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Describe a part-time job you have ever done

IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 262 with Model Answer:

Describe a part-time job you have ever done.

You should say:
  • what it was
  • when it was
  • where you have worked
and explain why you have worked there.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
Recently I have returned my native land, India after completing my graduation in Malaysia. Despite being the boy of a wealthy family, I had to bear my own expenses there and for that, I participated in some part-time jobs.

I was engaged in a data entry job and that suited me best among the other jobs. In fact, it was easier than the other available part-time jobs in Malaysia and I used to perform the tasks sitting in the dormitory with my laptop. The payment was standard and the regular payment helped me greatly to live in the country.

I went to Malaysia in 2012 with a scholarship from one of the local universities of that country. But the scholarship was not enough for me to live there as my lifestyle was a bit extraordinary than the other student. I managed to live there for a few months with the scholarship funds but when the living cost increased for me, it became difficult. I sought for a suitable job and found many of my classmates and friends are doing so. But it was difficult for me to get involved in a job which does not suit me like helping in some superstores or in some eateries. So, I was in search of a perfect job for me and with the help of a senior mate of the university, I managed the data entry job.

Since it was based on computer, I used to perform the job in my room in the dormitory where I lived in Malaysia. The other students who got involved with part-time activities had to go out for their job. But I was too lucky to manage the job and I needed not to go out of my room. The tasks were about filling up some data on some specific format over different issues. The most important task was to sort out the data before filing them on the prescribed format and I did that perfectly. The most important issue was that I could save time and earn more than the other foreign students there with this job.

I have worked as a data entry operator with a multinational company working in Malaysia and there were several benefits for me to pick the job. Firstly, the payment was enough for me and I did not have to downgrade my living standard. Even, I was able to save some money and used that for shopping when I came back home. The authority was very regular in paying the bills while the other students had to wait for several days to receive their remunerations. Moreover, the data entry job has saved my time and I had enough times to study. I used to work in the evening after my classes were over, and there were flexibilities to complete the job. If it was a deadline oriented job, certainly I would have suffered. But everything went smoothly with this job.

Cue Card Answer 2:
Part-time jobs are the best ways to manage oneself in abroad and I also had the chance to get involved in such a part-time job at a restaurant in France. I went there to complete my graduation in arts.

I left my country, South Africa to have a higher degree in arts and paintings. France was the best place to learn the things. So, after having spent many times and searching for the right institution, I got admitted at Paris College of Arts. But it was impossible for my family to maintain my expenses abroad and thus I took a part-time job at the nearby LE DÔME restaurant in Paris. I had to work for four hours in a day and the payment was smart to arrange all my expenses including the living cost and academic fees.

It was in the early part of 2014 when I got admitted to the college for my studies and took the job as a waitress at the LE DÔME restaurant. In fact, I was fond of paintings and have done some notable paintings at home. So, my parents wanted me to learn painting and the subjects related to painting perfectly. But unfortunately, my father incurred some business loss back there in South Africa in the middle of 2013 which made decide to earn my own livelihood in Paris and informed the matter to my parents. Initially, they did not agree to allow me working there but they were defeated with my arguments. I was matured enough to earn and that will also increase my real-life skills.

When I came to Paris, it was really difficult for me to get a job and in fact, getting a job was the matter of real luck that I did not have with me then. I have waited for jobs and attended many interviews but none of the employers was agreed to allow a student to work as a part-timer in their offices. Finally, with the help of one of my classmates, I got the job at LE DÔME. She went there to have her lunch and found that they were set to recruit a female waitress. Though it was not suitable for me, I did not mind having the job and started working there as a waitress. I attended the interview and got the job.

When my father had the business loss, he got into debt and could not pay them properly. So, the creditors used to come frequently at home and threatened him to pay the debts by selling the luxurious home he had, and in fact, some of them were too greedy to have the house in exchange of their debts to dad which they invested (in their terms). In such situations, it was impossible for me to ask help to my dad rather I started earning on my own. The job later helped me learning about the value of life, work and money which lend a hand me to be a struggling woman. The wages I earned from LE DÔME was enough for me to manage my expenses in Paris and I also used to send some small gifts to my parents as well.

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