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Describe a seminar or workshop you have attended

IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 210 with Model Answer:

Describe a seminar or workshop you have attended.

You should say:
  • what was it about
  • who participated in it
  • how long the seminar/ workshop was
and explain why you attended this seminar/workshop.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
I am a student of development studies at Allahabad University in India. Recently, my department had sent me to participate in a day-long seminar on tobacco control issues in New Delhi to get some real-life ideas. It was an exciting experience for me.

I went to New Delhi to attend the seminar on different issues on tobacco control in India. The seminar was organised in association with some international tobacco control organisations and local NGOs working on the same issue. The seminar was to inform the participants about the detrimental impacts of tobacco use on human body and how it is detrimental to the economy, health and country. I came to know about different negative impacts of tobacco use and how it affects the nervous system. In fact, smoking is a kind of tobacco use and this is an addiction that the smokers can hardly give up. I also came to know about the chemicals containing in cigarettes and other tobacco products. Nicotine is largely responsible for the addiction. Moreover, I came to know how people start smoking and get entrapped with it.

It was a large seminar aiming to spread knowledge about the detrimental impacts of tobacco use among the commoners. So, the relevant stakeholders were more in number as participants who joined form different national and international NGOs, government bodies, and even some parliament members were also at the seminar. Besides, the event was attended by notable economists of the country, university teachers, and students from different reputed universities, newspaper editors, and civil society members. Moreover, the event was covered by different media houses as well. Participants at the seminar were allowed to place their speeches and almost all of the speeches were about the detrimental impacts of tobacco use. The participants also emphasised on curbing the use of the tobacco for a healthy living. The economists explained how tobacco is damaging the entire economy and country.

The seminar went on round the day. It started at 10am in the morning and we took a break by 11.30. Then the seminar started again and continued till 1.30. The authority placed lunch break for an hour and we all went for the lunch. The lunch was made of traditional Indian dishes and all of us took those delicious food items heartily. I liked the chicken tandoori most while many of the participants took vegetables, bread or rice. Besides, the spicy drink was another notable element on the menu. I enjoyed the fruit salad as well. But unfortunately, one of the issues during the lunch hour embarrassed me. Some of the participants were wasting foods. They took foods by filling up their plates and could not finish up. Consequently, they had to waste the foods and the leftovers were thrown on the waste bins. Lack of consciousness is liable here to make people act in such way. The seminar resumed again after the lunch. We also got another break about one and a half hour later for evening snacks. Finally, the seminar came to an end at 5.00 pm.

As a student of development studies, it is a must to learn about the development initiatives of the country. The course is tailored in such a way that the students would be aware of the overall development issues of the country. Tobacco control is one of the biggest challenges for India and different government and non-government bodies are working on it. Some of the states in India have banned smoking in public places. But despite all the efforts, the rate of smoking is getting up gradually. Many of the Indian women suffer from cancer and the consumption of tobacco is the key cause of cancer. Unfortunately, a majority of the populations are unaware of the negative impacts of tobacco use and thus they are smoking cigarettes or consuming the other forms of tobacco. The seminar was organized to make some plans after a discussion to make people aware of the harmful impacts of tobacco use. Some other steps like the tax hike on all types of tobacco products, imposing health surcharge on tobacco products, implementation of graphical health warning on tobacco products packets, introducing plain packaging etc. were discussed. After a brief discussion with my course coordinator, I attended the seminar to gain some real-life knowledge about the specific issue of tobacco which is also considered as an obstacle towards development.

Sample Answer 2:
Recently I had to join a workshop in Singapore. The workshop was about repairing desktop computers. It was a great experience for me. Thank you for the nice topic. I will describe the event now in brief. Hope you would enjoy listening to my experience.

I work for a computer hardware and software selling company here in Singapore. The company has appointed me as a hardware engineer. I need to repair damaged computers. So, the authority had sent me to the training to learn about fixing all types of computer related troubles. The workshop taught all the possible troubles that may appear during the operation of a computer. Hence, it was an enjoyable experience for me and I learnt newer lessons at the workshop.

The workshop was participated by some other computer troubleshooting professionals. It is a kind of higher degree for the participants. But I was amazed that there were some international troubleshooters present at the workshop too. They came here to know more about the computer troubleshooting. In fact, this was one of the most prestigious workshops and is held twice in a year. Registration for the workshop is really a difficult issue. But I did not have to worry about that. My company arranged everything for me. There were 30 participants in this season but over 100 people were registered for the workshop. And they will be invited gradually in the next season.

It was a residential workshop that usually lasts for five days. The arranging authority organised everything including the accommodation, meals, training materials and other matters. The workshop began in the first hour of the day and ended in the evening every day. The last day was outstanding. I also liked wandering with the other participants. Sharing available information with them was another interesting experience. I do not know how the five days were gone. The moments were nice there and at the end of the workshop, it appeared that all the participants have turned in to a large family.

It was completely a professional workshop. The sole purpose to send me here was to make me skilled in troubleshooting computers. The company I work for is reputed in the city and been maintaining its reputation for past several years. Hence, providing a quality service to the customers is a must for them. So, the authority had sent me to the workshop so that I could get to know about the latest updates about computers and troubleshooting. I also had the intention to participate here but before joining this company, it was not possible for me to register. In fact, it was only for the professionals who have been working with computer troubleshooting. I was really happy to be there.

More Ideas for this cue card topic:

Often people need to attend seminars or workshops for different purposes. The experiences are dissimilar. Sometimes, they appear boring while some other times, they are interesting. The cue card wants to know about a seminar or workshop where the candidate was a participant. Here are some other answering examples for them.

1. Last October, I went to Japan to attend a conference on climate change. The conference took place for five days and it was interesting to me. All the climate change issues had been discussed there and potential solutions were sought. I suggested about reducing the carbon to protect the environment.

2. The day-long workshop on library management took place in Jakarta, Indonesia. I was a participant there and came to know about interesting topics of library management. In fact, it was my first out of the country workshop.

3. I could not much enjoy the workshop on sales and marketing. The conference took place in Shanghai and I had to join there as my boss instructed me so. In fact, I have been working as a sales professional for past nine years and I was skilled with all the methods discussed there for a successful sales boosting strategy.

4. The three-day long conference of scouting took place here in Kolkata. Participants from home and abroad came here to join the conference. It was fun. All the participants shared their experiences about scouting and also opined ways to improve it.

5. Unluckily, I went to a scientific conference with my husband. And I cannot enjoy that much. The conference took place in Athens and scientists around the world attended the conference. It was a different experience for me. Actually, I have no or less idea about the things they discussed in the conference.

6. The workshop of internet marketing was fruitful to me. I joined the workshop after completing my registration and came to know about the core of internet marketing. In fact, I had some ideas but they were clear after participation in the workshop.

7. The two-day long conference on STD control took place in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The conference aimed to train the participants to make people aware of the issue. Actually, STD is spreading randomly in the city and preventive measures must be taken against it.

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