Describe a serious environmental problem in your country

IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 322 with Model Answer:

Describe a serious environmental problem in your country.

You should say:
  • what it is
  • what the effects of this problem are
  • what causes that problem
and explain what can be done to solve this problem.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
Air pollution in Qatar is one the serious environmental problems, and the major cities are affected seriously by this pollution. This is a shocking issue that the cities of this country are severely polluted by carbon emission and other particles produced in various ways like burning oil, fuels, smelting plastic materials etc. This is a great candidate task card topic and I will answer the questions in brief. 

Air pollution in Qatar is responsible to cause a notable number of health disorders among the citizens of the country. The effects are really dangerous. The most important thing about the air pollution is that it mainly is responsible to create respiratory disorders. A remarkable number of people are becoming sick who are exposed to this problem. The usual respiratory disorders of this problem are shorter breathing, reduced lung function, stroke, chronic bronchitis, heart ailments and even cancer. In fact, air pollution is reducing the life expectancy of the people.

Air pollution is a global problem now and in Qatar, it takes place for some reasons. Burning the fossil fuels is the primary reason behind the problem. Besides, the excessive use of machinery, usage of vehicles and other transportation modes, consumption of energy than the other countries, the rise of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and some other reasons are responsible for this problem.   

This is a burning issue for the country now. Some cautionary measures should be undertaken to control the problem. The most important task to reduce air pollution in Qatar is to reduce the carbon emission, and also to reduce the use of gas, oil and other fuels. Alternative energy solutions should be used. A massive awareness about the air pollution is also required to get rid of it. The government and private sector should come forward to reduce air pollution.

Model Answer 2:
Burning down forest lands is a great problem for Thailand and this is causing a serious threat to the environment of the country. In some cases, a wide range of forests lands is burnt down to grow some other crops, particularly mushroom which has a high demand in the market. A notable number of growers are involved in the act which is posing some grave threats to the nation’s environment. The burning continues to some particular months of the year, mainly during March and in some regions, the forests and arable lands are burnt based on needs. 

As a result, the impacts of climatic disorders are appearing in the country. In fact, a country needs a certain amount of forest lands to maintain a balance to the environment but by the process of burning down the forests, we are inviting dangers for us. Someday, it might happen that there is no rain in the country. Actually, trees play an important role in the rain and that may lead to several other untoward situations.

I would say that the greed for money is the key cause of the problem. Many of the farmers want to gain financially by destroying the forests. They grow mushrooms on the lands as those are more lucrative economically for their medicinal features than other types of crops. So, the growers in some parts of the country deliberately burn the forests and grow the crop.

A preventive measure like fixing a certain time of the year for mushroom cultivation should be taken. The state authorities should take punitive measures against the farmers who will grow the crop other than the season set by the authority. Tree plantation on the burnt lands is another potential solution to this problem, I believe. They should plant more trees in the empty spaces to recover the losses. 


Idea generation for this Cue Card topic:  

"Describe a serious environmental problem in your country." 

Environmental degradations is a concerning issue all around the world. The IELTS applicants can have some other answers for this cue card topic other than the one presented as a sample answer above. A couple of hints would be a plus for them. And here they go.

1. Amid numerous environmental issues in India, garbage pollution appears serious to me. I have many bitter experiences with garbage management and waste disposal. Throwing wastes here and there is a common problem and walking down the streets become difficult for ordinary people for the litter.

2. Air pollution is a serious headache for China. The key pollutants are the manufacturing industries, vehicle fumes, burning of coal and oil etc. As a result, the air quality has degraded and various symptoms of an unhealthy environment are becoming acute.

3. Nobody cares about the issue but marine pollution is going on silently in the USA. This is a crucial issue indeed. Ship oils and industrial wastes that are thrown on the sea are mainly responsible for the pollution. A huge number of commercial and non-commercial vessels running on water cause damage to marine lives as well.

4. Deforestation is a big problem for Malaysia. Currently, forests are being cut down to make cities. Consequently, it is causing the extinction of wildlife, damaging species as well as the environment. Though protests are on to stop deforestation, the detrimental impacts of the matter have started already.

5. At present, climate change is a concerning issue for Australia. The local climate is changing gradually and people are to suffer from the sudden change. In fact, the situations were less severe a few years ago. The rise in temperature is an indicator of climate change here.

6. Unplanned urban areas in Vietnam is causing serious environmental disorders in the country. Due to the poor planning, the urban areas are becoming congested and contributing to almost all types of pollutions. People now suffer from air pollution, water pollution, litter in the streets and much more concerning issues more.

7. The Recent appearance of acidic rain is the sign of serious environmental disorder in South Korea. The situations have turned worst during the past couple of years. Besides, it is hard to breathe in the dust while people go out for work or other purposes in some particular areas of the country.

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