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Describe your favourite season

IELTS Cue Card Question 165 with Model Answer:

Describe your favourite season.

You should say:
  • what season it is
  • what the weather is like at that time of year
  • how that season is different from other seasons
and explain why it is your favourite season.  

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
Usually, there are four seasons in South Africa, namely - summer, winter, fall and spring. To me, spring appears as the best season. It usually lasts from September to November each year in the country.

Spring brings life to the environment. It is spring which makes the country look beautiful and gorgeous. During the other seasons, the environment becomes rough and there are disorders with the climatic conditions. But in spring, everything is perfect. Nature is calm and sometimes there are light rains around which is also effective for producing food crops in the rural parts. Winds are found in plenty and the temperature is in a tolerable limit. So, spring is also preferred by many other people here.

During the summer, the weather is too hot, the temperature rises too high. One cannot usually get out of the home without any protective material like umbrella or sunscreen. Besides, during the rainy season, it rains all day long and often life becomes standstill as people cannot get out of home for work. Winter is cold here and temperatures get down to some substantial extent. But it is spring when one can enjoy a moderate climate. The temperatures are average and the light wind blows away the heat of the sun from the body. Spring is also considered as the time to travel inside the country. Since the environment is pleasant, people travel places either for their need or for recreations

Spring is completely different from the three other seasons. In spring, the environment gets a massive change. The plants get a new look. They get greener. Besides, the days are sunny but moderately hot. Since the South African climate is just the opposite of the northern part, it is always sunny and hot. But only during the Spring, the heat is a bit slower. During the winter it is cold everywhere and the temperatures are not steady. The days are dry and sunny while the nights are cold with frosting in South Africa during the winter. But spring is different from the other seasons. The temperature is on a tolerable limit both in days and nights. The light breeze brings a sense of satisfaction to the people.

I like spring most for a few reasons. I cannot tolerate extreme heat or cold. During the summer and winter, I cannot do my tasks. Going office is a kind of punishment for me in the seasons. Besides, I experience sleeping disorders during the summer nights. But as the temperature is in an acceptable condition, I could do everything smoothly in spring. Moreover, the mother nature blooms in spring. All the surrounding environments are cleaner and enjoyable. Often the sky turns light blue and the scenes are highly attractive when the clouds fly.

Model Answer 2:
I love the rainy season the most for some reasons. And in Thailand it the most enjoyable season that lasts for a couple of months beginning from May or June each year. This is a very nice question to answer. And thank you so much for this interesting question.

In my opinion, the rainy season is the best season of the year. Nature is filled with joy. It rains around the day. Most of the cases, people do not have a way to go out of the home and enjoy an unexpected holiday. Besides, taking the traditional meals is a great way to enjoy the days of this season.

This is a very special season. The weather is calm and the sun is not that much hot like the other seasons. Usually, in summer or in the other seasons, it is really hot here in Thailand. Only it is the rainy season that brings a sense of comfort among the people of the land. The sky remains dark and sometimes it is cloudy. Clouds float across the sky. The entire nature turns peaceful. When it rains suddenly, the regular activities get a halt. People start seeking shelter for them.

This is a season that is soft in nature than the other seasons. In fact, monsoon in Thailand is a kind of blessing for the people. But when it floods, the locals need to take precautionary measures to deal with the flood. Besides, the rainy season varies year to year. It does not rain all day long. But there are some intervals during the rain. Travelling becomes cheaper during this season. Actually, the tourist spots become less crowded during monsoon in Thailand. So, it is economic for travellers in this country during the rainy season. Moreover, the cool weather in this season helps to refresh the minds of the local and outsiders. So, it is an expected season here.

Monsoon is my favourite season for some certain aspects. First of all, this is the season when the temperature is under complete control. Moving into the city becomes easier. There are fewer people in the street. The restaurants and bars provide a better service at this time than the ordinary days. Travelling on a rainy day provides an outstanding experience. Since all the places are empty, you can enjoy thoroughly and take part in the outdoor activities without any hassle. The most important aspect of this season is the beautification of nature. Nature turns a striking look. The photographers crowd in the city to take pictures of various locations and scenic places, particularly the skies. I am also a photographer and have taken many nice shots of nature. Based on all the facts, the rainy season is my favourite season.

Idea Generation for this Cue Card Topic:

1.  Well, this is an important issue to discuss. I like the spring most. The weather remains calm and peaceful. This is a completely different season than the other ones. I love the flowers that bloom in the early part of the day. The entire locality takes a different shape. Moreover, the fresh flowery smell that I get from the blooming gardens refreshes my mind. I love to spend time in the garden in front of my house and this is a great experience for me. This is my favourite season because the temperature level is also adorable.

2.  Walking in the rain is fun and I eagerly wait for this season here in Mumbai. This is a completely different season. It comes with its own features. The environment remains calm. And it rains everywhere and in some cases, all the times. The season is different because it brings a sense of relief to people. I love the seasons as it comes with plenty of showers. The rainfall is also important for the agricultural issues. Many of the farmers are benefitted by the rainfall. The traditional foods that my mother prepares on a rainy day are the other reason to prefer the season.

3.  Well, this may sound weird to many that summer is my favourite season. Actually, I am a bit different from the other people and cannot comply with everyone else. So, I love summer. The days are dry and often there are thundershowers in some parts of my land, Sri Lanka. The season is different as the leaves get drier. Heat waves strike often. But I love to move out amid the scorching sun. As I said earlier, I have some unusual activities; this is a part of the acts. But I also love to take bath in the storms. Also, I love to take the summer fruits. Based on everything, this is my preferred season.

4.  Winter is a favourite season to many and I am not an exception. I love winter much. The environment becomes cold and sometimes it snows here in Germany. The season is different in the sense that it has the ability to stall everything. People cannot get out of home for snows. All the regular activities get a halt. But I love to play around with my house. My elder sister and I make a snowman and again break them. This is a nice game for us indeed. Enjoying movies covering a blanket is another favourite activity of mine. So, for all the blessings, I love the season.

5.  Autumn is a nice season and in Vietnam, this is a great one. The weather of this season is moderate and enjoyable. In fact, the breezes that flow across the country are really attractive. The season has its own features. It has some special fruits that I enjoy most. Besides, walking down the streets even in the noon is not uncomfortable at all. It appears that people across the country have become engaged in merriment. This is a brand new season filled with life and living. So, I love the season very much.

If you can talk about the cue card topic "Describe your favourite season." you should be able to talk about the following IELTS cue card topics as well:
  • Describe the most beautiful season in your country.
  • Describe the season which you like the most.

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