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Describe an event when someone apologised to you

IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 247 with Model Answer:

Describe an event when someone apologised to you.

You should say:
  • who apologised to you
  • when it was
  • why this person apologised to you
and explain how you felt when this person apologised to you.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
When I was at my school, a classmate of mine made some quarrels with me over a petty issue. Later he apologised to me for the incident and promised me that such events will never take place between us.

I was a student of Govt High School Kotwal Quetta in Balochistan under Pakistan. In my school, there were no chances for coeducation. It was only for boys. So, all the students were boys and thus the numbers of misdeeds were more than the other school of the locality. The majority of the boys were wicked and did not follow any rules and regulations. Khashru Ameer was one of them and loved to quarrel with some other boys. Unfortunately, he also got involved in a quarrel with me though I was not to be blamed. The quarrel started with the seating arrangements. I always used to sit on the first row in the class. Sitting in the first row was set on the first come first served basis. So, the students who used to go early in the class could occupy their seats on the first bench. But Ameer started the quarrel over occupying a seat on the row though he was too late for the class.

He did the foul acts for his immaturity and nothing but the age was to be blamed. We were the students of eighth grade in the school. The activities we did were almost childish but the teachers used to advise us over not performing such acts. They advised that we have to behave gently as most of the students were disobedient. Most of the students were involved in some sort of monkey business and they did not follow the orders of their parents or teachers. So, it was really difficult for the teacher to control the situations in the class. When they controlled one part of the class, troubles began from another corner. Sometimes the students used to start a fight with one another over minor issues and all of such things happened as all of us were in the beginning of our teenage.

Khashru Ameer was one of the mischievous boys and he often started the quarrel by himself with the others. Since he was somewhat healthy than the other boys of the class, he used to dominate over them by force. But he could not dare to get engage with me because I was the only boy who knew the martial art. Initially, he could not understand the issue that what he was doing. So, he continued the quarrel with me and he had firm belief that I would leave the seat for him. But instead, I did not do so. Instead, I looked into his eyes directly. I gently said that I would not leave the seat and if he needs to sit on the first row, he should come earlier. I also told him not to behave rudely with me otherwise, he is to pay a heavy price for that. With my speeches, he was a bit astonished and felt embarrassed. No one else told him so before and my statements hit on his ego. He also stared at me. Finally, when some other boys came to my help and told him about my expertise, he apologised and took a last-row seat.

Actually, I felt nervous in the beginning when he was quarrelling with me. I have seen that he is beating the other boys who were disobedient to him. But I had no interactions with him until he wanted to grab my seat. I knew that I could handle him very well, but I did not want to create a scene in the class. I could beat a boy like him severely and without any pause, but I did not do so. I just warned him that the consequences of quarrelling would be terrible for him and if he did not listen to me, I really would have beaten him seriously. When I warned him, I saw a fear in his eyes and when he apologised to me, I got relieved that the trouble was gone. I was also in a trouble that if I had to beat him, the issue would be publicised and then a mess will be created. So, with the apology, I got free from all the anxieties.

Model Answer 2: 
Generally, I have never seen any bank cashier to make mistakes in counting money but recently I had such an experience at the branch of a multinational bank her in Mumbai. The bank cashier made the mistake and apologised to me.

The man, named as Madan Mohan (as per his name tag) made the mistake in counting the money that I gave him to deposit on my college account as my semester fee. The amount was 7945 rupees and Mr Mohan did not count the amount completely. So, when he asked me for more money to fill up the semester fee, I politely said him that I had provided the exact amount. I requested him to count again but he shouted out loud. I was astonished at such a behaviour.

The incident happened just before a week of the last semester of my first year in the college. In fact, it was the year ending examination at the college for getting promoted in the 12th grade. Every one of my college mates was busy in preparation for the exam while the college payments were settled by their parents. Since my father was out of the city for some business purposes, I had to take the responsibility of paying the college fees. So, I went to the bank where usually the college fees are deposited.

I was surprised by Mr Mohan’s behaviour and asked him why he shouted at me. He failed to provide any satisfactory explanation and finally apologised to me. He admitted that it was his mistake on counting. He also said that he had not noticed the changes with the rupees. What a lame excuse! He also said that he was on the view that I was cheating with the fees and brought the reduced amount. He compared me with the other boys with the idea who cheat on college fees and then come to keep some credit and appear in the exam. But I was and made him understood that I am none of those boys. I also asked him again to count the money and when he found everything in order, he apologised

Forgiving is considered as one the best virtues. So, I forgave the bank cashier but the behaves he did with me was shocking. He shouted loud before everyone and tried to prove that I am one of the mischievous boys stealing money from home. But when I made him realise that it was his mistake as he did not count the money I the right manner and it happened for his negligence, he repented. He was looking sad and it appeared that he truly was feeling sorry inside. So, I forgave him and left the bank.

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