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Describe a musical event in your country

IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 263 with Model Answer:

Describe a musical event in your country.

You should say:
  • what it is
  • when and where it takes place
  • what kind of music is played
and say what type of people participate in this musical event mostly.  

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
Musical events are one of the most impressive things and I never miss chances to attend such events. Recently my college arranged for a musical event here in India and I joined there as an audience.

This event was organised marking the fresher’s reception of the college and it annually does the same thing. The event goes on around the day and since this is aimed to entertain the youths, the participants are from local band groups who perform some special music on the day. In fact, this is one of the most important musical events that many of the students wait around the year only to enjoy this musical event.

After the secondary examination is over and the result is published, students apply to get admission into colleges. Once all the other formalities and necessary activities are done, the colleges welcome their students and each of the colleges has its own respective traditions to welcome the newly admitted pupils. My college is also welcoming the fresher’s with an exceptional way and it organises a musical concert on the 'welcome-day'. Moreover, the college authority also tries to entertain the new students with different other ways, like providing light snacks and drinks and any other small present like pens and folders etc.

The event is organised aiming to welcome the students of the eleventh grade and considering their preferences, the college authority arranges for the musical event and mostly rock music is played here. The college authority has decided to play rock music as the youths of the present age are almost unfamiliar with the other types of music except, the rock genre. So, according to their choice, a band is invited to perform on the stage. Sometimes, the authority invites an entire band and in some cases, solo rock singers are invited. Besides, it also depends on the availability of the singers or bands.

The event is participated mostly by the students and sometimes some of the curious parents also come to enjoy the events. Besides, when the event begins, some of the local people are also found here to enjoy the event. Usually, there are no restrictions for the outsiders unless they are creating any forms of troubles like teasing the female students or others. In such cases, the violators are handed over to the law enforcers. However, the musicians perform their bests and the students and the audiences present in the ground become gradually excited with the performances and even some of them are seen dancing as well. The musical event becomes a great place for enjoyment for the students and the locals too.

Sample Answer 2: 
I am a student of the second year at a local in China and I love music, especially rock music. I have enjoyed the recently finished Rock the Nation music festival of China, and truly enjoyed the performances from different bands of home and abroad.

This is an occasional music festival in China where a large number of bands take part and perform their own songs using modern and traditional instruments. Most of the band groups are from underground and thus they are not familiar with the mainstream music industry. The majority of the bands have been formed with private initiative but the performers belong to the top class. When they played the musical instruments, they looked like experts. Besides, the songs were splendid as well.

The musical event took place at Beijing concert hall. Though it was supposed to begin in the evening (by 5pm) the programme began at around 7pm for some technical difficulties. The entire hall was filled with audiences and most of them were college going students as they love this specific genre most than any other genres of music. The crowds started gathering even before the scheduled time and at the same time, the band groups arrived at the venue. But the programme was unfortunately delayed and all the audiences waited patiently till the show begins. Some of the audiences were impatient and blamed the incompetence of the organising authority.

The show began finally and the tunes drove the audience crazy. All of the songs belonged to the heavy metal genre and the performers played the songs skillfully. The entire hall burst into music with the performances. The most impressive part of the event was the jamming by the performers in the beginning of the performance by each of the groups. Besides, the show was illuminated with tremendous lighting that also played important roles while the loudspeakers delivered the blazing music which made the event more enjoyable for us. But a different situation was created when one of the participants played an instrumental music of a popular love song of China. The entire hall turned silent and after the performance was over, some of the audiences jumped on the stage to embrace the performers in joys which was really troublesome for the security people to manage.

Such musical events are enjoyed by the young people ranging from teenage and specially organised to promote the underground bands. In fact, this is a platform for the underground bands to rise up while it also increases the love for music among the youths. The arrangement of such musical events is a great idea which will help the youths to get involved in musical activities more. The performances that we observed on the day were great and actually, the performers can do far better if such events are regularly organised. Besides, it would be a great source of entertainment for the young people if the country. Instead of wasting their times unnecessarily, it could be an effective way to help them be citizens loving music.

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