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Time when you were forced to do something against your will

IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 297 with Model Answer:

Describe a time when you were forced to do something against your will.

You should say:
  • what it was
  • what/ who forced you to do it
  • when it was
and explain why you were forced to do it. 

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
I usually do not do anything against my will. But sometimes, I need to do it to keep the honour of others. And at the end, I am to regret the actions I did. It used to happen to me before and now I do not need to do such things. Thank you for asking me the question.

I am an executive at a multinational corporation working in Singapore. When I was at my university, I used to experience such matters. It happened as I could not say ‘No’ directly to anyone. So, most of the time, the students and teachers asked me to help them. Such an event took place during the annual university festival. I was asked to host the last day of the event because the student who was selected to host became sick. So, they picked me as the host and it was so sudden that I could not manage enough time to prepare for the event.

The cultural association of the university organises the show every year. As part of its annual activity, it organised the cultural show of 2017 in the last part of January this year. Everything was in order. They appeared me, in the beginning, to host the event due to my witty statement and smart reactions. In fact, I also can handle the worst situations that none can do. In last year, I managed to resolve such a worst event which may lead to violence. So, a professor and the president of the association approached me to be the host. I humbly denied the request as my semester final was approaching near. But when the other student became sick, finding no other ways, the professor came to me along with some other teachers. A couple of my course teachers were also there to urge me in hosting this final event. I was unable to make them understand about my weakness in the course. So, I had to agree with them.

The event usually takes place at the beginning of January each year. But this was held in the last part of the month for some unwanted reasons. The authority finally organised the event and everything was in order. I also did not take part in any of the events considering my semester final. After this exam, I will be a graduate and my initial academic career will be over. I have decided to complete my post-graduation after a couple of years and at my own expense. Besides, I needed a better score. So, I was trying hard to focus on my studies. Actually, I am weak in some of the subjects and wanted to concentrate more on them. Hence, I resisted myself from every extracurricular activity.

I was forced to host the event for some reasons. Firstly, I was one of the most active boys in the university. I used to move in almost all the cultural functions. In fact, without my direct help, it was impossible to hold the events. Planning and implementation relied on me. Hosting the events was another important task that I needed to do. But this time, it was really tough for me to participate at any of the events. I was worried about my academic activities. I have missed many of the classes to organise many other events in the past. And so, I wanted a break. But I was forced to be the host and I had to do so. They came to me as they had no other options left. Only for the sake of my university reputation, I agreed and hosted the event. However, it was a fantastic event.

Model Answer 2:
Recently I went for a vacation in Kauai, the oldest island in Hawaiian region. It was my annual family trip to the island but I was forced to do something that I did not want to. But I had no other options left. Thank you for the question and it reminds me of the awful experience of the trip. I will describe the event now.

I am not a photographer. But I was forced to click all the photos for my family members visiting the island. In fact, it was a kind of punishment for me. I know that they will punish me later for the ugly photo shots. They were well aware of my photographic sense. I am not a fit for this. Photography is not my cup of tea actually. Being forced by everyone, I had to click the photos. I turned the official photographer of my family.

One of my paternal uncles has got a new camera with some special functions. But he wanted to be in the photos. So, he asked me to click some photos of him. When he saw that the photos were nice, he asked me to click all the photos with his camera. In line with him, the other members with a smartphone came to ask the support. Hence, finding no other ways, I had to take photos for them. It was difficult for me to take the shots one after another and with various devices. Some of them had small digital cameras while the majority of the members had their smartphone. Finally, I could not take some photos of myself during the week-long trip to the island. Some of the photos were nice while the majority of the photos were burnt due to sunlight. It was not my fault. I tried my best to click the photos for them.

Generally, my family takes a week-long vacation at the end of the year. At this time, the weather is moderate in the places where we move for the trip. This year, we decided to move to this island and pass a few days in tranquillity. As part of the plan, we moved here and had spent a splendid week. Almost all the family members were present on the trip. I am glad to have such a family that meets together once in a year. And this trend is almost absent in the other European families. Family ties are disintegrated gradually for many reasons. But it was my grandfather who played a great role in the unification of the family. Still today we live in the same place with my paternal uncles in Greece. And we have many benefits of such united living. Moving into places for the annual trip is one of them. 

I am the youngest son of the family and studying undergraduate. The majority of the members are senior and less familiar with technology. So, they believe that I have a sharp sense of technology. Besides, I am skilled in internet operation and other technical tasks that the other family members cannot do. Hence, most of them rely on me for many reasons. I am a kind of reliable person to them who help them in their distressful moments regarding technological activities. As I took some photos and they were nice, they thought me as a quality photographer. But it was really difficult for me to perform the act. There is not a single photo of mine on this entire trip because I was extremely busy in photo capturing. It was an unpleasant experience for me indeed.

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