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Positive experience that you had as a teenager

IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 227 with Model Answer:

Describe a positive experience that you had as a teenager.

You should say:
  • what the positive experience was
  • where you were then
  • who you were with
and explain why you think this was a positive experience.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
Life is filled with different experiences and everyone has to go through it. When I was a teenager, I also had many experiences while some of them were positive and some others were regretful for. I went to a friend’s house and found that he was caring his pet dogs and that was a positive experience for me.

I live in Maharashtra in India now and been living here since after my birth. I was born in a typical extended family and all of the male members are engaged in our family business of producing and exporting steel products. Being a large family, we have some pets in our house and we actually do not take care of them properly. But the care for pets that I saw at the house of Sudip, my intimate friend in college, was something special and positive to me. Generally, people do not treat their pets well. There are no schedules for feeding or bathing of the pets. Even the pets are beaten as well for no reasons. But the scenario is entirely different at Sudip’s place. His father has appointed a man to look after their pet dogs.

I met Sudip at the New Vision Public School immediate after my admission in the seventh grade. He was a brilliant student and came from a lavish family. His father was one of the largest businessmen in the locality and people also respected him for his kind nature. I went to meet Sudip at his home to collect some notes as I missed a class for my physical illness. After reaching there, I received a warm welcome. But I was afraid with the appearance of two dogs at the home and they were moving freely here and there inside the house. Though I am familiar with pets I was surprised as those were allowed to move anywhere in the house. Usually, the pet dogs are not allowed to move in the house and most of the cases the dogs are kept chained. But there were no chains with the dogs and they looked cleaner than the ordinary dogs found as pets in India.

I met with the members of Sudip’s family except his father (he was out of the city for some business purposes). Gradually I also come to know about the dogs and they came beside me. I was a bit nervous about their presence but Sudip’s mother told me that the dogs gentle. Though they had a giant look, they behaved gently and I was made familiar with them. Sudip told me about the history of the dogs, how his father brought them home from the street and they are serving the role of their family member as well. The dogs are taken care of in the right manner and a man is recruited to take care of them. The dogs also have a specific schedule to be fed or bath. The man, named Navin Kumar, usually feed the dogs and baths them too. I was surprised hearing that the dogs had separate rooms for them to sleep at night whereas most of the people use the dogs to secure their houses.

I try to learn from everything and the experience at Sudip’s place also taught me many things. My ideas about pets have been changed to the root. I could not think that the pets should be taken care of in such a smart way. We have three dogs in our house but unfortunately, there is none to care for them. They are not fed well and bathing is an irrelevant question to us. So, the dogs do not look striking rather the dogs have a thin shape and all the times they are kept out of the main building. So, when I came to know about the pets in Sudip’s place, I learnt a positive thing here. Every pet should be taken care of in the right manner and if people are unable to provide the necessary care, they should not take pets. After returning home, I discussed the issue with my mother and other family members. All of them agreed with me that we also should start practice such things.

Sample Answer 2:
An old man suddenly stumbled on the road, got injured and stranger, standing nearby, took the man to the nearest hospital. This was really a positive experience for me as a teen. In fact, this is a modern age and everyone is busy with them. So, the number of selfless work is limited. Thank you for the wonderful candidate task card. It reminds me of that day and I am going to share the experience with you now.

The old man, around 70, suddenly fell on the ground. He stumbled on a stone and might not have identified the stone for his poor eyesight (that I came to know later). The old man received an injury in his leg and it was bleeding profoundly. He also had some injuries in both of his hands. So, the man standing aside from the old man took him to the hospital and did the necessary things for the old man.

I was on my way to college. It was a rush hour and everyone was busy. The event took place in the middle of the busy road here in the city of Athens. I do not know how the old man came there and how he stumbled on the street. In fact, almost all the streets are swept carefully. So, it was an unusual event for us all. Moreover, most of the people were for their respective destinations. Might be they were for their office or business. So, a few of the people cared for the event. They ignored the matter and started for their destination again.

I was alone and walking through the street to reach my college in time. I was supposed to meet some of my friends before the college entrance. Earlier, we planned to complete an assignment together. So, the meeting was planned. But unluckily, I was unable to reach there in time. Even I made late to attend the class. I was with the stranger who helped the old man. I also assisted in taking the old man to the hospital. But I was touched by the cordial attitude of the stranger. Later I came to know about the man and was surprised that a nobleman like him is helping the injured old person while the other people are ignoring the issue.

It was a positive experience for me in many terms as a teenager. I learnt to help the destitute no matter what your position in the society is. I also came to know about humanity. We all are humans (actually we claim ourselves as humans) but only a few of us own the sense of humanity. So, it was a very big lesson for me to be a human in a perfect sense.

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