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Describe your favourite furniture at home

IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 213 with Model Answer:

Describe your favourite furniture at home.

You should say:
  • what it is
  • how it looks like
  • how often you use it
and explain why it is your favourite furniture.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
I live in a large apartment with my parents in France and our apartment is filled with different adorable furniture. Among the all other furniture, I like my bedside sofa set most for some reasons. The sofa set looks stunning and has raised the beauty of my bedroom.

As a single girl, I live with my family and my dad has allotted a moderately spacious room for me when he bought this apartment in the downtown of Paris. He bought the apartment in a multistoried apartment complex and allotted two different rooms for me and my elder brother. My brother’s room is just opposite to my room and larger than mine. However, I do not have much furniture in my room except my bed, a medium reading table, a computer table, a set of three wonderful sofas, a small table before the sofa set and a closet. I use each of the things for different purposes and mostly the sofa set is used when my friends come to visit me. They usually sit on the sofas and chat with me about different matters. I also use them whenever I need.

I asked my father to buy me a set of the single sofa with a small table to be kept in my room. Often my friends and classmates come to visit me and I do not prefer to sit in the living room to discuss with them. As I am introvert in nature, I like to keep myself hidden and when my friends arrive, I ask them to assemble in my room where we could have privacy. My parents also do not bother with the issue as all of my friends are female. So, the sofa set helps them to sit and gossip or discuss with me. The sofa set is made of wood and there are some adorable designs on the handles. The backsides of the sofas are also curved and the shapes are finely made. They are black in colour including the small tea table. Though the table was maroon, I asked my dad to make the colours homogeneous. So, he brought the table painted in black. Now it was like a complete set.

The sofas are used frequently. In fact, my friends use them more than me. They visit me almost every day of the week and use the sofas. They sit on sofas and enjoy movies on my computer while I have to take a seat on my bed. Even they are too informal with the use of the sofa that they place their legs on the table during the movie time. But when they are not with me and my parents need to talk with me, they come and sit on the sofas. The sofa set consists three medium-small sofas. The entire sofa is made with strong woods and the legs are the strongest part of the sofa. They are also made with a special design and looks like the legs of an elephant that his holding up the wooden structure. Interestingly, whoever enters into my room, adores my sofa set and they feel comfortable by sitting on them.

There is a rule that when things are most used, they become more preferable objects for us. So, I like the sofa set most as it is used more than any other thing. When I need to read something, ordinarily I use the reading table. But if I feel discomfort with the table, simply I sit on the sofa. The seat on the sofa is more comfortable than the wooden reading chair. Moreover, this is my favourite furniture as all of the people like it and when they come to know that it was bought after my choice, they really become glad. They adore my choice and get amazed at my intelligence to make a small living room inside my own bedroom. Moreover, the sellers have said that the woods used for the sofa is a long lasting one and they also have provided 30 years guarantee for this which is really unbelievable. They are heavy and good looking. For all these reasons, I like this particular furniture more than any other thing in my room.

Sample Answer 2:
I pass most of the time with my computer table when I am at home. This is the favourite piece of furniture for me. In fact, I am in love with this furniture. This is a very interesting question to deal with. Thank you for this nice candidate task card topic. Hope you will enjoy the description of the table in brief now.

This is a wooden computer table. I use it for various purposes. Mostly I use the table for using my personal computer. But sometimes, I also use it as a reading and writing table as well. I do not have any other tables in my room. So, the computer table plays multifarious roles for me. You may also be surprised hearing that often I use this table for dining too.

The table is made of oak wood. And it is black in colour. The table was made by the local carpenter. He made the table with the finest oak woods so that it could sustain for years. Yes, he did his best to make the table. I have been using the table for over six consecutive years. By this period of time, there are no notable changes in the table. There are only some scratches on its back. Even the colour of the table has also not been faded at all. There are also issue with the wooden table that they do not last long or get damaged. Luckily, I did not have such experiences so far with the table.

I use the table frequently. In fact, it is used around the day when I am at home. To be honest, I spend less time on my bed than this table. I play games, watch movies, browse the Internet, make my assignments and many more things. Sometimes, I place my coffee mug on the table while watching any movies or shows on the Internet. The multi-purpose use of the table has made if favourite to me. Almost half of the day of mine is spent with this table. I have a chair and I sit comfortably there while using the table.

The table is my favourite furniture for many reasons. The most important reason is that I feel comfortable with the table. I keep my necessary documents and stuffs like my wallet, keys, cell phone charger etc. inside the drawer. The table is the permanent place for my cell phones. I put the phones on the table always when I return home. Besides, being moderately large, the table has ample space to keep many other things on it. So, I also have placed a small flower vase on there. It has helped greatly to change the look of my bedroom. Considering the reasons, this is my favourite piece of furniture.

Idea generation for this Cue Card topic: 

"Describe your favourite furniture at home."

Undoubtedly, a piece of furniture helps to make a room look better. And thus people try to have the best of the furniture pieces for their use. This cue card wants to know about a favourite furniture that you use at home. Here are some extra hints for you to approach this cue card topic.

1. I love my single sofa. I have kept the furniture in my bedroom. The sofa is made with the finest oak woods and too heavy to lift. My dad ordered it for me and I have been using it for over past four years. Being a quality furniture, it still looks beautiful. But there are some marks on the back part. I use the sofa to read books or enjoy movies.

2. My rocking chair is the best-liked thing in my room. This is made of strong wood and two foams are placed on the seat. The gentle rocking motion makes me comfortable and most of the times I used it for reading newspapers. Sometimes, I use the chair to sleep in the noon too.

3. I have a wall cabinet and this is fixed to the wall. The cabinet is made of solid woods and comes in a grey colour. I use the cabinet for different purposes like preserving my attires, precious items and obviously my wallet and other necessary documents. Besides, I also use the cabinet lower part to store my sports tools and kinds of stuff.

4. The bookshelf located in the corner of my room is my favourite furniture. I love it most for its magnificent looks and wide space. The shelf is made of timber and glass. I can keep around 200 books in this shelve and the glass door helps to store or bring out the books too easily. All the books are visible from out of the glass.

5. My bed is my favourite furniture in my room. This is a double bed with moderate space for me. I have used some special materials to make the bed comfortable. The bed is made of woods, iron and plastic materials. The bed design is innovative and brings a good look.

6. The dresser is located in the west corner of the room. It comes with three drawers and a large mirror. I use the dresser for preserving my makeup materials and keep my perfumes hidden. Besides, I also use it for placing my purse and wristwatch when I come back from my job.   

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