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Conversation you had with someone you didn't know

IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 229 with Model Answer:

Describe an interesting conversation you had with someone you didn't know.

You should say:
  • what the conversation was about
  • who you had this conversation with
  • where the conversation took place
and explain why you found the conversation interesting.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:

Thank you for this intriguing topic. I will here describe a time when I had an interesting conversation with a person whom I did not know.

Well, I often have interesting conversations with people I don't know, but there's one that stands out in my mind. It was a conversation that challenged my perspective and left me with a lot to think about.

What the conversation was about:
The conversation was about climate change and the impact it's having on the planet. The person I was talking to was very knowledgeable about the subject, and they had a lot of insights that I hadn't considered before.

Who you had this conversation with:
I had this conversation with a fellow passenger on a long train journey. We were both sitting in the same compartment, and after exchanging pleasantries, we struck up a conversation about the weather. That conversation led to a discussion about climate change, and we talked about our concerns and what we thought could be done to address the issue.

Where the conversation took place:
The conversation took place on a train journey from London to Edinburgh. We were both on our way to visit family, and the train journey took several hours.

Why you found the conversation interesting:
I found the conversation interesting because it challenged my assumptions and made me think about the impact of climate change in a new way. The person I was talking to had a lot of knowledge about the subject, and they were able to share their insights in a way that was accessible and engaging. I also enjoyed the fact that the conversation was with someone I didn't know, as it allowed me to gain a new perspective from someone outside of my usual social circles.

Model Answer 2:
Humans cannot live alone and hence society has emerged as a large institution to keep people united. But it is impossible always to get familiar with all the people of the society. A few days ago, I had some talks with an unknown person and it was highly interesting.

I was travelling to Manila, the capital and bayside city in the Philippines at LRT (Light Rail Transit) and suddenly noticed that a young English woman of almost my age is sitting beside me. I was reading a thriller and coincidentally the lady was also reading the same thriller. Meanwhile, she also noticed me and started talking about the book that we were reading. I also participated in the discussion with her eagerly. Gradually I came to know that she is a wise woman and knows more about the writer of the book than me. I was reading the book for passing the time on the train. I boarded on the LRT to reach Mega Manila from Metro Manila. When I do not have anything to do in such cases, I read novels for passing the moments. This is a habit for me but I found that reading novels is a fascination for the lady. We discussed different issues of the entire thriller series.

Gradually I introduced myself and came to know about her. Her name was Jessica Bill. She was a teacher of English in a local elementary school. She lives alone in Manila and her family is in England. The school authority has hired for a three-year contract to teach British English at the school. She is a fan of thrillers and also told me that she has a huge collection of thrillers written by different renowned writers. She loves to read. I also expressed myself to her. I also mentioned her about my preferences and told her the truth that I am not as passionate as she is for reading books.

The conversation between us took place inside a train. The LRT is one of the most popular transportation systems in Manila. A large number of people usually ride on the LRT as it is comparatively faster than the other vehicle. Once people are on board on LRT, they are free of anxieties of reaching their destinations in due time. As a female, I took my seat on a corner, designated for females, and Jessica also sat by me on the same row. The train was less crowded as it was the noon and everyone is busy with their respective works at their workplaces. So, I comfortably grabbed my seat and started reading the thriller. Initially, Jessica took her seat behind a couple of rows but she sat by me after sometimes as she was not feeling comfortable there. We discussed numerous issues during the journey. We got down at the same station and her residence was a few minutes’ walk from there. We exchanged our telephone numbers and social network identity to remain in touch.

I am an introvert in nature, and accordingly, I do not prefer to talk with unknown people in most of the cases unless there are any emergencies raised. But the scenario was completely different here. Jessica was unknown to me and the issue was also similar to her. She was the lady with a cheerful mind and made the first move to talk with me. Gradually I found that we have graduated in the same year but in different regions – she was in England and I was in the Philippines. So, a sense of friendship grew between us. We shared our views and ideas about the world. She is living alone here and so I invited her to be at my place in Manila on her weekends where she will get an entertaining environment. The conversation was interesting for both of us. We laughed out loud while discussing the comical events of the movies made based on the thriller- James Bond. In fact, being an introvert, the number of my friends is limited but when I met with Jessica, she behaved like a good friend to me. I was highly amazed at her ability to meet someone so fast and make them feel comfortable with her. She could do this only for her extrovert nature and her outgoing attitude has made her company comfy for everyone and even talking with her is also interesting.

Sample Answer 3:
I met with a complete stranger while waiting for the bus in a local stoppage in Mumbai and had some conversations. It was nice meeting with that individual and I enjoyed the conversation as well. Thank you for the question and I will describe it in brief.

The conversation was mostly about the present unemployment situation in the city. I came to know some important information about the situation. In fact, I did not have the idea that a huge number of educated youths were unemployed. The unemployment was acute in the city and lots of youths were seeking the job. But the interesting matter was that almost all of the youths were highly educated and they were rejected from the public jobs and been seeking alternatives.

Seeking anonymity, the stranger described the matters to me. Actually, he did not get a perfect listener like me. Gradually, I realized that he was also an educated unemployed and thus he described his sufferings. But the matters appeared interesting for some reasons. The man told that he had completed his post-graduation from a reputed university in Delhi and now passing his leisurely hours in Mumbai. He had been seeking a suitable job for him. Interestingly, he was set for a formal interview at a research organization that works for the improved sanitation in the country. But he was frustrated by the nepotism in the private service sector. 

The conversation took place at a bus stoppage. I was waiting for a bus that will drop me near my college. The young man was also waiting for a bus. A bus arrived but none of us could manage berth in the bus as it was excessively crowded. Then suddenly he started talking about the suffering of the people and the other matters. Gradually, the conversation moved in a curious direction and I joined him. The mutual conversation dealt with a good number of topics and it was a nice experience. But unluckily the conversation did last for long. We rode on a bus and he had to stop at a stoppage and my college was far away from there. So, the stranger got down on the bus and said goodbye to me.

The conversation was interesting in many senses. It began with the sufferings of the ordinary people who are to use public transports. Later it moved on the other concerning issues of the country and unemployment appeared. In fact, the unemployment scenario was shocking for the recruitment process. The gradual conversation with the man grew an interest in me to know more about it. Actually, I try to learn from everything and it was a great lesson too. Thus I find the conversation interesting.

If you can talk about the cue card topic "Describe an interesting conversation you had with someone you didn't know." you should be able to talk about the following IELTS cue cards topics as well:
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