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Describe someone’s parents you have met recently

IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 208 with Model Answer:

Describe someone’s parents you have met recently.

You should say:
  • whose parents they are
  • what they do
  • what you talked about
and say how they are different from your parents.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
I am a student of the college and passing some hefty days for my academic studies. My year ending exams are ahead and thus I have to take a better preparation for the exams. So, I went to meet my friend Arthur to have a group discussion before the exam. I met his parents at his place.

Arthur lives in a nuclear family consisting only five members – his dad, mom, two siblings and Arthur himself. He is lucky to have his friendly family. All of the members are genuinely cordial and allows expressing opinions. They are cooperative as well in case of academic supports. So, whenever I go to meet Arthur, I take some suggestions from his parents as well which prove effective for me later. After reaching their home, Arthur’s mom gave me a warm welcome. She also asked about my parents and how were they doing, especially about my dad who underwent an accident recently. Arthur’s mom, Mrs Susana, is too friendly with me while his dad, Mr Robinson also loves me like his son.

Mr Robinson is a doctor while Mrs Susan is a housewife. I know everything about them and in fact, they shared their life events with me like their family friend. When I went their house for the first time with Arthur, I got familiar with them. They discussed different issues with me on that day and declared me as one of their family members. They talk about different things on that day, especially the early days of their lives. They struggled a lot in the beginning of their life. After their marriage, it was difficult for them to survive in this city. They did not have any job. Mr Robinson could not find any suitable organisation which will evaluate his skills. He is a doctor of psychology and now is one of the leading psychologists in the city. Though Arthur’s mom wanted to get involved in wage earnings, Mr Robinson did not allow her to do so. Rather, he inspired her to maintain the households. Now they are happy with their children and profession.

When, on a tight schedule, I do not have chances to meet with Arthur’s parents in the right manner and they also do not show excessive interest in us. Rather they allow us to sit together and discuss the suggestions for the upcoming exams. So, when I went on last Sunday to meet Arthur, I did not have many talks with them except a few moments of courteous discussions. I found that Mr and Mrs Robinson were sitting together and watching a soccer match on television. Mrs Susan asked me about my family and parents. She was worried about my dad’s accident and both of them also went to meet my dad when the accident occurred. As I told them about my visit to their home was in the discussion of the upcoming year ending issues, they did not want me to waste time anymore with them. So, I entered into Arthur’s reading room and discussed the exam topics.

Arthur’s parents are different from my parents in some aspects. Firstly, they are friendly with their children while my parents are reserved for us. Usually, my father is reserved with his children, including myself, as he believes that befriending with the kids is disadvantageous. He is also of the view that when the kids will think that their parents are loving with them, they will do more mischievous activities than before. So, it is imperative, according to my dad, not to be friendly with the kids. My mom is also in the similar view. But she takes care of us and if we are in distress over any issues, she comes to help us. She is a bit flexible comparing to my dad. But my parents are also cordial to guests and entertain them with the right manners as I saw it to be done by Arthur’s parents.

Sample Answer 2:
My meeting with Mr and Mrs Baker was really fabulous. My friend, Robert was lucky to have them as his parents. It was a wonderful meeting them. And I felt happy after meeting them. Thank you for the question. The memories are still vivid in my mind. I would like to share it with you.

Robert is my friend from facebook. Initially, I did not have a very close interaction with him though he lives next to my residence. But recently, both of us developed a common interest – watching western movies. I posted on Facebook about western movies and he responded immediately. Then I had to visit his home and this way I met his parents. It was an interesting experience.

Both of them are professional video animator. In fact, they have participated in many animations of movies in Hollywood. At least one of them will be asked to participate in the movie preparation. I did not have the idea how popular they were among the movie makers. I saw different photos of them with the popular filmmakers and film stars. Even my friend did not ever mention that his parents were filmmakers. So, it was a great surprise for me indeed to be with them. In fact, I have seen their names on the titles but did not have the slightest idea that they were living beside me.

After the formal introduction, they talked with me about various issues. It was a great conversation with them. To be honest, I did not allow them to ask questions about me. Instead, I kept them busy in asking about the filmmaking techniques. I asked about the process of making an animated movie. Besides, I also came to know about many interesting facts about the movie arena. Everything shown in the movies is not real at all. They also inquired about me and my family. And also asked me to bring my parents to their home. They also asked me about their son and how he was doing in his academics and many other issues.

They are different from my parents. I have visited many of my friends’ places but no one's parents were like them. My parents are reserved but they are not so. They treated me like their friend. I was not feeling any sort of complexity while talking with them. Rather, I felt that I was talking with my intimate friends. They also inspire their son to do whatever he wants. But I am unable to discuss the issue with my parents and they will disallow me to show interest in filmmaking. This was the difference between them and my parents. I am in love with them, indeed.

More Ideas for this cue card topic:

Meeting someone's parents is extremely tough. The one who goes to meet needs to remain calm and quiet during the meeting lest there is any negative impression. Hence, this is a daunting task indeed to meet someone’s parents. This cue card wants to know about such an event when the candidate went to meet someone’s parents. Some extra hints would be helpful for them to shape their own answers.

1. I went to meet Mr and Mrs Roger. They are the parents of one my college friends. In fact, it was a sudden visit and I took an appointment by phone. Both of them are doctors. And I went there for some private purposes. They helped me greatly.

2. Meeting with the family of Julia was the most important thing for me. Julia is my girlfriend and she took me there to meet with her parents. It was a nice meeting and l liked them all. Though I am not that much social with everyone, I talked with them spontaneously. They also liked me and agreed to my proposal of marrying their daughter.

3. Last month, I went to bring my chemistry book back from Samantha. I met with her parents there. It was not a pleasant meeting at all in the beginning. They behaved rudely and pretended that I was flirting with their daughter. But later, after having some informal conversations, they changed their idea and entertained me heavily. Now I visit them frequently.

4. Xing Fuu took me to his parents as they wanted to meet his college mates. It was an unexpected meeting but I am pleased after meeting them. I did not have an idea that Chinese people are so cordial and love to meet with newer people. The experience is a memorable one in my life.

5. I did not have an idea how the family life was in India until I met the parents of Subir, a friend of mine in the Athens University of Economics and Business. I went India for some personal reasons and Subir accompanied me. It was the summer vacation and he was with his parents in a city named Mumbai. I came to know about his family and also many other interesting matters from his parents.     

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