A popular musical instrument in your country

IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 327 with Model Answer:

Describe a popular musical instrument in your country.

You should say:
  • what it is
  • how it is played
  • what sort of music can it play
and explain why is it so popular in your country. [You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
A notable number of musical instruments are popular in India and flute is one of them. It is a cylindrical tube with holes in the tube for passing air which actually creates the tune. The use of flute has long been present in the history of Indian music and almost all the music composers apply it while music composition. There are various types of flutes are available and India proudly owns a couple of greatest flutists.

Playing the flute is easier than playing other types of musical instruments. While playing, it is held in a horizontal position. The flutist holds the flute using both the hands and uses the fingers to cover and release the holes on the flute to produce sound. Mostly, air is used inside the tube to produce sound and by covering and releasing the holes through fingers, the sound is produced and tunes are made.

Flute belongs to the woodwind group. It basically produces tunes using air pressure. The air that flows inside the cylindrical tube, is controlled in a couple of ways to produce a musical sound. A flute can play different types of music like classical music, baroque music and even it is used in pop music as well. This has become an integral part of modern music. Romantic music on the flute is preferable to many people and they are greatly entertained for the use of flute on the genre.

The flute is popular in India for a wide number of reasons. The instrument has become the part of our local culture and even some the deities also used to play the flute. Besides, flutes are found in various types and playing is easy too. Actually, the Indian classical music without flute cannot be imagined. So, the flute has become popular across the country.

Model Answer 2:
Thank you so much for the chance to let me speak about a famous musical instrument in my country - Italy. Several musical instruments are available in Italy and Mandolin is one of them. This is a guitar-shaped instrument and has several strings. Playing the instrument is easier and it can create any sort of rhythm. In fact, when the mandolin is in the right hand, it can create some heavenly tunes. Various types of mandolins are available but three types of mandolins are considered as the finest.

A mandolin needs to be plucked for creating tunes. The plucking on the strings helps to create the sound. Actually, the vibration on the strings is the key to produce the sound. And the player needs to stroke the strings in the right manner to produce the melody. The number of strings varies based on the mandolin types and in those cases, skilled players are required to handle the instrument.

The mandolin can produce any types of melody through the strings. The instrument is also able to produce both classical and traditional music. This is a great tool for the music-lovers. The playing style is almost similar to a guitar, and this is also a common instrument is some other countries like the USA. Country music is a great thing to play on this musical instrument. The other important thing is that the tones change based on the model and tuning style. The tones are different from four string mandolin than those which have six or more strings. But the playing style is different.

The key reason of popularity of this particular instrument is its easy availability. Besides, playing the mandolin is easier than playing the guitar while handling the instrument is not a big deal. Besides, this is a common instrument which is used almost in every occasion here in Italy. And gradually it gained popularity across the areas.


Idea generation for this Cue Card topic:  

"Describe a popular musical instrument in your country." 

People around the world love music and their music choice are different. Though music has a universal appeal, the instrument and music category are diverse in number.  And thus musical instruments differ from country to country. Some hints here would be accommodating for the IELTS test takers dealing with this particular cue card for generating their own idea and answer.

1. Taiko or large drums are the popular musical instrument in Japanese culture. The drums are used marking different religious and social events. They create some thrilling sounds which most of the people love to hear.

2. Application of Raban is usual in musical performance. This is one side drum and it is played by a single hand. Usually, Raban is made with animal hide and wood. And there are two types of this instrument – one is held in the hand while the other one is held on a bench.

3. Classical music is a heritage of Indian subcontinent and Sitar is an undeniable part of this music. Construction style and a number of strings are different in this instrument. The player has to tune sitar for each raga and sitar balancing needs perseverance.

4. The USA has some modern musical instrument. The guitar is the notable one. It basically has six strings and played in different ways. Presently, application of guitar is a must for all types of music.

5. The French Horn is a notable instrument in Germany. It is also known as a horn. Playing the horn requires some special qualities. The player needs to place the mouthpiece right on the lip’s centre. Use of this horns is found in professional bands and orchestras.

6. Playing the piano has become a part of status in Qatar. A notable number of musicians in the country play piano. This is a stylish musical instrument and needs skills to play tunes in it. Besides, pianos also have a grandeur look and the tone is heavier than ordinary musical instruments.

7. Bass guitars are often used in band music. The bands of Canada are in love with such pieces. Bass guitars are available in fretted and fretless forms. The guitars with four strings are the best preferred by everyone.

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