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Describe an unusual job

IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 220 with Model Answer:

Describe an unusual job you think you would be good at.

You should say:
  • what the job is
  • what kind of works it involves
  • what type of people do this job
and explain why you think you would be good at it.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
Selling hot dogs on the streets is something unusual for a person like me. In fact, I am highly skilled in persuading people into something and if I am assigned to sell hot dogs in the streets, I think I would be more successful than the professional vendors.

Singapore is the city where people around the world come to visit and most of them are the shoppers. They like to take their meals on the streets when they are shopping. So, selling street foods, especially hot dogs, is a great business with low investment. But everyone cannot play the role of a perfect street vendor. There are some specific arts and skills required for the task. Most of the sellers are not that much educated and often they are unable to deal with the foreign visitors. So, most of the street vendors, selling hot dogs, cannot shine in their business. But if an educated person like me is involved here, the business will shine greatly.

Selling foods on the streets of Singapore is unusual for me. I am from a wealthy family and have recently completed my graduation. My dad is planning to take me in his export-import business. So, if I get involved in selling street foods like hot dogs, they will discourage me from the business. But as I can see, there are lots of options for me to shine on the business. Firstly, most of the hot dog sellers are unable to speak a standard form of English. They try to communicate with the clients by exchanging gestures which is inappropriate for the business growth. Besides, the majority of the street food shops do not have cleanliness which is a must to attract the tourists and visitors. Though some of the vendors have some sitting arrangements in small scales, they are unable to serve all the clients simultaneously which is a barrier to client satisfaction. Overall, the street vendors lack the knowledge about client satisfaction. If all the tasks could be done together, the chance for success is more than anything in this business.

The street foods are sold by lower-middle class of people. They use carts to carry the store and open their shops besides some large streets or before any reputed shopping malls. They keep a standard distance with the main streets so that the stores do not block the roads. If they block roads and set their shops, they are to be accountable to the municipal authority. So, they are highly aware of the issues. Selling foods on the streets have become a family business for some of the sellers. They prepare the foods at their home round the day and sell those at the night, or they prepare the foods at the night time and sell those at the daytime. They cannot make a good profit from the business as they cannot grab customers in their stores. They are unaware of the approaches and they could have some business if some shoppers luckily visit their shops for foods.

I am a business graduate and have theoretical knowledge about business. I can make some business models as well with the existing street food shops and if the models could be implemented in the right manner, undoubtedly the businesses will grow to a large extent. I would be good at selling the hot dogs on the streets and before the shopping malls as I will adopt some innovative measures for increasing my sale of foods. I will advertise for the foods I am selling and definitely, I will use English as most of the tourists are out of Singapore and are familiar with this international language. I will add the price and quality of the hot dogs. Some sitting arrangements will be made and I will underscore the issue of modernity. I will arrange for cleanliness of the store. Some soft drinks would also be arranged with the hot dogs so that the clients could remove their thirst with the foods.

Sample Answer 2:
Being a professional politician would be an unusual job for me. This is completely different from the other professions. In fact, nobody takes it as a full-time profession. So, this is an unusual job for me. Thanks for your interesting question. Now I will describe the reasons in brief.

Politics is one of the ancient professions. Not everyone can be a politician. It requires specific skills and intelligence to be a politician. Moreover, you will need to talk a lot. In fact, without an enriched public relation skill, you would be unable to perform the roles of a politician. I think I have the capacity to handle everything that a politician does in his everyday life. So, it would be a suitable job for me.

This is not the job where an individual follows a routine. This is a different type of job which involved public relations. Besides, the position is also responsible for contributing to the development of the locality. It requires meeting with the local people and knowing about their sufferings. Besides, sometimes you are to participate in public functions as guests or fill up the position of chief guests as well. When you will be a politician, you will have fewer chances to lead a family life. Most of the time, you will need to remain busy with the activities for the people’s welfare. You also need to be patient and kindness to others. This is a great responsibility for someone like me to become a politician and in fact very unusual.

To be honest, this is not really a job. This is a passion. So, if you are not passionate about politics, you would be unable to do it. In fact, people who are in love in politics are the best person to come in this profession. This will lead them towards success. Besides, people who have skills in dealing with all types of people are able to participate in politics. This is the profession for people extrovert in nature. People who are open-minded are the candidates to be successful.

I would be good at this profession for some reasons. As I said before that this is not a typical profession actually, this is a passion. Most of the politicians of my country are not too much literate. So, it needs some educated people to join in. As a graduate, I would be able to apply my academic knowledge in this profession. Moreover, my extrovert nature is also a beneficial fact for me. I would be able to socialise with people and come to know about their needs so that I could assist them in fulfilling the needs. The most important thing is that I have a passion for politics. Based on all the matters, I would be good in politics.

Idea generation for this Cue Card topic: 

"Describe an unusual job you think you would be good at." 

People work to earn their livelihood. But not everyone can do the unusual jobs. This is a bit hard for them to suit the job considering the socio-economic setups. But there are some other people who can do every type of jobs. The cue card wants to know about an unusual job that the candidate would fit in. Here are some other examples for them to start the cue card.

1. The job of a cruise line employees is difficult and needs specific skills. This is a bit unusual too. In fact, the employee is always under supervision and commands from the captain and other superior officials. I think I would be a fit for this job as I can adjust to situations. Moreover, I do not mind listening to others and work accordingly.

2. Becoming a courier is challenging and requires a strong determination. In fact, if someone has less determination, s/ he cannot play the role of a courier. It needs punctuality, honesty, patience, and perseveration. As I own almost all the qualities, I think I would do great in this job.

3. Wall painting is a weird job in India. In fact, the painters publicize about products and services on the wall. Since I am a painter and own all the professional painting tools, I could do well in this job. Many of the modern people have some hesitations about this job and consider it as a poor one, but I own a different view in this case.

4. The job of a caretaker is really weird. It comes with numerous responsibilities. And the failure in performing the responsibilities may result in destruction. But I think I would be a great caretaker for anything. In fact, I am blessed with some potential qualities of sincerity and have a sharp sense of responsibility.

5. Crime scene cleaner is not that much respected in my country though the cleaners have many contributions to clear a scene. It requires special training and skills. Even the cleaner needs to repair doors, streets or other things damaged by crime or explosion. I think I have the courage to take the responsibilities and also will shine someday.

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