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Describe something you want to learn more

IELTS Cue Card Question 148 with Model Answer:

Describe something you want to learn more.

You should say:
  • what it is
  • how you would learn it more
  • where you can learn it more
and explain why you want to keep learning it.  

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
I would like to learn car repairing by myself. We need cars for our everyday use and we also use it for numerous purposes. So, when the car is in disorder, either we need to wait for the mechanic to come and repair it or we have to take the car to the nearest workshop for repair. Besides, the costs are also huge when the cars are taken to workshops. Thereby, the idea popped in my mind that I should learn it completely.

Though I have some knowledge in the repairing process, I am unable to diagnose the troubles as the experts do immediately and take necessary steps to repair the car. Last week, I was on my way to the office in the morning and suddenly my car started unusual behaviour. It stopped all of a sudden. It was not moving ahead though it was filled with fuels. All of a sudden, I noticed that there were some smokes emitting from the front part. So, I stopped in the middle of the road, opened the bonnet and tried to figure out the problem. But I couldn’t do so due to my unfamiliarity with the inner parts of the car. I had to wait longer and the day was a mess for me. I could not reach office in time, the car mechanic made late to come and also I had to spend a notable amount of repairing fee. So, if I think if I had the knowledge of car repairing, I could have done that by myself. Thereby, I truly want to learn all the necessary steps to the car repairing and once I am done with the learning, I would be able to repair my car all by myself.

Learning is a never-ending process. So, I know that it is nearly impossible to learn all about car repairing as there are different types of cars and the functions are dissimilar. I have made a plan and accordingly have set my strategies. Firstly, I need to get informed about institutions where I could learn about the car repairing. I believe it would not be difficult for me to learn the repairing as I have some skills. I know how to repair the minor troubles and disorders of cars, especially motorbikes, and when I will get detail knowledge about the entire issue, I would be able to grab the ideas instantly. Besides, the instructors will also guide me through the entire process. So, I believe it would not be more difficult for me to learn more about the car repairing. Further, I have also planned that I will engage myself in any car repairing workshop where I could gain some practical know-how about the car repairing.

This is another important issue to consider. There are not many places where I could learn the repairing. Thereby, I have to admit myself as an intern at the workshop and I might have to pay them as well in exchange for learning. In my locality, I know such an automobile workshop where they appoint intern and teach them very well about the pros and cons of automobile engineering. The students who learn there, really work well. When I took my car at the workshop, the students serviced properly all the troubles and also suggested me some tips for the betterment of the car. The tips were helpful indeed and my car’s performance level improved to its greatest extent.

There are many reasons behind this desire. I learnt minor automobile servicing as I own a car. But it is impossible for me to solve all the troubles and issues engaged with the car. If I learnt the car repairing completely, it will help me save my costs and at the same time, I could serve others without any charge. Moreover, travelling is my hobby and love to board on my Volvo S60 Sedan for long journeys. But I had some bitter experiences on the road and I could not manage to get rid of the situations. All of my enjoyment turned into worries and I had to return home. When I took the car at an automobile workshop, they changed even the unnecessary parts and charged me more than usual. But if I had the slightest knowledge about the car repairing or on automobile engineering, I could have prevented the extra charges imposed. I also believe that knowledge is powerful and enabled to help people to some extent. So, if I keep learning the car repairing, it would help me in future. I do not dream of using my knowledge for some professional purposes rather it would be my strength in distress.

Model Answer 2:
The computer has become one of the most important devices in this modern age. But often I am in trouble with the device. So, I want to learn more about troubleshooting a computer. Thank you for the question. And I am really glad to answer it.

It is said that the computer is the latest invention of modern science. Life is now impossible without the help of a computer. It has occupied almost all the stages of our modern life. But sometimes, we are to experience some troubles with the machine. And taking them to the troubleshooters is really tough. You need to carry the CPU and place it in the repair shop and get it back on the scheduled day. But if I know how to troubleshoot, it would be easier for me to use the device.

I know a few troubleshooting for a computer. But I admit undoubtedly my knowledge is of beginner level. I am not a professional in this case and have caused damage to several computers including the one that is mine. So, I have planned to get a training on troubleshooting of all types of computer. There are a couple of institutions have opened this training facility. And they are also giving some discounts for the students. So, if I enrol with them, it would be beneficial to me in some aspects.

Initially, I have selected APTECH, a locally renowned computer training institute here in Colombo, Sri Lanka. This is a reputed organisation and been operating for last few years. This is a suitable place for me and located near my residence. So, I can move there easily. And the classes are held in the evening. This is also favourable to me as I attend my college in the daytime. I have already paid a visit to the training centre. They not only train about troubleshooting, they also have many other courses. I have a plan that after learning computer troubleshooting, I will get admission in another course for graphic designing.

I want to keep learning it for many reasons. The most important thing about learning in the present day is that it makes you enabled to survive in the situation. When you will learn something new, you will get information. And the more you have information, the more the chances for your survival or victory in your real-life situation. Moreover, if I learn to troubleshoot computers, I would not have to worry about the sudden troubles with it. On the other side, I would also be able to help others as well. Based on all the grounds, I want to keep learning it.

Idea generation for this Cue Card topic:  

"Describe something you want to learn more."
1.  It is often said that learning is a never-ending process. So, I want to learn more about productivity. In fact, I need to learn it for my own development. The best way to learn is to focus on my daily activities. There are no exact places or schools where I can learn to increase my productivity. Thereby, I think it would be best for me if I can learn it all by myself. And I need to keep learning for several reasons. I want to develop more in my career and want to see me in the top position. To reach the goal, I have to be more productive.

2.  Public speaking needs some special expertise. I have the necessary skills but to some points, I lose my way to explain the details. So, I need to learn it more. I think it would be better to get admission to a school or training centre where public speaking is exercised. Home is not an ideal place to learn this skill. Hence, I am planning to get admitted to such a place where I could exercise the public speaking. A teacher needs to explain a large number of topics to students. As a teacher, I need the capacity to deal with my students during the class hours. And only an enhanced public speaking skill can help me do that.

3.  Gardening is my hobby but I am unable to grow all the vegetables I want. So, I need to learn gardening perfectly. I do not know how I can learn the process. When I discussed the issue with my father, he suggested me to watch some videos on the Internet. I do not know how effective they would be but I need to try them. I want to keep learning how to garden because I cannot grow the vegetables and flower plants I love most. Moreover, I need to know how to remove the pests from the plants and what is the best time to plant the seed. So, I need to keep it learning.

4.  I know how to change a car tire. To be honest, actually, I have some basic ideas about the issue. But I need to be an expert in this case. I can learn it more by practicing. Therefore, I have a plan to learn the entire process from my chauffeur. He is an expert driver and knows how to troubleshoot a car. I have seen him changing tire smoothly. I want to keep it learning as I believe every knowledge is precious. If I have the skills, it would be effective in any part of my life, and it will save time too.

5.  Building a website is nothing new to me. But I am not an expert. I am planning to have an online course in designing and developing a website. There are a good number of training academies available to me here in New York. Taking admission in one of them will meet my needs. I want to learn website building as the demands of websites are on the rise. Moreover, I have a plan to be a website developer in the future. If I want to meet my dream, I have to be an expert and there is no alternative to learning, I believe.

If you can talk about the cue card topic “Describe something you want to learn more.” you should be able to talk about the following IELTS cue card topics as well:
  • Describe a skill you have. 
  • Describe something useful you have learned recently. 
  • Describe a practical skill you have. 
  • Describe something you know which is important to you. 
  • Describe something you want to learn in the future. 

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