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Describe a big public event that you have attended

IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 218 with Model Answer:

Describe a big public event that you have attended.

You should say:
  • what event it was
  • when and why it was held
  • who attended this public event
and explain how you felt about being there.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
I love rock music more than anything and accordingly try participating in almost all the live rock music concerts here, in Singapore. But a few weeks ago, I attended a large classical music festival and it was a different experience for me, indeed.

Generally, Singapore is famous for holding different music festivals round the year and there are several venues to hold the events. A diversified number of music events take place in Singapore and I like the classical music most. I attended the classical music festival of this year which was attended by a wide number of artists around the globe. The event is annually organised in Singapore and lasts for four to five days at a stretch. People of different level come here to enjoy the classical music from different countries. This is one of the most popular cultural events in Singapore and people gather here and pass almost all the night being enchanted by the classical music. The event begins at 8.00pm and closes at 4.30am each day until the closure of the entire event.

Generally, the event is held annually to promote the global friendship and exchange the cultural trends. Many of the countries, having some sort of heritage in classical music, participate in the event. There are no commercial aspects of the event and the entry fee is free for all. But one thing you need to do is that you are to register yourself by online registration method which is also free of charges. The classical music fest takes place in May of each year. A local event management agency organises the show and collects funds from different sources. Different multinational companies sponsor for the show and exhibit their advertisement which is the key funding source for the event. In fact, organising such a large event without any external support is impossible for the event management agency alone. But it does not charge a single penny from the audiences.

The classical music fest is attended by all types of people. In line with the natives, the foreigners or tourists in Singapore also visit the music festival. But that is a bit troublesome as they are not registered with the show and have to register instantly which really turns into some complexities. I went to the music fest with my college friends. Though being young in age, we are fond of rock music; the classical music instruments had some influential impacts on us, especially the flute playing. Some of the globally renowned flute artists participated at the event and captivated the audiences to a heavenly symphony. The flute artists performed at the last part of the event and the audiences waited eagerly for the artists’ performance. All of my friends were also astonished by the flutes. So, it was a regular task for us to attend the event in the midnight and stay until it was closed.

This was one of the most wonderful experiences in my entire life. Basically, I am a fan of hard rock music and most of the times I prefer concentrating on the music instead of the song. But when I attended the classical music fest, my concepts over songs have been changed. I am not anymore interested in rock music, rather I have turned into a big fan of the classical music. The Indian classical music was one of the most attractive things at the event. Besides, all the musicians at the event played with their heart. So, there was a heavenly situation and almost all the audiences enjoyed the music. None of them placed any complaint against the performance rather they were on the view to start the show earlier than the scheduled time. But I was totally surprised with the entire show and performance of the musicians. Every musician was considered as a master in the respective arena. The tones they created were outstanding and unique. Most of the tones they played have never been played before while some of the tones and songs were familiar to the audiences. Though I am unfamiliar with everything, I enjoyed the event deeply indeed. I was one of the luckiest men who had chances to attend the classical music fest in Singapore.

Sample Answer 2:
It was about a local election campaign in Islamabad, Pakistan. And it was a large public event. I attended the event based on some grounds and it was a nice experience. Thank you for this smart question. Here is the brief description of the issue.

The municipality election was held amid great festivity. Marking the election, a good number of events were organised where people of all classes were invited. In such an event, I went to see actually what happens. This was a big event and it was a new experience for me. In fact, I have never attended such an event before.

Interestingly, the event was held in an open space. I did not have the idea that the large events could also be organised in the open spaces. I knew that the public events are held in auditoriums or in a closed area so that everyone could enjoy them. But there was something different in this event. It was held in the afternoon and lasted for next few hours. I knew that the large gatherings are usually held in holidays. But this event took place on a working day. So, it also caused trouble for the people on the streets. One of the local political leaders organised for this event to make his candidates familiar to the local people for the election purpose.

Many of the ruling party leaders attended in this event. Actually, it was a kind of reunion for them with their supporters and locals. One of the influential ministers was the chief guest at the event while many of the other leaders of the ruling party were made guests speak at this event. Besides, the nominated candidates for the election were also there. Everyone spoke in this event and pledged for the development of their respective localities. Besides, they also pointed out the problems and also explained how they would solve them when they will be elected as the representatives of the local people.

Initially, I was glad to be a part of this historic gathering. But later, I realised that I made it wrong. The event was organised by blocking a public street which caused immense suffering for the commuters. It also troubled the people to reach their destinations. Besides, seating arrangement was not up to the mark. Each of the speakers took a long time during their speech delivery. So, my enjoyable feeling turned in to an anxiety. I stood for over two hours at the event venue as I could not manage a seat for me. Many of the senior citizens also stood on their feet for me. Further, some of the independent candidates appeared at the venue which created a sense of fear. So, I cannot say that the feelings were good until the end.

Idea generation for this Cue Card topic: 

"Describe a big public event that you have attended." 

Attending a large public event is often interesting. People who attend there are not always invited but being a public event, they can participate and opine too. It brings a great opportunity for them to participate in activities. This cue card wants to know about a public event where the candidate took part in. Here go some additional answering hints for them.

1. Last year, a big public event took place in the central field of my locality here in Colombo. The event was about a musical performance of a foreign band. A lot of people crowded there. I went there with my college friends. It was a nice event. And we all enjoyed the foreign songs.

2. The municipal community in Zurich organized a meeting for the landowners in the area. They arranged a public event for that and I took part there. Though it was a wonderful event, I could not enjoy much. Actually, all the people were aged and I was one of the youngest persons (I represented my dad in the event as he was out of the country for some business).

3. A concert was organized in Berlin stadium and it was a public event. I went to the concert and got entertained. The concert was held marking the celebration of an international day that has recently been initiated in the city. A huge number of people took part in the concert. And everyone was enjoying the music. It was the first experience for me to listen to a live music.

4. A trade show took place in Sydney and I went to the show to know more about it. It was a large public event and I went there to collect information and other documents about it to make a report on the newspaper I am working with. I met with some of the renowned people there and the entire event was highly adorable.

5. My niece took part in the annual art competition here in Vietnam. This is a large public event and takes place in the last quarter of the year. This year, it took place in the first week of November. My niece was happy with her painting and she got a prize too in the event.

6. I am a shareholder of a state-run company. The Annual General Meeting of the company was held last month and I was invited there. It was a large event and all the shareholders joined there. Every one of us was happy to get the cash dividend. The event was opened for the public to invite them in investing in the company.

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