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Describe an event that made you happy

IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 203 with Model Answer:

Describe an event that made you happy.

You should say:
  • what event it was.
  • when it was
  • what you did
and explain why this event made you happy.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
I live in a nuclear family with my parents and two siblings in Malaysia. A few days ago, I was happy for the success of my elder brother who succeeded in getting admission to a university after several attempts. I was very happy with the matter.

Getting admission in a public university is difficult indeed for anyone and my elder brother got the chance to get admitted at the University of Malaya which is mostly known for its academic excellence in the country. Before the admission, he had to undergo different tests and preparations. Since his higher secondary result not up to the local standard for admission at any university, he was worried about his future. Moreover, my dad told him that he would not be liable for him anymore if he fails to get admitted to any public university. Thereby, the worries attacked him. But instead of being panicked, he struggled hard to get his desired admission. His hard efforts allowed him to get admitted at the University of Malaya and I am happy too much. In fact, I am proud of my brother.

My elder brother passed his secondary in the early of 2015 and repeatedly tried to get admitted to a university, especially the public university. So, immediately after appearing at the higher secondary level exam, my brother started preparing for the university admission. The boy always wanted to be with his friends and never stayed home at the daytimes, but when he started university admission preparation, he turned into a cool personality. He never went out of the home, without extreme needs, and even kept his mobile phone switched off so that nobody could reach him. He started reading the preparatory texts from the early morning and started following a boring daily routine. Often I could not understand how a man like him got changed in this manner suddenly. Later, I realised that it was his urge to get admitted to the university had brought the change in him.

I, in fact, could not do something special for him. But as a higher secondary level student, I helped him to continue his university preparation. I helped him in getting prepared with the relevant subjects which were supposed to be important for the exam and also suggested him for reading some other materials. The questions were supposed to be made from the texts of the previous level and thus the teachers also emphasised on the former subject for the university admission preparation. Since I am not his superior, I did not dare suggest him something else and instead, I always was with him if he needs some sort of support from me. I helped him in remembering the texts and answering questions from the suggestions. Besides, I took his other cares like preparing coffee for him, brought his food etc. Often he fell asleep amid his books, and I had to organise the books in order. This is actually an interesting task and being his younger sister, I happily performed everything.

I was highly happy for my brother’s success as it was a turning point of life for him. If he failed to get the desired admission, the situations would have been unimaginable. My dad was too serious about the issue. He warned my elder brother to be serious in his studies but the boy did not pay any heed to the suggestions of dad. He was always involved with his friends and mates. Even it was quite natural for him to come home late at night. When he appeared in the exam, he could not take the right preparation and in the end, the result was unexpected. He has passed all the courses with scoring a minimum grade. Finally, it appeared that he owns only the required score to appear for the university examination and if he fails, dad would take strong punitive measures against him. So, when he occupied a seat in his desired subject, chemistry, every one of my family was happy with him. I also was happy as I had some small contributions to his success.

Sample Answer 2:
I had been longing for a brand new mobile phone and I got it last month. It was the event that made me too happy. This is a wonderful question for me. Thank you for the nice question.

One of my maternal uncles presented me with a nice mobile phone set. It was an iPhone 6S. the present came marking my 19th birthday. I was so happy with the phone set. In fact, I had long been waiting to arrange money to have such a mobile phone. But it was not possible for me to arrange such a huge amount of money alone. Thereby, the present was a blessing to me.

I turned 19 years old yesterday. My parents had organised a family party centring the day. Almost all of the family members were invited to the event. All of them were intimate with my family. As we never miss an invitation from them, they also did not miss it. But I was really happy with the presents that they bought for me. In fact, I got some of the remarkable gifts on my birthday. The mobile phone was the best among them. I unpacked the mobile phone at the end of the event and was greatly surprised when I saw the mobile phone.

This was not a formal event. So, I enjoyed some freedom. I talked with my relatives and cousins. I also spent some time watching a horror movie with the cousins of my age. It was a nice experience to enjoy a movie together. Moreover, I also helped my mother in serving the foods. I forgot to say that I also took part in preparing the foods. In fact, most of the foods were prepared by me and they were delicious too. Everyone enjoyed their meal. I also greeted the guests when they took leave of us. To make the long story short – I was the centre of attraction on the day, and thus had to manage almost all the things.

This event made me happy for several reasons. First of all, it was my birthday. I became older one year. I also got some more freedom in my family. Besides, the invited guests also blessed me and wished a bright future for me. The other happy event was receiving a mobile phone. To be honest, it was the most important thing that made me happy on this day. I do not know how my dream came true on this day. At first, I did not realise that it was a mobile phone. When I opened the wrap, I was extremely surprised by the iPhone. It was golden in colour and its specifications were standard as I desired. So, this event made me really happy.

Idea generation for this Cue Card topic:

"Describe an event that made you happy." 

Happiness is an abstract concept. But its presence is visible and people become happy when they get something desirable, travel to someplace exciting, get some good news and celebrate joyful events. The cue card wants to know about an event that made you happy. Here some more clues for the candidates to start answering this type of cue card topics.

1. My brother got a scholarship to a German university for his post-graduation course. He has completed his graduation from a local university in Punjab and now planning to move to Germany. I was happy about this event. In fact, I love my brother more than anything and everything and his happiness means a lot to me.

2. Completing my professional degree appeared troublesome to me. Situations became harder as I could not manage time to attend my classes. Finally, I have completed the course by spending two years whereas other people had completed it in one year. However, I was happy to complete the course at last.

3. Driving a car is something I feel happy about and I learned it when I was in college. The day I received my driving license was the best day of my life and I was exhilarated. In fact, before getting the driver’s license, I could not drive the car in the streets; rather, I used some narrow lanes to drive where police and other law enforcers might not notice me.

4. The day my twin babies were born was the happiest day of my life. I became the proud mother of the twins and luckily they were a boy and a girl. My husband was also thrilled with this event. As a matter of fact, every one of my family became content for this event. I expected a normal delivery but the doctor did not allow considering complicacy for the twins.

5. I had been seeking a suitable job for me and it was a happy event when I got a job. I am now a sales executive for a local wristwatch manufacturing company in Indonesia. It is fun to work here and I am learning different things every day. I feel lucky to have the job and the day I was informed about it was a wonderful day in my life.

Part 3: Details Discussion:

Q. Describe some events that are widely celebrated in your country?
Answer: Thank you for the question. Nepal is a landlocked country and inhabited by Buddhist mostly. But a remarkable number of other people also live here in harmony. So, a number of the festival is wide and celebrated around the year. The most notable celebrations include – Buddha Jayanti, Dashain, Gai Puja, Bhai Tika, Chhath, Biska Jatra, Bajra Jogini Jatra, Siti Jatra, Gathma Mangal, Panjaran, Janai Purnima, Nag Panchami, Krishna Janmashtami, Gai Jatra, Bagh Jatra, Indra Jatra, Satbyu, Kartik Purnima, Ganesh Chauthi, Maghe Sankranti, Sripanchami, Holi, Maghe Purnima. People celebrate all the events amid festivity. People of all caste creed and colour take part in the festivals and enjoy themselves.

Q. It is said that happiness cannot be bought with money. Do you agree? Why/ Why not?
Answer: Well, happiness is an inner state of mind. And there are different opinions regarding happiness. Some believe happiness could be bought by money while others are on the opposite view. I think happiness is completely heavenly matter and cannot be bought with money. Happiness is the very inner feeling of oneself. It is not a commodity that could be traded or available at the shops. In fact, happiness is made with some invisible emotions. And this is impossible to measure the emotions in terms of money. In other sense, money is a numerical thing and if money could buy happiness, you will need to run after it. After completing the run, you will see the end of life. The enjoyment would be of no use then. I do admit that money is needed in life to live on and meet needs. But at the end of the day, it is unable to control your core feelings. Hence, it appears that money is unable to buy happiness.

Q. To be happy, we have to be satisfied with whatever we have? How far is this true? What's your personal opinion on that?
Answer: Satisfaction is the root of happiness. Satisfied people are the happiest persons on the planet. The more we will want, the more the sense of discomfort will arrive. Then we will start working hard to pursue happiness and finally, we will lose the golden moments of life. Our pursuit of happiness will keep us engaged in various works. We will be unable to spend time with family and friends. All the things will happen as we want more and not satisfied with what we have before us. But, if we had been satisfied with the things we have, we could be happier. Therefore, I think contentment with the blessing we have is the best way to make us happy.

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