of my close relatives, and they seemed okay with it. All I need to do now is to buy some simple but effective “tools” to make handicrafts items. I would also need to contract with some reliable furniture-making businesses or wood merchants who would be able to provide me with some fine and strong wood regularly. Then, finally, I would also need a few passionate handicrafts persons to actually put their creativity into action.

However, while sourcing some fine handicrafts-making tools and wood may not really be that difficult of a task, finding some passionate handicrafts persons at an affordable cost can be a bit challenging, especially, when I am a bit tight on my budget. But, if I somehow manage to convince some fine handicraftsmen to work for me, I will definitely go ahead with starting my business. So, please wish me some luck!

Model Answer 2:
Well, I am planning to start a business in our town and I think this is a good business idea for anyone to start in our area. I will finance the business while one of my cousins would look after it. The business idea is that we will start a store that will sell cosmetics and perfumes along with some other necessary household items. Initially, it would be a small store and I hope someday it will grow big.

I have completed my graduation a few months ago and I am searching for a suitable job. In the meantime, I want to start a small business that would become a steady income source for me. A few months ago, I noticed that our town has a huge demand for branded and locally made perfumes and cosmetics but only a handful of stores sell them. I had to order online a perfume I was looking for a few months ago, and at that time, I thought it would be a good business idea to establish a perfume and cosmetics store in our area.

Some planning and preparation are needed to start the business. First of all, I would need a large sum of money in my account so that I can finance the business. Then I would need a business location for the store. Actually, the hardest part of the plan is to manage an office or a store in a prime location. However, I also would need to invest in advertisements, legal papers and decorating the store. I've done my homework about the prospect of the business and I am convinced that if everything goes according to the plan, the business would start doing good after a couple of months from now.

This is a great business idea and I am going to start it. Hopefully, I would be able to start it within the next couple of months. Please wish me luck.

Idea generation for this Cue Card topic:  

"Describe your idea of starting a new business in your area."

The idea of starting a new business might be different based on someone's perspective, aim and situation. So, some other hints would prove to be helpful for many candidates. Here are a few other similar ideas for your convenience.

1. Starting a computer repairing shop could be a good business idea in our town. If someone knows how to repair a computer and laptop, and can start a business, he or she would definitely do better. The number of computer users is increasing rapidly in our town and we have only a couple of such computer repair shops. This is why I believe the business prospect is good.

2. At present, the necessity of editorial service is emerging. Only a few agencies offer this service in our area. So, my new business plan is to provide editorial services to my clients based on their needs. I will provide editorial services professionally like ghostwriting, copy editing, proofreading, web page content generation and so on.

3. In Australia, people remain too busy to plan for an event. So, I think there are huge prospects of event planners if someone can take it professionally. But before moving to the business, I would have to plan in detail about it. Visiting the event location is also important to plan for an event. Database preparation would be another task to kick off the business.

4. Many real estate companies are searching for a perfect interior decorator for their projects and I have a plan to start a business as an interior decorator. I still need comprehensive planning to start it.

5. People are busy these days and they need some sort of relaxation to feel better and remain recharged. Considering this fact, I believe that a professional yoga centre could be a great business idea in our locality. Though I think that it is an excellent business idea, I would not want to start a yoga centre primarily because I do not have any prior experience in it.

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