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Describe an accident

IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 257 with Model Answer:

Describe an accident you have seen or heard about.

You should say:
  • where it occurred
  • what harm it caused
  • how you felt about the accident
and explain how dangerous this accident was.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
Accidents are always unwanted and cause several damages to the lives and properties. There are different types of accidents and all of them are unwanted. In the past week, I heard about a road accident which took place right before my college.

I heard from the witnesses that a small boy was crossing the road after his school. He was alone and his parents might have forgotten about his pick up from the school. It was a busy road of New Delhi and everyone is rushing to their respective places and thus they are driving in speed. As a result, it becomes impossible for almost all of the drivers to stop their vehicles amid in the rush. But fortunately, the bus driver somehow managed to stop his car and the little boy was slightly hit by the front part of the bus.

The little boy was shocked at this event, after the witnesses’ statements. They also said that the little boy tried to cross the road but since he was alone, he could not. Besides, there were none other to help him cross the road. So, whenever he found a gap, he started the run and unfortunately he could not reach on the road divider. He had to stop in the middle of the road when he saw a large bus was approaching him from his right direction. So, when the bus managed to stop, the bumper of the bus hit the boy that took about two or three yards away from his position. Luckily the boy did not get hurt except some scratches on his hands and feet. His water bottle, made of glass, was broken and his books were scattered on the road.

I was deeply shocked hearing about the accident. Something serious could have happened if the bus driver would not have stopped his bus at the right moment. The boy could have got killed as well or also might have got some serious injury like breaking bones of the body. But nothing has happened like that. Thanks to God. But I was surprised to hear the nobody helped the boy t cross the road which he told the people who rescued him. The boy asked for help to people standing near his school as his parents were making late to take him home. So, being confused that his parents will not come to take him, he himself started the journey to home and became the accident victim.

The accident was not that much dangerous but it could have been. The little boy has been saved for the expertise of the bus driver. Usually, it is really difficult to stop a bus with a great speed on the road and in that case, the bus may fall victim of an accident.

Model Answer 2:  
Recently, in my neighbourhood, a new and large apartment complex has been being built but unfortunately, there was an accident which claimed two workers’ lives. The workers fell from the crane and died on the spot.

I live in a rented apartment complex in Alwar, Delhi. A construction company has started its new project that will build an apartment complex that will be 15 storied. Accordingly, they started their activities and it becomes difficult for us to sleep, particularly in the morning hours. The noise from the downstairs was really horrible. But one day, the noise increased more than ever and I rushed to my window and saw that a crane got derailed and speedily headed to the downstairs. There were two workers on the crane and when it fell on the ground, the workers got serious injuries.

The workers’ injuries were too serious and they were bleeding. Blood was coming out from their mouths while one of them sustained a serious head injury. The people present there called for emergency medical service and ambulance. At the same time, some of them were trying to provide them with the first aid service. Unfortunately, they broke some bones of their bodies and were heavily bleeding from different other parts of their body. Before reaching the ambulance, unfortunately, the injured workers passed away.

The accident was so shocking to me that even I cannot forget the scenes from my mind. I am unable to erase my memory and they haunt me every moment. Two of the men working in the construction company had to sacrifice their lives for the construction of the apartment complex. The event was a clean accident. The cable that was pulling them up with the crane could not bear the load got torn apart. As a result, the crane came down with the workers and some other construction materials. A large thump was heard when the crane got apart from its cable and everyone started shouting loudly. So, when I heard the shouts, I came to know about the accident and also rushed to the spot and participated in the rescue of the other workers. Actually, almost everyone in the surrounding apartments also came out for help as they supposed that there might be some other consequences following this accident.

This was a very dangerous accident and in fact, the damages could have been more but due to the preventive measures adopted by the construction authority, the damage radius has been minimised. If there were unplanned construction, the accident could have taken lives of more other workers at the project. But fortunately, nothing such things happened. The remaining workers were safe and sound. The construction authority checked the cable and it was proved that the cable has torn due to the heavy load and regular use. They took other measures to prevent further accidents.

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