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Goal you target to reach in your career

IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 241 with Model Answer:

Describe the ultimate goal you target to reach in your career.

You should say:
  • what it is
  • what you will need to do to reach this stage
  • how far you have come to fulfil this target
and explain why you have decided to reach this goal.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
I am a small entrepreneur in Lahore in Pakistan. My business is related to the Information Technology, commonly known as IT. I dream to make my firm as a renowned brand in Pakistan that will elevate me to the position of one of the most successful IT specialist in the history of my land.

I own a moderate IT firm and have been performing different IT related tasks for around five years. Usually, I deal with data entry, graphic design and web development. Since I have been performing the role for long, I think I would try to go in the top position in this industry. There are a good number of IT firms and agencies are available in Pakistan and not every one of them is successful in this sector. A few of them have tasted the success and for that, they had to undergo different struggles. To be successful here, one needs to be patient and sincere and also should keep in mind that this is a business for them. In business, always there are ups and downs but most of the business people are unable to accept the truth. So they cannot shine in the business and their business career falls. But I want to get glued with my business and rise on the top of success.

Perseverance is the most important thing to attain the success and I have to exercise the quality if I want to reach in the stage of a top IT specialist in my career. Most often the ordinary IT people lack the quality. They do not want to be patient with their activities and thus they become the victim of impatience which allures them to give up the sector. Consequently, they fail to be successful and blame on their fate and often they blame the industry as well. But I am a bit different from them and I know how to be patient. In fact, without being patient for something, it is almost impossible to get the desired things in life. So, I will have to exercise for perseverance to be successful in the business and moreover, I will have to keep myself up to date with the latest findings of IT sector.

Reaching my target is not as easy as it is supposed. It needs lots of preparations and hard work to reach there. So far I have made some changes in my work and lifestyle so that I could reach my target. Initially, I have started working hard than before. Now I take only a single day leave for me in my IT firm and made my work week by six days. Besides, I do not work following the conventional working schedule rather I try to break the rules. I start my work early in the morning and continue till after the evening. In the middle of the day, I take some short breaks for the meal, prayer and refreshment. But I also feel some troubles with the unconventional routines that I have set for me. Often I get tired of the works and cannot concentrate on the jobs I am performing. Sometimes I feel lonely as well while working on the holidays. But all the efforts will take me to the way of success. Due to my hard work, the reputation of my IT firm has already been spread and I have started receiving more clients.

This is a fast age. Everything has become faster than it could have been imagined in the past days. So, to keep pace with the changes, it is important to be noticed. Unless you are noticed on your respective arena, there are several chances that your survival attempts will wind up in few seconds. So, whatever you are performing, that should be done perfectly so that everyone notices you and your work. When the desired level of attention will be achieved, survival will be easier. Besides, it will bring name and fame for you and your business. I am dealing with my IT agency that is specialised in several aspects of IT sector. But there are a wide number of IT firms are also available in Pakistan and they are engaged in similar activities and I think I have to beat them in the race if I want to be on the top of success. If I cannot reach the top position, survival for me and my agency will be difficult. So, I, in fact, do not want to take any risk about my survival. Thus I have decided to reach the goal.

Sample Answer 2:
I am a sales executive of a renowned multinational corporation and I aim to reach the position of a regional manager for the same company or the same position in any other reputed company. This is my ultimate goal in my career. Thank you so much for this outstanding topic. Hope the matter will be interesting to you.

Climbing on the position of a regional manager for a multinational corporation is really difficult. It requires a lot of struggles, perseverance, devotion to the job, firm determination and many more things. So, I am planning to reach at this position someday in my career. Besides, this is also a rewarding position as well.

The most important thing is the experience. I will need an experience of over 10 years to reach in this position of regional manager. Besides, it requires some other skills like leadership, teamwork, effective communication, strategical thinking, motivational skill and more other qualities. All the qualities are available if someone works for years in this track. Therefore, I have been planning to build up my career in this track and will continue it as long as I can. I am trying hard to gain knowledge about the market research methods, taking lessons on teamwork by working with the other members of my team and also communicate with the relevant people to make my communication skills perfect.

To be honest and frank with you, I have a long way to go. I have only passed a single year in this profession. But to reach my goal, I will need over 10 more years of experience. So, it is really difficult to reach the goal. On my way to the goal, I also might have to cross many other barriers. I may lose my job or get transferred from one place to another. I may also experience many other unwanted events. But I need to remain sharp about my career goal. After crossing all the obstacles and gaining experiences, I hope the companies will look for a potential hand like me. And it may also happen that they will offer me the job instead of seeking by myself.

I have decided to reach the goal based on some reasons. I got the chance to work under a regional manager and reported to him directly. So, I observed how neatly he works and how nicely he manages all the responsibilities assigned to him. He remains busy around the day and the position is also rewarding too. The office room is nicely decorated and he is provided with a private car for his everyday use and even his residential rent is paid by the company. All these things have attracted me to set and achieve the goal.

If you can talk about the cue card topic "Describe the ultimate goal you target to reach in your career." you should be able to talk about the following IELTS cue cards topics as well:
  • Describe a long-term aim or goal you have. 
  • Describe the career you want to have. 
  • Describe a success you want to achieve. 
  • Describe a future plan you have. 
  • Describe a goal or career plan you have. 

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