Good news you learned from the TV or internet

IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 239 with Model Answer:

Describe a piece of good news you learned from the TV or the internet.

You should say:
  • what it was
  • when you learned it
  • how this news affected you
and explain how you felt about learning this good news.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
A few months ago, the national budget has been placed in the national parliament of India and the budget has reduced the price of electronics products. I have been planning for long to buy a computer for my home use.

Usually, before the budget, the price of everything becomes a bit unstable. Some of the dishonest business people try to raise the products’ price unusually and life becomes struggling. The price of every commodity gets an increase and the situations become intolerable. So, when I heard about the price reduction of electronic products, it was really a pleasure for me. I am a student and have been saving money for past one year to buy a computer. But due to the increased price, I could not make it. I made several attempts to buy a computer and each time I found that the price was out of my reach and even I cannot make it with the least configuration. So, when the finance minister announced the proposed budget, he said that the import tax on electronic products including computers, mobile phone, laptops etc. would be reduced; it was really good news for me.

The budget was presented in March in 2016 in the Parliament of India. Usually, I am not that much interested in hearing the budget speeches as they do not have any appeal to me. Each year, right before the budget, the prices of everything get a hike and this is not an exception in this year. Prices of necessary products started increasing alarmingly but when the budget was placed, everything was normal. One of my college friends asked me to watch the budget on the television as his father works at the ministry of finance and somehow he came to know about the price fall of electronic goods. Despite my unwillingness, I watched the budget speech of the finance minister and came to know that the prices of electronic goods have been reduced to some extent. It made me happy since I can buy a computer of my own.

The news was great for me. I am a youth of a middle-class family in India and my father is a small government official while my mother is a school teacher. So, often it becomes difficult for them to maintain the family and in such cases, I cannot ask them to buy a computer for me. Now a day, it is almost impossible to do something without a computer. Moreover, I need a computer as many of my texts in my college are digitalized and they need computers to read out. Some presentations are also there and the teachers also ask me to make such presentations for the class. So, for the want of a computer, my academic studies were being hampered seriously. So, I planned to buy it all by myself and accordingly started saving money from my regular pocket money. Though I accumulated almost 12000 rupees, I needed more to have a computer (in fact the minimum price for a lower graded computer is about 20000 rupees). The announcement made me pleased and I would be able to buy a computer after a few days. A draft calculation from a computer selling store showed that I could buy the computer if I have only 14500 rupees.

I simultaneously felt several emotions inside me. Firstly, it was a kind of joy that I am having my dream come true. Then I thought that everything is possible in the world. Finally, I was surprised that how it could be possible to buy a computer at a lower price. But all these were my initial emotions and excitement. I thought over the issue finally and figured out that the prices went up as the importer of electronic goods had to pay some extra duties. Now they will not need any such duties. So, when they will not pay duties, they would be able to sell the products at a cheaper price than the former days. In fact, when I learnt the good news, I jumped out of joy and shouted loudly at my home. My family members were astonished in such behave and when they came to know about the real fact, they were relieved of anxiety that I am okay with my sense.

Sample Answer 2: 
The weather of my locality was under serious turbulence. It had been raining for past few days which has almost stopped the ordinary life. So, when I saw that the weather will be okay within the next 24 hours, I felt joy inside my mind. This was really a good news that I learned from the Internet. Thanks for this smart question.

I live in Mumbai with my family and studying in a reputed local college in the city. For the foul weather and heavy rain, life in the city has been stand still. It was not possible for me and other family members to move for their respective tasks. I missed my college classes and also missed some other important activities as I could not go out of home for the heavy shower. Thus, when I came to know that the weather will be fine by next day, I felt a sense of joy.

I was browsing the Internet and visiting the news portals. One of the news portals reported that the weather of Mumbai will be steady shortly. It was really a good news to me. In fact, I had to miss lots of things as I could not go out of the home. I was stranded at my home and only used the video game to pass my times. Sometimes, I also used to read the online news portals and luckily I came to know about it. The news appeared too attractive and I felt highly glad.

The most important thing was that if the weather was stable, I could be able to go to the college. The other important thing for me was that I could be able to play with my local friends. Usually, I participate in outdoor games and sports every day in my locality. Moreover, I have my own cricket bat which I lend the other players with me. Hence, it is really important for me to be present in the playground. On the other side, I missed some college classes and all of my friends live far away from me. Amid the foul weather, the college continued its classes and I needed to collect the notes. Hence, when I knew about the matter, I was really happy.

My feelings were limitless. Actually, I was bored by sitting at home idly in past two days. I just did some routine tasks like playing video games, reading books, eating, and sleeping. The sudden repetition of the tasks made me feel tired indeed. So, when the information was revealed, I became cheerful. The thoughts of going to the college covered up my mind. I also planned to do some other things and made another plan to make a trip in the adjacent localities. It was a relieve for me.

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