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Talk about your favourite colour

IELTS Cue Card Question 164 with Model Answer:

Talk about your favourite colour.

You should say:
  • what colour it is
  • how this colour is different than other colours
  • how you feel about using this colour
and explain why this is your favourite colour.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
The world is filled with colours. Everything we see is colourful and usually, people are attracted to bright coloured things. I also have a preference regarding colour and that is white.

I think white is the best colour in the world amid thousand of colours. There are several reasons to prefer the colour. The first and most important reason is that white colour makes my mind fresh. Whenever I see a white colour around me, I feel a positive vibe. Besides, I try to use the colour in my everyday life. Most of my dresses are made of white colour. The room I live in is white. My office walls are coloured in white. There are white everywhere where I belong. But there are some special cases where I cannot apply my own idea of making white.

To me, white appears solely different from the other colours. The other colours have several shades but white has no such shades. White refers to white. There is no dark shade in this light colour. Sometimes it appears that white has no hue at all for its lightness. This is different from the other colours in this sense that it can contain any other colour on it and could change the entire tone. As a result, the combination gets a different look. Moreover, white is dominating over any other colour and could be easily noticed. White is used in almost all the combination for its lightness and attractive features.

I have a strange fascination for white colour since my early childhood. When I am in touch with the colour, I feel a sense of deep calmness inside my mind. White looks gorgeous and I try to make everything whiter as much possible for me. When I pick my dresses, I try to have whiter portion more than the other colours. Sometimes, I try to pick the entire white clothes. White brings a sense of satisfaction to me and helps to concentrate on my activities. But sometimes I try to adjust white colour with some other hues so that it does not look irritating. The feelings are inexpressible in a word.

For some specific reasons, I have picked white as my favourite colour. Firstly, it is white which is light and eye soothing than any other colour. A moderate white shade never irritates the eye and one can look at for hours whereas it is impossible for the other colours. This is a light colour and suits every occasion. Moreover, I am in love with white as it goes with me perfectly. When I put on white-coloured dresses, I look stunning. Some may opine that white is colourless or no colour at all, but I am on the opposite view. I believe that white is the key to all other colours. You can make different other colours using white. Attractive shades could be made with this colour. If we consider white in our daily life, there are several other reasons to prefer it. When white is applied to home, space looks larger. Painting in white background is easier and helps make a better painting. The most important thing is that white goes with all the colours and thus I love it very much.

Model Answer 2:
I want my life to be colourful. So, I have picked a specific colour for me and it is ‘Red’. The colour is gorgeous and attracts attention from people. This is a very nice question and I will describe the matter in brief here.

Red is one of the warmest colours. I love to wear dresses coloured in red. It makes me look stunning and beautiful. When I wear dresses in red colour, I feel a special vibe inside me. It appears that I am filled with energy and can do all the possible things. The other interesting fact about the colour red is that it is notable from a long distance.

Red is completely different from the other colours. There are various types of colours are available but red is the best of them. This is not the combination of some other colours rather this is a basic colour that helps to formulate multiple other colours. I had an attraction for red since my childhood. Thereby, I analysed the colour with the other colours. This is an eye-catchy colour and you cannot notice it from any situation or angel. I admit that it has some other meaning in other cases, but regarding dress code, this is really an interesting one. The red-coloured dresses always look wonderful and stylish. But the other colours are not like this one.

My feelings about this colour are unusual. If someone else hears about my passion for red, they will consider me crazy. In most of the cases, I try to have a reflection of this colour with me. If I wear dresses, red is always present there in any form. Moreover, I also use red in some other cases. Finally, when I use the colour for any of my purposes, I feel very good. It helps me to get an invisible energy and I can complete the tasks with confidence. When I am in touch with the colour, I also feel a sense of joy inside my mind. And I know that the colour helps to increase my confidence level.

Red has become my favourite colour since my childhood. Even today, I am fond of the colour as I was in those days. My bedroom is coloured in red, I try to combine red in each of my dresses and I prefer the red colour in almost all the other issues of my life. I like this particular colour most for its warmness. This is a warm colour. It fades less and lasts longer than the other available colours. Besides, it brings a nice look to me when I am attired in red dresses. Considering all the grounds, red has become my part and parcel.

If you can talk about the cue card topic "Talk about your favourite colour." you should be able to talk about the following IELTS cue card topics as well:
  • Describe the colour you like the most. 
  • Describe your favourite colour.

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