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Something you were disappointed about

IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 207 with Model Answer:

Talk about something you were disappointed about.

You should say:
  • what it was about
  • when it happened
  • why it disappointed you
and explain how you felt about it.
[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
Everyone expects something good when they buy any electronic goods but I was highly disappointed with a mobile phone bought from a globally renowned manufacturer. I could not use the cell phone for around two months. It got seriously damaged without any reason.

In March of the year 2016, I had bought an iPhone 5 manufactured by Apple. This is a globally renowned brand and sells its products around the world. This is also considered as the most pricey product on the planet. Everything is okay. The hardware and software combinations are fine and undoubtedly the products provide the best possible services. Considering all the other issues, I bought the phone set from a local iPhone selling store in Singapore. The selling authority asked me to reach them in the case of any trouble with the phone. But there were no chances of such events to contact them again over any defects or problems with the phone. The phone worked well for a couple of weeks and from the second month, a few symptoms appeared. The phone screen got blurred and some noises on the screen appeared as well.

The screen problem appeared exactly from the second month after buying the phone. As I was instructed, I took the phone to the retailer who sold it to me with necessary documents. They received the phone cordially and asked me to meet them a couple of days later. Accordingly, I met them and they handed the phone over to me and assured that the problems were gone. To my surprise, the problem appeared again and now it was happening twice than before. The phone set frequently restarted and the screen was looking awful. It appeared that the screen became the place colour. A wide range of colours was playing on the screen while the display was not working. I tried to install the OS several types but it did not accept the new install. So, I had to go back again to the selling store and this time they asked me to come after a week. They also ensured me to look into the matter deeply. In between, I made a phone call at the store and came to know that the phone set is defective and the display will not be okay anymore.

Though the selling store replaced the phone to me, I was disappointed highly with the poor quality of the product. It may happen that the specific phone set that I bought was of below standard but not all the products are the same. At the same time, the selling authority has agreed to replace the handset shortly. Despite all the positive issues, I did not get any comfort of my mind. This was the very first Apple product for me and I bought it after saving my pocket money given by my dad. So, it was a happy moment for me when I bought the phone and my happiness turned upside down when the phone started trouble. The technicians at the Apple approved selling store in Singapore could not figure out the problems of the phone initially and later they come to the decision that the display of the phone was defective. So, I was disappointed about the issue that all my efforts resulted in having a defective handset.

I was emotionally imbalanced after the event. I have been using the replaced cell phone but I the days are fearsome. I am afraid of experiencing the situations again and if such happens, the selling authority would not allow me to replace the phone again. A blended form of emotions attacked me when I encountered the problem with the phone set. At first, I was amazed at the colour change of the display and then became worried when the colours were frequently changing. I got afraid when the set started restarting frequently for the second time. I heard many rumours about phone bursting and the issue made me concerned lest my phone set does not get burst as if it bursts, I would not be able to replace the set. Fortunately, nothing worst like that happened and still, I am using another similar phone which is serving me well. But when I remember about the earlier iPhone 5, I feel sad.

Model Answer 2:
Yesterday, I went to buy a branded perfume from a super shop here in Nepal. But I was disappointed with the product. This was one of the worst experience for me with the superstore. Thank you for the question. Here I have the option to describe the matter in detail that I could not do in the super shop.

I had bought a perfume named ‘Eternal Love’. This is a great brand for both male and female. And I have been using this perfume for over seven years. I am attached to this brand for some reasons but my recent experience was shocking. The perfume that I bought was not up to the mark. It appeared that only water is inserted into the bottle. This is not the fault of the perfume manufacturer rather this is the fault of the shop who sold it.

Usually, I buy a perfume in a month. And owing to my occupational hazards, I was unable to pay a visit to the shop for this month’s shopping. It was late and I went yesterday. Everything appeared normal except the perfume. I do not check the things that I buy. In fact, I do not need to check them as the stuff always appear perfect in all terms. So, I unpack the bought goods and products at my home. I did the same thing with the perfume. When I unpacked it, I sprayed it on my left hand to get the smell. But it appeared something was wrong.

I did not get the smell I am accustomed to. The smell was completely different. Moreover, there was something wrong with the spray. The spray was not performing correctly. The liquid inside was pouring down when I pushed the spray button of the perfume. The spicy smell was absent. My hand was wet with the inside liquid. So, I had to wipe my hands several times. Actually, it was a different experience to me that I did not have before. I asked about the matter to one of my cousins and he told that the perfume might be fake. Later, I googled the matter and found that I have been victimized with a fake perfume. I really was disappointed.

It was a bitter experience for me. Actually, no one feels good being cheated. The feelings were unpleasant. I made a phone call to the super shop immediately I came to know about the matter and I was surprised by their reply. They said that they do not replace the unpacked products. I was thundered. It was an expensive perfume and I was sold a fake one. Now they are reluctant to replace the product and suggested contacting with the distributor. Then I decided to boycott the shop forever.

More Ideas for this cue card topic:

Many things happen to us and all the things are not pleasant all the times. Sometimes, disappointing events also take place. We get a broken heart. The cue card is about discussing such an event when the candidate was disappointed. Here are some additional hints for them to formulate their own answers smoothly.

1. I expected a better grade in my last semester. In fact, I had undergone much stress and studied very well. I also did not miss a single class in the university. And also spend extra two to three hours in a day. But my grades were not up to the mark considering my efforts. I was extremely disappointed with it.

2. I had bought an iPhone last year – an iPhone 6S. but I noticed that right after the release of another version of the phone, the old one was not functioning well. Battery drain was the most irritating issue. It makes me disappointed. So, I have decided to change my phone as soon as possible.

3. Meeting a lawyer is always troublesome but I thought this time the experience would be different. But the lawyer could not provide any satisfactory reply to my query. I was trying to import some foreign materials from Indonesia and wanted to know the import taxes. I was disappointed about the matter.

4. Last week, I went to a theme park in Bali. The advertisements of the rides and other facilities were amazing but I was disappointed after entering inside. Almost all the rides were broken and uncomfortable to ride on. Besides, the ride tickets were pricy than usual.

5. I am a small businessman in Shanghai. My storehouse was destroyed by fire recently and it was a very disappointing event for me. Luckily, all the products were insured but I cannot buy them with money. They were the finest selections of mine and I wanted to sell the products to some selected clients.

6. The first date with my fiancĂ© was highly disappointing. The first thing was I made late reaching the venue. And it was raining. I could not manage a transport for me and then had to walk. She was not so happy seeing me in a messy state. I thought that I would be rejected. But finally, I controlled the situations.   

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