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Describe a prize you have won

IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 214 with Model Answer:

Describe a prize you have won.

You should say:
  • what it was
  • what you had to do to win it
  • how many other competitors were there
and explain how you felt after winning it.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
Winning a prize is always exciting and the winners are adored as well by different quarters. I also had won a prize in my college’s annual sports competition last week. I won the first prize and became the champion on the table tennis match in the indoor games category.

Tennis is one of the most exciting sports in the world. Besides, the players are admired and respected by the people of the world. When it is about tennis, the majority of the people consider it to be lawn tennis but table tennis is the smaller version of the lawn tennis. Table tennis is played on a table and the rules are similar to the larger one. Usually, two types of matches are played on table tennis – single match, team match. In a single match, usually, there is one opponent in each of the sides while the opponents become two in the team match. All of the teams or players try to defeat their opponents.

Winning on a table tennis match is difficult indeed. I had to struggle a lot for winning the matches. Initially, I took part in the qualifying rounds, and then I got promoted to the competing matches. I played the matches solo though one of my friends wanted to team up with me. But I declined as I am not a good team player. Before appearing on the competitions, I had to practice the techniques for hours. Usually making the balls to swing is one of the difficult ways in table tennis and if someone could master it, playing and especially defeating becomes easier. So, I practised the specific way at my home with my sister. Moreover, I used to play table tennis with some of my friends who came to visit me at my home. Besides, dad also likes to play table tennis and often he turned my opponent at my home. So, I had lots of practice with table tennis and thereby, I became victorious.

There were several other competitors against me and I had to defeat every one of them. Before reaching the final match, I had to beat five other competitors. It was a bit difficult for me because the matches took place in a single day. The qualifying matches began early in the morning and continued for around one hour. Then the competing matches took place.

Fortunately, I got some rest as I did not have to play all the matches. I appeared in six matches altogether (including the final match). The matches took place in the college auditorium and three tables for the tennis were placed inside there to hold the matches. Most of the players came here without any practice and I thought that it would be easy to defeat them as I do have regular practice with table tennis. But it was tougher for me to defeat my competitors and they played very well despite having no practice at all.

When I participated in the matches, I, in fact, did not think about the results. Rather, I tried to play my best and I did so. In the end, the results backed me. When I checked my score, I was amazed and could not believe that I did so well in the matches. The least distance of points with the opponents was 10. The other opponents played well and had a good fight with me. My parents were also with me during the matches and they inspired me after every match. When I won the college championship for table tennis, I was overwhelmed with joy and excitement. I shared my emotions with my family members and also with the opponents. They said that they had also enjoyed the matches with me and wished me good luck as well. The chief guest, the college principal and relevant others also inspired me to continue my practice so that I could be a great table tennis player in future.

Sample Answer 2:
In the last annual shooting competition, I won the best performance award in the shooting. This is one of the most prestigious awards in police department here in Greece. So, it made me honoured. Thank you for your pleasant cue card topic. The question reminds me describing the memories of the competition day.

The annual shooting completion is held for various reasons. The most important reason is to increase and test the reflex actions of the police officers and how they react to situations. Moreover, it is also related to the fitness of the police officers. So, the authority organised for the competition and I won the best shooter awards in this competition.

There were no options left for me than practising. I had to practice a lot. After completing the duties, I went to the shooting ground and practised shooting with various types of handguns and firearms. And on the competition day, it was a pressure to me. I did not have the idea that I would win the award. I just had focused on the shooting the targets and completed the other assignments on the shooting ground. But firing with a handgun in a fast motion is really tough. And if the targets are moving, you are to be more cautious about that situations. Besides, firing at innocent people will decrease the point. It was difficult to stop firing at them.

This was a competition where every police officers in the department can take part. But this year, the number of competitors was less. There were only 20 participants. And all of them were highly skilled in shooting different types of firearms. They were skilled in rapid fire, fast draw, shooting the criminals and protecting the victims and more. I also own the similar expertise like them. But it was upsetting for me to hold my fire when suddenly an ‘innocent’ man appeared on the shooting ground. I gathered the highest point and it was my luck, I think.

Winning a prize is really enjoying. I did not win any prizes during my academic career. But after joining the police department, I have won several other prizes and all of them are prestigious. Winning the shooting competition was really tough for me. All of my competitors were skilled and senior to me in position. As I crossed all the barriers and showed my skills in shooting, everyone praised me. So, the joys were sky-high. The entire ground clapped on my success and the police chief handed me over the awards of the best-skilled police officer in the shooting. My family members were also happy about my success. To be frank, I was greatly inspired by the prize and my confidence also boosted substantially.

Idea generation for this Cue Card topic: 

"Describe a prize you have won." 

Winning a prize is always exciting and often the winners are considered as the most respectable people in a society. But not everyone can win the awards and it requires special sorts of skills and perseverance. The cue card is about describing a prize that the candidate had won. Here are some other additional hints for them to develop their own answers.

1. I took part in an art competition in my school in Lahore. The theme of the competitions was celebrating the independence day of the country. I took part there and won the third prize. Actually, I did not have any plan and just went to the school to see what happens.

2. My college in Paris annually arranges for different inter-class indoor competitions. Last year, I took part in a chess competition and won a prize. Winning prize is admirable but the efforts I had to spend were more than expected. Beating the competitors was really difficult for me.

3. Playing table football is fun and the fun doubles when someone wins the prize for playing. My thrills doubled when I won a prize for the table football. The competition was held at my university. I am an engineering student at a reputed engineering university in Europe and the authority often organizes such competitions for the recreation of students.

4. Badminton is a popular form of sport and I became the runner-up in the recent badminton championship in my locality in Rajasthan, India. All the competitors in the competition were skilled and moved fast. Battling them was highly difficult but I was able to keep my honour. I hope I will get the top award in next time.

5. Dart throwing requires a special set of skills. The player needs to have the sense of balance and aiming. I became third in a dart throwing competition in my academic institution. The entire competition was filled with thrills and entertainment. The tension was overflowing among all the contestants. And gaining a position in such a condition is adorable indeed.

6. Basketball is a popular form of sports in Japan. Recently, I have become the best performer in the basketball competition for scoring the highest number of points for my team. It was tough for me to score the points by dodging the other skilled players of the opposition team. 

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