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Describe your study room

IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 259 with Model Answer:

Describe your study room.

You should say:
  • how large it is
  • how much time you spend there daily
  • what things this room has
and give details of your study room.  

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
I have a study room of my own at my home and I like it most for several reasons. This is the room that is filled with different books and reading materials. Everyone who comes to my home likes my study room.

I am a student of Bhagat Phool Singh Mahila Vishwavidyalaya in Haryana in India and live in a traditional house with my other family members. My university is only for the females and the environment is good enough for us. There are plenty of options to study at the university but I prefer to study at home as most of the places in the university are crowded. So, I have made a study room of my own at home. The room is around 12 feet by 10 feet. There are two windows inside the room faces the garden outside of the house.

I usually spend around four to five hours in the room daily and complete my necessary tasks like studying, assignment preparation, reading books etc. Sometimes I gossip with my friends who come to visit me and often I take my meals in this room. Generally, I enter the room in the evening and come out before sleeping. But if I have an emergency, I do not follow any routine to get into the room and complete the works. Moreover, sometimes I use the room for entertainment as well and this happens on the holidays and there are no time limits for that.

The room is well decorated with a medium reading table made with the finest wood. Besides, there is a desktop computer with an active internet connection. The room is well ventilated with two large windows. Often I complete my study by sitting on the wooden chair that was made with the table. Besides, there are two small pieces of sofas are set on the corner of the room for the guests. According to my plan, my dad has made a small cot for me so that I could use that at night times for relaxation as sitting on a wooden chair may make me feel uncomfortable. My study room is also well decorated with some small pot plants and they have raised the beauty of my room as well.

I love this room very much and have made it comfortable for my needs. Often I need to use the room for long hours and accordingly I have set all the things. Sometimes I sleep in the room as well on the small bed set on a corner. The lighting system is very well and there are some hidden lights that I use when I watch movies on a computer or chat with my guests. A great environment is created that makes all feel comfortable.

Sample Answer 2: 
I am a student of A-level in a local English medium school in Vietnam. My academic activities are huge and thus my parents have made a study room complete my academic works. The room is located beside the living room.

The room is not too much large and I think the measurement of the room would be around ten feet in length and eight feet in width. But this is enough for me. I have set a reading table there along with a bookshelf that contains all the necessary books and documents for my academic studies. Since the room is not much large, I have accommodated all the other things in my bedroom except the most important and necessary things for my academic activities.

I spend almost all the times of the day when I am at home. Usually, my school begins early in the morning and I return home by noon. Getting refreshed, I go to study in the study room. As I will appear in the A-level exam next month, I have been preparing for a long time. As part of the preparations, I have to spend around seven to eight hours in the study room. Most of the time I concentrate on my studies and sometimes I listen to light music as well to remove the boredom of study. I leave the room only when I need to take my meals and attend to the call of natures.

The room is not too much decorated due to lack of space. My dad has set a table along with a chair. Besides, there is a medium bookshelf to hold all my necessary stuff and other academic materials. I have placed my laptop on the corner of my table and have placed the sound systems in the corners. So, when I play any music, it appears that the sounds are coming from every part of the room. I have decorated my table nicely and there are two shelves on the table where I place my books and other things. Moreover, there is a small stand where I put my clothes and that is attached to the back side of the door of the room.

This is a favourite place for me at my home and I like to spend most of the times of the day here. Sometimes I use this place as my group study place as well and it is mostly done before the semester finals. Some of the intimate friends come here before the exam day and we get engaged in the study. Besides, when I feel lonely, I come to the room and keep looking at the sky with the small window. Often I spend my leisure hours in the room by playing some soft music on my iPod. This is a great place for me indeed.

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